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  1. I need a name for my guitar...

    1. Aabid



      Please name it that.

    2. Smilefishy


      Name it "That funky music white boy"

  2. I'd like it to have a name I won't have to repeat when I'm telling people. Not a squier. I already call it that, looking to CHANGE the name.
  3. Yea, it's a Strat. Pretty high end, got it on sale ;)
  4. I've had this guitar for a few months, but still can't decide on a name. I like all the names in the poll, but I'm open to suggestions. Photo, if you're interested: http://desmond.image...jpg&res=landing
  5. Rocky

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    Agreed. It's a shame how much paper they feel they need to use.
  6. In all of my search for scholarships for college, I've never found one that discouraged the use of paper before. Every scholarship wants you to write out an essay, or print out an application, or something. But then there's Castle Ink. They're all about recycling, and you can't enter by writing out an essay on paper, or printing some application out. The only way you can apply is by the internet, either by Tweeting, Facebooking, or writing a blog post like this. No paper! My family already recycles quite a bit. My mom is an avid fan of a company called Ecocycle, and goes to many of their meetings that teach how we can help save the environment. We also check every bit of trash we have to see if it can be recycled or not, and have separate bins for each type. We make a bi-weekly runs down to the local Ecocycle branch to sort out everything, and then they take care of the rest. And it's not just trash we check either. Any old food or scraps that will compost go straight to the bin out back. We're also pretty big into reducing and reusing. Whenever we go grocery shopping, we break out a half dozen reusable bags to keep everything in at the end. We try not to take any plastic bags from the store. But if we do, we don't toss them as soon as we take the food out. We keep them in our pantry, where we then use them for tons of different things. Packing lunches, trash bags in the bathroom, and anything else we might need them for. And as often as we can, we make sure they get atleast three or four uses. If you want to learn other tactics for reducing, resuing, and recycling, go to www.castleink.com
  7. Absolutely freaking love Killzone 3. The story (which I just finished, why I'm here) is so much better than 2, and the game itself is just gorgeous. The graphics and animations are the best I've seen probably in any game. Gonna hop on multiplayer later tonight :o EDIT: Multiplayer is better too. They added just a team deathmatch type thing so you don't have to play as long, and a semi-new game type called Operations. It's basically Warzone but with set objectives based on the story, and if you're good you get to see yourself in cut scenes between objectives. It's awesome. See above Which ones did you fail? The only hard one I thought was the first one. edit: just realised this was my 5000th post ;) Hmm, I didn't find that one really that tough. I think I messed up once or twice :o
  8. Which ones did you fail? The only hard one I thought was the first one.
  9. Killzone 3 on Tuesday I'ma cry tears of joy Sweet! I'm going to have to delay getting LA Noire now though. I was hoping inFamous would come out around October :o Really? I just got Heavy Rain too That's what I haven't been on in a while, all my free time has gone straight to that. I just finished yesterday ;) It's so brilliant! few spoilers for everyone else: Just did another update for Gran Turismo 5 because my friend wants to race me. And I'm listening to the music on it while I wait. It's really good. Didn't know Plastiscines and Hot Hot Heat were on it :) I didn't know who the killer was at all. Near the end I had to pause and think about it :o
  10. Really? I just got Heavy Rain too :( That's what I haven't been on in a while, all my free time has gone straight to that. I just finished yesterday :D
  11. I'll probably pick that up when I head to Gamestop later this month (Killzone 3 :() I probably won't even use Celebi though, just get it for completions sake :D
  12. Really, that's interesting. I thought Brotherhood innovated a lot since 2 and made everything much more accessible and easier to use.
  13. I didn't even know this topic existed :( I was pleasantly surprised when I decided to buy SoulSilver, since I hadn't played any Pokemon since I beat FireRed/LeafGreen. SoulSilver got me back into Pokemon, and I'll probably be buying Black or White. And I don't even bother worrying about the names anymore. I've just gone with it ever since Ruby/Sapphire :P They can't get rid of Dragonite :D I would never buy another Nintendo game.
  14. Will do. And I don't get Killzone 3 until the 22nd :D
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