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  1. Sorry about the delay.. been busy with the proposal. I was watching from my bedroom and a little in the common area of my apartment. It was frustrating being that it was CBS showing it, and being mostly sober I was freaking out most of the time just like most other people in this complex (i could hear them)
  2. I got the flu the second week of school.. threw off my sleep schedule, missed a geology lab, and have a bunch of other school work going on. BUT HOLY shizzle THAT FOOTBALL GAME TODAY. I about had a heart attack. A few times. Bama at Texas A&M.... Crazy game for a mostly uneventful 23rd birthday. Did some drinking, and that's about it... cuz Jillian had to work, and my roommates disappeared. It is now almost 1am... and I'm wide awake. Football has me wired. What did I come here for? O yeah... research proposal... my new topic (having conveniently lost my original) is now "Hipsterism as a form of sexual selection". My advisor came up with that through all my ramblings. Also I finally got back into going to the Evolutionary Studies club here (I know.. Evolution at Alabama? [Yes, we are one of the least faculty backed groups on campus but the Greeks are doing a tremendous job at trying to get that spot]) and I haven't got my stuff down, but I know I'll be helping at a tailgate at a home game, giving a presentation on my research next semester, and (need to talk to some people) may end up stepping in at VP of the club since the President is graduating in December (you know.. just to say I was in the position). Tomorrow is apartment cleaning day... and homework day... and... the day when I get the rest of my '"presents". I'm still a little tipsy, but I'm gonna go lay down and try to sleep... laterz
  3. Lee M16

    y helo thar

    Alabama has declared war on both of them.
  4. Lee M16

    y helo thar

    I'm not dead. I just got distracted for way too long again. I'm finally a senior, and for the third time in my five years I got football tickets for this season. Roll Tide? So ready to graduate, but if I get all passing grades I'll finally be out in May. I still need to come up with a research project to do for my minor's final class. Any suggestions? I've started cooking more, and drinking more. Recently made a Maker's Mark bourbon bundt cake, and am currently eating a pasta thing i improvised at 1 am. (In case you are wondering shu, it's angel hair marinara, pan seared cajun andouille, shredded 5 Italian cheese and a sprinkling of parmesan.) I can post pictures if anyone asks. Anyway... getting tired of being turned down from every job I apply for here... it's like they see I'm from SC or used to work for Aramark (big bully down here) and immediately throw my application out. Running low on money, had to start doing yardwork and moving things for people to feed myself. I've been having crazy dreams recently, not sure why. Probably lack of sleep schedule and adequate daily activities to exhaust me. Or it could be that I'm still freaking growing. Hopefully I can finish growing soonish... be nice to not be exhausted ALL THE TIME.
  5. Lee M16


    it's Ed from Cowboy Bebop
  6. Lee M16


    Didn't really have a plan for today, but i usually wing it and it comes out alright. Couldn't sleep last night, ended up passing out around 7am. Around 9am apparently we had a power surge, followed by first the fire alarm, and then the building's panic alarm going off. So i left early for my Ancient New World Civilizations class. Spent an hour spacing in and out listening to Aztec creation mythology. Came back to my apartment and passed out for 5 hours. Get up and Jillian has a migraine again, and is barely awake. And now here i am... screwing around on Reddit... alone and with the TV turned up so that i cannot hear my roommates and their girlfriends. Also fighting a mood swing... the day just won't end...
  7. I actually recorded myself singing. But as I predicted, my mic sucks... anyone have garageband or something and think they can clean the audio up for me? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ammB3JAeCUk I hate the way my voice sounds there.. still have sinus drainage >.<
  8. Lee M16

    Howdy folks!

