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    reading,girls,runescape,hot girls, ect.

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    the c m chat
  1. king of skill

    Corrupted Malfunction (85+)

    i do not own this clan, nor do anyone of my clans mates. Every body is a leader/ leader is undecided. Hey, Welcome to Corrupted Malfunction (85+) In our clan we always have a great time while still having rules and order. We don't have one leader but infact we have four that share responsibilities of leading the clan. There will be an event everyday of the week except Sunday which is a free day. Events range from anywhere to Barrows to Hide and Seek. (See the second page for a complete list of events and event times ) Lieutenants and higher ranked members can host events. To join you must have one of the following: (You don't need both ) -85+ Combat -80+ Magic/Range You also MUST be a member because are events are member based and it would be extremely diffucult to earn your rank. Clan Information: -Time Zone: Eastern -Homeworld: 88 -Clan chat: The C_M Chat -Table of Contents- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Post 1: Intro/T.O.C. Post 2: Rules Post 3: Application Post 4: Ranks Post 5: Ranks Continued Post 6: Members List Post 7: Ally/Enemy List Post 8: War Post Post 9: News Post 10: News -Page 2- Post 1: Events Post 2: Events Post 3: Reserved Post 4: Reserved Post 5: Reserved Post 6: Reserved Post 7: Reserved Post 8: Reserved Post 9: Reserved Post 10: Reserved -Rules- 1. No multi-claning. Events will be held everday (Except Sunday) so we can easily tell if you belong to another clan if your attedance is poor and your not in the clan chat when your online. 2. Follow all Jagex rules in the clan chat and on the forums. 3. Follow all captain and general orders. 4. If your in the clan chat and an event is going on should come. If you can''t be bothered to get a half an hour of your time please leave the clan chat till the event is over. 5. No spamming in the clan chat or the forums. 6. If you recieve 2 warnings in the clan chat you will be auto kicked so please take them seriously. 7. Don't disrespect any member. Member Application Application Username?: Combat Level?: Attack: Strength: Defence: Hitpoints: Range: Magic: Prayer: Summoning: Best non-combat skill: Have you read the rules?: Will you be active in the clan chat and on the forums?: Members List This is a list of all the members in Corrupted Malfunction. E­c­ stands for event count. The number next to Ec is how many events you have attended. -Smiley Face- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -Recruit- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -Corporal- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -Sergeant- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -Xstre Pwnsx-Ec: 0 -Mcgrady127-Ec: 0 -Lieutenant- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -Hp Master10-Ec: 0 -Faders111-Ec: 0 -Pillsburry-Ec: 0 -Captain- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -General- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Forum/Chat Manager: Dragons8011-Ec: 0 Ambassador: Super Nitwit-Ec: 0 Recruitment Manager: 500164/Cyvi1-Ec: 0 War Manager: Bigtexanjman-Ec: 0 Allies + Enemies Ally Application Clan Name: Quick Find code: Why do you want to be out ally?: Ally List - - - Enemy Application Clan Name: Quick Find code: Why do you want to be out Enemy?: Enemy List - - - [6/26/09 - Corrupted Malfuncation's thread was formed ;)
  2. king of skill

    Clan Forums Question?

    i have a question it is: can i copy my runescape clan from runescape forums and then paste it on this sites clan central? thank you, faders111
  3. king of skill

    97 Slayer

    ;) cheers gl gettin to 99 bro
  4. king of skill

    The 1,000 Page Topic!

    woot first post seen i got back on ( 2-3 years ago i was on) wooooooot :) :)
  5. king of skill

    Imperial Forces

    Combat Lvl:86 Hp Lvl:70 Str Lvl:75 Def Lvl:57, ill be work to 70 somedays so i might not be at events Range Lvl:58, im working on this also Mage Lvl:68 Anything you want me to know about:i am permanitely muted on runescape so i will be able to join your clan chat but can't talk in it. How often are you on R.S.from 3:30 my time which is central america/ kansas, 8:00 if i dont have homework.then it 3:30 to 6:30. Do you fit ALL requirments?:yes it was 70 combat Did you read the entire AD:? yes i did
  6. king of skill

    Naruto Shippuden And Naruto

    naruto and sakase fight today? i think naruto going win/ naruto shippuden 40-41, i think 42 and 43 and 44 hopfuly the joning/kaksi dont ruin it like last time, when he slapped naruto whent a seill,wat do u think naruto is going to do in naruto shippuden or just naruto?
  7. king of skill

    Naruto Updates And Times

    this topic is to get the info on the naruto episodes ive messed or uve messed
  8. king of skill

    Rate Me Plz

  9. king of skill

    Ibans Parish

    I was a just adventurer when i started the quest underground pass not knowing i whould have to fight iban. so i leaved the only family i had and set off for lathus the king so when i got thare i talk to lathus he say there was a very evil force in that cave wich i never listen.then i set off for the cave when i got thare i met a guy named kofite or something like that he tolled me that he who help me throw out the quest but what he didn't tell me is that iban live that cave somewhere.then i enter the cave heared a strage voice it souded evil. then i when over and saw a tablte that said iban live here *beware of iban* "hows iban"I said i go to kofite and get a damp cloth that i strap it to my arrow and put it in the fire. then i shoot it at the bridge ropes and the rope snapes the bridge falles down and im in iban cave. chapter 2 I just got to iban cave.then i went to to the agilty jumpes complete all of them and im really to fight iban. i open of ibans temple the im fear. then i see iban he strat to attack it was a fears battle but i come out victorieous then traveled back to ardogne and tolled king lathus that iban(zamorak son) was gaurding the enterens to the elfs forest and he was gald to here that i kill iban. then i went back to my family they were amused to see me. the end
  10. king of skill

    Mod Please Close - There Is A New Topic.

    my name faders111 my skill attack:68 strenght:70 defence:51 hitpoints:66 agilty:56 theiving: fishing:61 cooking:64 hunter:52 prayer:43 runecrafting:38 crafting:53 firemaking:54 woodcutting:65 mining:57 mage:63 i can cast iban blast im lvl 79 plz can i joinim so close to being 80
  11. king of skill

    How Do Make A Fake

    i need help making a fake
  12. king of skill

    How Do U Post It

    how do u post a sceeenshot?
  13. king of skill

    Elv War

    chapert 1.ran away keven was a royal son of king lathas he wanted adventure he wanted to see new places but his father king lathas said "no u are not ready to fight yet" but "no buts fighting takes a long time to master"but dad" "END OF DISSCION son" but one day keven ran away in to the plague never to be found but later in the story he will be found

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