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  1. B0b did it

    Euro 2012 prediction league

    Well I'll agree on Spain and Italy... but not Germany. As a side note, I am going to Portugal for a week tomorrow, so it'll be fun being there if you do win. :P I'm a bit late to the party, so don't bother counting my scores, but I might as well throw a few predictions in. Portugal 3 - 2 Spain Germany 2 - 1 Italy
  2. B0b did it

    I Have A Complaint

    Everyone's a scientist on the internet. With a Phd in evolutionary biology.
  3. B0b did it


    Saw them on Monday, very fun show, enjoy. Bit of a short set though...
  4. B0b did it

    Finished A Levels

    Wtf. My first exam isn't until June 13th. :o
  5. B0b did it


    I was watching it with a Tottenham supporting friend. He was so sad. :( It could absolutely destroy their season, with at least Bale and Modric likely to want to leave.
  6. B0b did it

    Back from Brittain

    It sounds like you walked into a lot of people. You should really consider looking where you are going.
  7. B0b did it

    30 Seconds to Mars

    I really like them. But please, do not see them live. Every song will be ruined for you. And then ruined some more. Jared Leto doesn't bother to sing most of the time, and when he does, it's awful.
  8. B0b did it

    why is it that

    This is normally the kind of topic where Adam? steps in with an appropriate comment...
  9. B0b did it


    I was at Old Trafford today. Gud fun. :P Pity about the penalty. We were playing so well that it would have been nice to have won it without terrible referee decisions/ vaguely cheating players. But then listening to Arsenal vs City on the radio on the way home, perfect day. A great show on the Ballo-telly today.
  10. B0b did it

    Dear jagex

    Well I've sort of been planning to cancel my members for a while but this wound be up enough to get a move on with it and do it today.The fact they removed the part of the rules which originally stated that you should not be allowed to buy success says it all.
  11. B0b did it

    Calls, Emails and Text Messages To Be Monitored In UK

    These topics about internet monitoring and censorship seem to crop up once every few months, and hop over between the US and UK. If all these plans went ahead there would probably be government officials peeking through everyone's windows on step ladders by now.
  12. B0b did it

    Metal Thread

    Really like this. Couple of things. One, Kwinten, leave grunge alone. Soundgarden and Pearl Jam are absolutely fantastic. Rip into Nirvana if you want though. Two, are Cannibal Corpse meant to be a serious band or satire?
  13. B0b did it

    How to fold a shirt

    IT WORKS!!
  14. B0b did it


    YES CHELSEA. Haha, take that you smug City supporters. You're going to have to live with another 'boring' old United won Premiership. P.S I hope the above isn't too soon... EDIT: Too soon. EDIT: Much too soon.
  15. B0b did it

    I lol'd

    Ha, I like this.

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