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    im lvl 50 now... what a shame i had a good skiller
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  1. I'm cringing so hard at these posts lmao

    1. Fatalysm


      The more you post, the easier it becomes to say "oh that was the old me" :xd:

  2. 532relliks

    No More Pking...

    Shouldn't you just change the name to bounty hunting skills, tips 'n' kills Thats all im not gonna complain about no more pking
  3. 532relliks

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  4. 532relliks

    532relliks' (no Longer A Skiller) Cooking Log

    79 now gotta keep going even with the lack of money.
  5. ok i've finally figured something out, most people who play runescape listen to good music ... they really do, and people who don't seem to listen to rap which is rubbish
  6. 532relliks

    532relliks' (no Longer A Skiller) Cooking Log

    i ran out of money to buy food with... what do i do
  7. 532relliks

    532relliks' (no Longer A Skiller) Cooking Log

    78 thats 2 levels today ill probably get a 3rd seen as its only 2pm maybe a fourth before i get bored What do you mean by more screenshots. I'm gonna post every level i get the way im doing it. Do you mean put more, different, screenshots. Or do you mean just keep on doing what i'm doing
  8. haha i got the picture working... anyway My username is 532relliks I will be cooking in the rogues den for ages And hopefully i will get to 99 Thats all i have to say for now.... -532relliks
  9. 532relliks

    Rzk2's Royal Underbanner Shoppe

    Background Color - blue Text Color - gold Text - why do i prefer blck g the most its weird Render (Image) - black g helm and kite on left and black g plate and legs on right Other - none
  10. 532relliks

    My Goal To 75 Wc... May Take A While

    sorry about not updating in a while... and not taking screenshots. either way i just reached 68 ill post a pic down in one second for proof ....... ok i cant seem to get my picture up because it keeps saying the page cant be found blah dih blah dih blah i use imageshack and when i click on upload it loads for a while and then what i said above comes up.... suggegstions but my goal bars say that im 68 so its ok for now wait a minute my goal bars have 1 saying im 67 and saying 2 saying im 68.... so lets go with the overall vote
  11. 532relliks

    My Goal To 75 Wc... May Take A While

    I've decided to take your advice and set smaller goals. Im goin for 75 first then 80 then 90 then 99
  12. 532relliks

    Preteen Dating And On.

    How did I contradict myself? The person who started this topic said their school discourages preteen dating. I think the school should be neutral on dating but discourage kissing, losing their virginity at an extremely young age. (abstonince). i dont see anything wrong with kissing thats all right by me but losing your virginity at young age(inside school uder a table, how stupid can you get?)that im against Lol, I wish it was just holding hands and sitting together at my school, the preteens in my school make out at recees and in the bathrooms. =\ where do you go to school, that im wondering??? Is this person seriously ADVISING 10 year olds to look at porn? I just can't believe it.... Anyway, it's once you're ready to date that you should be dating, and only if really like the person. At our school though, and probably many others, when you are about 11 years old, you might like somebody but you won't mention it to that somebody because you are too weak, it's because of peer pressure. People at my school spread rumors and make fun of people if they even smell one whiff of love between two people. It really sucks that people are like that, because it prevents people from liking each other all because of the fear of public humiliation. But please don't quote this if you have a negative response. so what you like someone you don't tell someone finds out you get made fun of so what i dont care what anyone thinks of me its just a stupid thing immature children do so they can get enemy's to feel bad ive had someone tell the whole school i liked someone that i really didn't but do i care absolutely not popularity is stupid its used to make others feel bad... the weird thing is i have become popular from tjis mood and its got annoying.... by listening to me what age would you think i was and would you reckon i have a gf well i do but im not statin my age but im younger then freakin 21 or 18 for god sake like im still in primary school
  13. 532relliks


    i dont use myspace i use bebo
  14. 532relliks

    Coke Vs. Pepsi

    coke because i don't like pepsi but dr. pepper's my favourite

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