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  1. WildFire


    Why isn't mine in the first post?
  2. WildFire

    Rofl Attack

    Really awful, boring too.
  3. WildFire

    World's Hardest Game

    I gave up on level 11. Level 10 gave me 100 deaths, I didn't bother with level 11. Or maybe it was level 12.. nah, pretty sure it was 11.
  4. WildFire


    http://end-oftheline.myminicity.com/ =D
  5. WildFire

    Bad Girl...

    1/10 Baaaaaaaad fake. All you did is paste a square on the chatbox and then type some words. 10, maybe 20 seconds?
  6. WildFire

    2nd Fake

    8/10 I don't see any flaws. I dunno why you think it's bad..
  7. WildFire

    Dumpster Diving

    The rotten pizza is actually edited from a triangle sandwich, you're right about the rotten donut (not bagel) and it's a BURNT trout, I think.
  8. WildFire

    Suicide By Poision

    The 0 HP, prayer, and running took a long time to make, and I'm not so sure about that poision. It's a poision 0 because "this guy was so weak he didn't have health anyway"
  9. WildFire


    There's no such place as Karamanja. Ah well, let's go to Kajarma instead. =P
  10. WildFire


    Can it be? It's the End Of The Line!
  11. So true. This is OUR country. You don't like it then go away.
  12. WildFire

    Could Man And Dinosaur Have Coexisted?

    Possibly, but man would be wiped out from the meteor.
  13. WildFire

    The Golden Compass - Anti Church?

    Time for a Christian who doesn't support this "Anti-Church" shizzle and think all the other Christians should STFU about this. Burn in hell. I applaud you for being an arse since Islam has nothing to do with Christians. That's like blaming Jews for 9/11. Why? Same reason as your stupid post, Why not? Probably Christians. Then I think that Christians are stupid, but that isn't the case since one's own faith is his own faith, and not the church's. Not all Christians think that. Another racist opinion. By saying that, you have just made an assumption about a whole frickin' religion. Scratch that, a whole religion with over 2 million members.
  14. WildFire

    The Omega Faking Group

    Are people not in the group allowed to make suggestions?

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