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  1. WeirdFrog

    Redskins919's Store

    Highest non-combat level: Mining 49 Department want to work for: Ores Runescape AccName: Go Mining4
  2. WeirdFrog

    Ksa Mining And Smithing Shop

    8/22/08 - Main Man/Go Mining4 - 400 iron ores and 800 coal I think that is 182,400 gp Main Man
  3. WeirdFrog

    Player Owned Dogs In Runescape

    You could also have the dogs help you fight, but give it HP. It could give you a bonus to attack and defence while fighting other PC's and NPC's Then if it dies, you could go get another one for 1k or something
  4. WeirdFrog

    More Grand Exchange Stuff

    I was thinking that is be a free teleport but at a higher level then 1 (like 5). So that it can't be abused too badly but that people actually use it.
  5. http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...showtopic=22598 I really like the grand exchange but the problem is, two of my three acounts were no where near varrock when it was created. There should be a spell of some kind like the lumbridge home teleport that teleports you to the grand exchange.
  6. I love the Green Beret Quest (avatar)
  7. WeirdFrog

    My Birthday Bash: Event Over

    Good luck :D
  8. WeirdFrog


  9. WeirdFrog


    please make a transparency for me http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/3539/stuff2cq8.png
  10. WeirdFrog

    My Birthday Bash: Event Over

    I do not wish to participate in the iron war but will come after it RuneScape name: Frogdude152 Drop Party: Don't have anything now but if i find something i will drop it Gift: Magic (if none left, smithing )
  11. WeirdFrog

    The Wilderness Racers!

    Sal's:Main Man RS:PK All Day41 F2p I Might not make it, don't wait if i'm not there Is the F2P feb. 10 or 17? What is your combat level?
  12. WeirdFrog


    "Blue" and "Frogdude152"
  13. WeirdFrog


    Sorry, tried it and it didn't let me "My stats are not on the highscore list"
  14. WeirdFrog


    I know you have to be a forum member to put pictures in my but signitue but: 1)How many posts do you have to have to be a forum member? 2)The picture from Runeweb.net that shows your stats, how do you put your stats on it?

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