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  1. Numby

    Dungeoneering Skill!

    http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=312540 Ren's (well researched) guess was quite close to Dungeoneering.
  2. Numby


    Don't worry.
  3. Numby

    Got Chess Skills?

    I normally open with the Ruy Lopez, Giuoco Piano or Colle System (I've only heard of the Ruy Lopez before, but I know that most openings have a name so I looked through chess openings in Wikipedia and found the ones I used). If I am black, I use the Grunfeld Defense as often as I can. I only play Chess on FunOrb, so I don't know much about the advanced strategies and tactics. Apart from my opening, it's mostly improvisation. I generally win my chess games by a strategic middlegame which sometimes causes tactical blunders by my opponent. I am alright with my endgame, my main fault is careless mistakes.
  4. Numby

    Australians All Let Us Rejoice..

    Happy Australia Day and Happy Birthday Ming Der. >.< Like Darren, I've never had Red Rooster before (Not that I can remember). I generally don't do much for Australia Day, I'm going to a party of a family friend today but I'm mostly just staying home and watching the sport.
  5. Numby

    The Official Wwe Thread

    Yeah, I find Raw better, too. I have Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 for the 360, but I've never played any of the other ones. Did anyone watch Raw last night? Vince came back, and Chris Jericho is re-hired. But right as Vince was firing Orton... Well, here's how it went. Vince: *loud voice* Randy Orton... You're... Orton: *slaps Vince across the face, kicks him in the face, then punts his head while running* Medics and Stephanie McMahon: *comes to Vince's aid* Yes, yes... I know that WWE is fake, I just find it entertaining ~Plasma Heat7 >.< Edit: Found a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnoHHAjbpYU Watch it in high quality. I wasn't expecting a Randy Orton + (Maybe Chris Jericho as well?) vs McMahon feud. :D
  6. Numby

    The Official Wwe Thread

    It's probably just being used to hype up Vince McMahon's return and the possible feud he will have with Stephanie McMahon.
  7. Numby


    >.< Welcome back.
  8. Numby

    Go Cards

    Warner + Fitzgerald and Boldin = AWESOME.
  9. Numby

    Please Close.

  10. Numby

    The Official Wwe Thread

    If I recall correctly, they also direct the match, if you can call it that. Such as, telling the opponent what to do next etc etc. When I used to watch it, I could sometimes see them talking to their opponent or giving them instructions, but disguise it and make it seem like they're insulting them or something. Yeah, you see referees do that as well. I don't know why Finlay has been face for so long, he needs to turn heel back to his "I love to fight" gimmick, not the "I like to dance with a leprechaun" gimmick. Finlay is such an experienced wrestler though, I'd imagine he plays a big part backstage with new wrestlers.
  11. Numby

    The Official Wwe Thread

    For me, it's mainly for the entertainment and my interest in the behaviour of the crowds such as how they react to what the wrestlers say or do, such as how loud they cheer or boo when a wrestler appears or says/does something. I find it especially interesting how ignorant the average WWE fan is of heels (Wrestling equivalent of villain, bad guy) despite the fact that heels will often pull off moves that require more skill than the faces (Wrestling equivalent of hero, good guy). Such as a heel wrestler pulls off a dangerous move that requires a lot of skill to do safely, they get little reaction from the crowd apart from some "Ooohs" and some claps from the people in the first row, but when a face wrestler does the same thing or something that is even less dangerous and requires less skill to pull off safely, the crowd go beserk. I'm one of those fans that know wrestling is choreographed and appreciate what heels do just as much as what faces do, if not more (Whereas some, if not most, fans only appreciate what faces do). I prefer a Chris Jericho vs Edge over a John Cena vs Triple H match, due to the fact that the first match contains wrestlers that have great wrestling ability, versatile and have a wide moveset, where as the second match contains wrestlers that have okay wrestling ability, little agility and have a limited moveset. I haven't seen much about Kizarney since I don't watch promos much and I only saw his first televised match. Eh, he didn't look very good, but the WWE should let him develop first.
  12. Numby

    The Official Wwe Thread

    Just to start off, my favourite wrestlers are (In no particular order): Chris Jericho, Edge, Randy Orton, John Morrison, Shawn Michaels, Mr Kennedy and Evan Bourne.
  13. Numby

    Runescape Hotter Than Jessica Alba

    Which is why WWE is in second... right. What's wrong with WWE? LETS GET READY TO PUT SOME SUNSCREEN ON OUR NEEECCCCKKKKKSSSSS..... No offense, but surburbanites tends to look down on fake and excess violence. Plus everyone knows that wrestling's fake. So? It's entertainment. I don't see what is so bad about WWE being second. Wrestling has a negative stigma, yet action movies don't? I don't see anyone going around critisizing 'The Dark Knight' because it's fake.
  14. Numby

    Runescape Hotter Than Jessica Alba

    Which is why WWE is in second... right. What's wrong with WWE?
  15. My favourite opening is the Grünfeld Defence. I'm generally more comfortable playing as Black, sure, I like having the initiative but I'm better at countering with Black than constructing an attack with White.

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