    I wasn't even here for one of those years lol
  9. I haven't forgotten about singing for you guys. I just have a teacher who... let's say.. is inexperienced and overzealous. Schoolwork comes first and I think I've finally caught up. I'm in the last stages of a flu, and think I'm done with a growth spurt.. so that delayed me a bit. I won't get back to my apartment until around 6 tomorrow, but should have enough time to record myself either Friday or Saturday. My throat is still a little sore, so it'll just be Wagon Wheel for now. and just a side note: i hate my voice.
  10. I'm going to see DeBerto today! And I have to go to the zoo to ask someone to help me get a connection in Tuscaloosa
  11. Still no luck, I'm heading back out Friday or Monday
  12. Didn't bring the dell... It's a Lenovo g570
  13. Lets see.... Since I last said something: - I failed 2 classes because 1)I missed 2 labs and they wouldn't let me make them up and 2)overslept and missed my exam for the second class. - had my debit card numbers stolen, and as such am down $500 for the time being, and cannot obtain cash as my card was used to get it, but is now inactive - have no job to return to this summer as the company is not getting a renewed contract and everyone is fired - left my laptop cable in Alabama, and cannot use it until I get back - broke my necklace that I've worn for a decade [edit] I'm gonna try to sell two of my guitars here in SC to try to buy a cheap bass, or at least to make up some of the cost.... .... I think that is all... But knowing the way my luck works, ill probably have more in the next few days...
  14. I know I didn't do it last time, but I am overly stressed now and need something to take my mind off things, so singing will do. I promised Wagon Wheel, but I'm also going to try to fit in my cover of Nirvana's cover of Where Did You Sleep Last Night. I only have a guitar, and no decent microphone, so bear with me. ^me at 7am Gonna cut my hair... going for a 1/2" buzz sometime this week. Until then, enjoy
  15. I got the XXL Chicken nachos last week. I also got food poisoning and missed a bunch of classes.
  16. You can TOTALLY eat money. It just tastes awful and has some chemicals and ink that will make you sick if you eat too much.
  17. I was messing around the other day and remembered I lurked this place a few years ago. Then I fell asleep for a while and sat down to play my guitar and started playing some Hendrix and that reminded me about this blog. My last entry was like... a year ago, and i stopped hanging out not long after.... I've got way too much free time this semester so i'll probably be here occasionally. For those that are wondering, yes, I'm still in college. I'm a 2nd semester junior, and will be graduating in a year (or less if I can work it out with some professors) with a BS in Anthropology. Interesting to see how many people I used to know on here are still active (I'm looking at you Dani and Tim and shu)
  18. Rockin' some Randy Jacksons for my nearsightedness. Even though I usually don't wear them unless I'm in a lecture or driving. http://www.coolframes.com/get_image.php?fid=22926&color=965370&alt=
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    So according to an automessage from 'Sal'.. I have been lurking this place for 5 years.. as of yesterday. What do now? And for anyone interested in my recent life: I was single for 30 minutes last week =O new friend got busted for pot at his dorm =/ my class schedule sucks >.< due to the sucky schedule, my sleep schedule is off... so now i sleep for random periods of time on off days i need more things to cook (factoring in limited budget, cutlery, and the crappy oven/stove i have to cook with) So.. uh.. rawr... and... junk
  20. Lee M16


    Nah.. only pinned one or two when actually following an entry that lasted. Otherwise I lurked all the blogs.
  21. Lee M16


    Saw something about blogs on the interwebz and remembered this one. I've come back to visit and you've changed everything. Guess I have to relearn the blog system to lurk now. edit: I don't like bright skins... this hurts my eyes
  22. If you're T-town bound lemme hear ya when you yell Roll Tide! My first flight is at 2:30. Got a 40 minute layover then it's on to Bham.. and then an hour drive back... then moving my gf's crap in.. then.. idk.. nap time? I've been up all night... going to be exhausted.
  23. I am truly sorry for hurting your feelings, but I also feel like I've had my chance and completely blew it. I really wouldn't mind if you passed right on by without me and went to have fun.
  24. I'm a bad person... i don't blame you
  25. Yeah.. so... I'm once again stuck in the woods.. and my truck is in another state. Shu's pissed at me and I really don't have any other friends that are willing to come here/have a car.. so it's just me and the dogs and my dad when he's off. I've got pretty much nothing to do here except watch tv and stumble on my laptop all day... Just 2 more weeks of nothingness and boredom... and at some point hanging sheetrock... fun winter break Thanks to a huge influx of freshmen, the tornado going through large business areas, and my general lack of appeal to anyone I'll be working back at the cafe at the zoo this summer.. and the managers couldn't be more excited. Looks like I'll be one of the senior workers this time around.. that's gonna suck. My schedule next semester is going to be taxing.. classes TR 8-3:15 and M 3-4:50 Bunch of my friends graduated, failed out, or got pregnant.. so I'm gonna have to start pretty much over... or just deal with having like.. 3 friends For those wondering what I got for christmas: 2 baking pans, a couple books, some ornaments for my collection, a kinect, and the yearly Hess truck, some gummy life savers and a snickers bar. I also got an IOU on a couple games and some new running shoes since my mom doesn't know what I like or my shoe size. I'll probably be lurking while i'm here.. don't expect much out of me after the first week of January.
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