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  1. Pker Nick Pk

    Tempest vs Kurimao Clan Revolution

    Looked easy, been a while.
  2. That vid is pak yak city lol.
  3. Pker Nick Pk

    Listen to me my men

    Interesting. will be good to see the forum active however i doubt it will be as good as it once was
  4. Pker Nick Pk

    Echo Of Silence Vs Damage Incorporated PKRI

    Heard about this from my boys rrreeelll, vanzant, and some others.. eos on fire in f2p.
  5. Pker Nick Pk

    Zero Tolerance's Night Out

    Yeah it was a lot of fun, nice being a member of a clan for once haha
  6. Wales, If you fancy putting me on there, i like the concept behind this.
  7. #Zt-lobby www.zt-rs.com So Tonight we ventured out in the wilderness already on a high after witnessing Infadels feast.. After he was done munching his way through his real life pk supply our Wicked Wednesday began, running trains through people at scorp, lavas, rune rocks and castle. Bank was made for some. If not most of us walked away with some healthy GP gains. With fights against Italians, and Valhalla we came out untarnished and happy ending our trip on a massive high. Pictures: Excellent Showing tonight lads.... Ayo Capn Jack..
  8. Pker Nick Pk

    Divine Forces vs Echo of Silence

    Posting to promote sals activity.. Grats Divine Forces
  9. That was pretty good for a first video, editing i think ruins most videos don't go over the top on your second :)
  10. Pker Nick Pk

    I miss clanning

    That buffalo soldiers video.. made my day :P Ahmad / Micael long time no see
  11. Pker Nick Pk

    Your runescape clan stories

    I remember the old days, this forum was thriving. My clan became a force because of our high levels and had a brief spell as Sals #1 clan on terms of ability / activity. Overall though i wish this forum revived somehow, was brilliant when we had clans like Forgotten Templars, 3xtermination, Silverdawn, The Revolution, Heretic Destiny, Dynasty of Virtue, Blaze, Dark Dragon Breath etc. A memory for me and one which would of pained me years back if my clan hadn't called it was when FT, Had every topic on the first page here with relevant wins which of course is good to see. I can't believe though after all this time, this community has no surviving clan from that era. At least and i hope many community's have survived in any other form as you were all part of a great thing. I've forged so many good friendships from this forum that i wouldn't like to forget ever especially Pkpete, Sobend, he's a loyal old dog haha i enjoyed reading those pms he sent you :)
  12. Pker Nick Pk


    watching it now to be honest lol.. :P
  13. Pker Nick Pk

    95 Ranged, 98 Magic

    Well done mate :)

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