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  1. Raz

    Jessica Alba Or Jessica Simpson?

    It’s 2am and its raining outside, ding dong what? The Doorbell? Oh, hello, Jessica Alba in a trenchcoat and nothing else, but wait, knock knock, somebody is at the back door. Oh my gosh, Jessica Simpson, what a surprise. Two Jessicas, you gotta pick one, what do you do? Go!
  2. Raz

    Cash For Clunkers

    My mistake bad information. How old are you? Do you live on your own? Pay rent/mortage? Buy your own food? If your still under the support of your parents then your situation is completely different than someone who is working full time in a low paying job. This way just makes it more rewarding to turn in your own car. So your cool with giving your money away to charities so they can spend 20- 30% it on "administrative costs" instead of the government because the goverment will help others with it?
  3. Raz

    Cash For Clunkers

    I don't think you understand what that actually means at all. A vehicle is required in certain zones with little to no public transportation. Making it more affordable to get a car which you would need to go to work, go buy food, etc. etc. is completely fine. Someone shouldn't have to make the choice between being able to get to work or not having any money to pay bills. Obviously they are going to sell their goods for more than the costs of the raw materials. Expecting them not to is ridiculous at best. Unless you have a totaled car to turn in you wouldn't get that discount which means it wouldn't be a problem for you anyway. Not to mention that if you could pay for it in cash you have enough to afford it. A car is a neccesity in rural and suburban areas and a program which lets people get one at a cheaper price if they turn in their old trashed one is a good thing. Oh and one thing you forgot to mention is that in order to qualify for this you need to turn in a car with bad gas efficiency and buy one that does at least 4 more miles per gallon for $3,500 credit or 10 miles per gallon more for the full $4,500 credit. Meaning this is also an environmental bill just as much as it is to help people who can't afford cars.
  4. Raz

    And The Cash Goes To The Kids

    But you do what you (probably) enjoy doing The person who has $100,000 in winnings, lets say he's gathered that over 5 years. That's 20,000 a year. Now 20,000 is fine for a single person who only plays video games, but then that person also has to fly to tournaments and pay for a hotel and food. Suddenly $100,000 doesn't look so big anymore. Now maybe if this was on the side, but these guys spend such a long time practicing that it's not worth it. The guy who made 100,000 got it from being sponsored. I doubt he has to pay for travel expenses out of his own pocket.
  5. Raz


    nigernigerniger Happy birthday.
  6. Raz

    Mac Flaw

    More malicious software=/=less security.
  7. Raz

    Mac Flaw

    The only reason Macs haven't had as many security issues is because until now they've been by far the minority, meaning there was less to gain from creating something that abuses a security flaw in Macs compared to something that abuses a flaw in a Windows OS. Now that Macs are starting to take a bigger portion of the market share hackers will stop seeing it as a waste of time to create a virus that can infect a Mac.
  8. Baseball is and has been a joke for years. Cheating has become part of the game as far as professional leagues go
  9. Raz


    Ashley is way too anorexic. Compared to the other girls E's gone out with she's just ugly. (Sloan and that one girl from the first season who he cheated on with that perfect 10 model.)
  10. Raz


    Its a depiction of stereotypical Hollywood life mixed in with drama showing the challenge of succeeding there. Ego is one of the best parts of the show. Imagine Ari without a super-ego. His character would suck. I'm not really liking the whole Ari father figure thing but E calling that studio exec a racist was hilarious.
  11. Raz

    Munrapis (kom!)

    Double standard?
  12. Raz


    Learn what ghetto means.
  13. Raz

    Texas Secession: An Appeal To Reason

    Actually its more like because mere weeks into Obama's term a small minority believed that he was doing everything wrong and nothing right while the majority was in support.
  14. Raz

    #habitat Is New #novus

    Yeah but who the fudge has it?
  15. Raz


    420 !! i get it im so cool

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