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    I like lot's of thing's, way to many to list here. My wife, family, Music, Movies, Comics, writing, sports, podcasts, guitar, skateboarding, traveling.

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  1. corymcfall

    100 Most Popular Albums

    I think that Funeral by arcade fire should be up there since I have read multiple post's where it's been used (including this post). Here's my ten that's just off the top of my head. Arcade fire - Funeral Flaming lips - Yoshimi Battles the pink robots None more Black - This is satire Tiger army - III: ghost tigers rise The get up kids - Something to write home about Postal service - Give up Say anything - ...is a real boy. Gaslight anthem - The 59 sound Operation Ivy - Energy The Descendents - Somery
  2. corymcfall

    Need A Movie.

    What kind of movie are you looking for? Something to really get into or something you could glance over at from time to time and still watch? Comedy? Documentary? I watch a ton of movies and my favorites i have seen in the last two months have been: Exit through the gift shop Buried Social Network Scott Pilgrim Freakanomics (seriously I love documentary's if you couldn't have guessed.) Inception
  3. corymcfall

    Music Videos That Give You Chills

    Not so much for the song but for the video itself and the message it portrays, I am going to say M.I.A's Born free video is crazy good. Nine+ minutes of brilliant film that is very disturbing. I am going to post a link to it on Dailymotion but it may not be for everyone as there is some fairly graphic violence. Mia - Bornfree This songs always touched me as well. Having lost some friends to cancer or what have you, this touches a nerve, but in such a beautiful way.
  4. corymcfall

    Soundtrack To Your Life.

    The First 15. Modern Muse - Dead to me I will possess your heart - Death cab for cutie Neon Light - Smoke or fire Bad mood - Cheeky The last song - Death By stereo Vocal Chords - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. prescription coup - Sparta Going to town - The afghan whigs Wasted - Helvis Beat on the brat - The ramones I'm to coooooool for music - Bomb the music industry! Again & again - The black lips Hornets! Hornets! - The hold steady Snuff on digital - Blaqk Audio Dead on the floor -Alkaline trio Mine is all right I guess. I did skip over a David Cross comedy track in there as well because i figured I may as well just stick to music.
  5. corymcfall

    Your 10 Most Played Songs In Itunes

    This seems like as good of place as any to have a first post. I got about 67 gigs worth of music on mine and it's constantly up and running on shuffle. The play count seems like it should be way more on some of these songs. I think I reset the play count a couple times somehow, but anyways: 1: The shins - new slang (64 plays) 2: Death cab for cutie - We looked like giants (62) 3: The gaslight anthem - Meet me by the rivers edge (61) 4: Jack's Mannequin - Bruised (58) 5: Alkaline Trio - WarBrain (55) 6: The arcade fire - Antichrist television blues (53) 7: The descendants - Coolidge (52) 8: Elliott Smith - Say yes (52) 9: The get up kids - Red letter day (52) 10: Set your goals - Mutiny! (49) Surprisingly no repeats.

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