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  1. Valdenan

    43 Prayer

    This was funny. I went into Castle Wars and I was fighting someone a couple levels above me and they called me a prayer noob for using melee protect. I owned him at the end.
  2. Valdenan

    43 Prayer

    Thanks everyone. I'm going to do Holy Grail and get my prayer up even more.
  3. Valdenan

    43 Prayer

    I can now use all the protect prayers.
  4. Valdenan

    70 Expensive Houses

    Can I use your gilded alter when I get my dragon bones?
  5. Valdenan

    Goal To 99 Sharks! A Second Journey

    Wow, this made me to start fishing again for some reason. Any way, good luck. Sharks are quite slow though.
  6. Valdenan

    Pure F2p Rangers , Here I Come!

    Grats on 60 craft and good luck on blue d hide chaps.
  7. Valdenan

    Your Formal Wear

    I usaully explore the runescape world in this outfit.
  8. Valdenan

    65 Wood Cutting

    65 Wood Cutting :D It's been my major goal for a long time. I'm going to be power cutting maples near the coal mines to 75.
  9. Valdenan

    Screw You Idiot. - 100% Complete.

    Just To Let You Know, You Can Use A Maple Bow At Level 30. You Said Get It At Level 35.
  10. Valdenan


    Congrats On 88! Hope You Get 99 Soon. Keep In There!
  11. Valdenan

    60 Woodutting

    He Didn't Say It In The Title And His Status Said Free Play, I Just Noticed A Couple Of Posts After. In That Cast West Of Catherby Or Stay At Edge Ville [ Not Alot Of People On Member Servers ]
  12. Valdenan

    60 Woodutting

    I Wouldn't Start To Cut Yews Around 75 If You Want Money. If You Want XP, You Should Cut Willows To 99. The Best Spot To Cut Yews For You Is Edge Ville Because Your Free Play. Gratz On 60 Wood Cutting :D
  13. Valdenan

    Screw You Idiot. - 100% Complete.

    If you get the range one it will help me alot! =D
  14. Valdenan

    60 Wood Cutting

    Yes, Magics Would Be Nice

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