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  1. ur mom goes to college

    Mage Royr Is Back From His Long Holiday!

    ur ownage gallery makes me lag
  2. ur mom goes to college

    What Is The Most Troule You've Ever Gotten In?

    Um... I got a 1 day in-school suspension for drawing some Cartoon when i was 10... And im pretty sure this other thing doesnt count, since i didnt get in trouble for it, but i decked some guy in the face for hollering at my sister, i talked my way out of it though :s. Said he looked like he was about to do some "stuff" to her, which would have been even more illegal then me just punching him ^_^. I got off with a warning
  3. ur mom goes to college

    God Wars Dungeon

    ima go check it out right now. Maybe i'll get lucky and loot something..
  4. ur mom goes to college

    A Wilderness Pking [email protected][email protected]~

    I'll come, though, my combat level might be to high by then :P
  5. ur mom goes to college

    Tank-ranger Slaying Log

    you, and jslayerx are my tank idols
  6. Good luck, and your VERY LUCKY to loot all of that stuff from someone... i kinda feel bad for him tho, only because i didnt get it :)
  7. ur mom goes to college

    Herblore Lv 66 (super Sets)

    Ownage... i dont see how people get herblore past 50
  8. ur mom goes to college

    Plz Close Mods

    dragon bones, definatly, it will take way less time then big bones, plus its cheaper. 294 x 2000=588k? around there 1407 x 400=562k. You save around 26k with big-bones, but you lose a lot of time
  9. ur mom goes to college

    Another Pk Trip Tomorrow The 24th At 8:30 In The Morning Eastern Time

    i'll come, if i can wake up that early , if not, i'll try and come at 11 or 12 eastern, lol, im 77 combat with 79 range, P.S- if i get atked by some level 90+, im praying melee :P
  10. ur mom goes to college

    Ranged Questions - Closed

    if your 68 range, 5k mith arrows will probably get you at least 73 range. Don't take my word, im not 100% sure, since im 79 range and its taken me about 500+ steel arrows and im not even 80 ranged yet.... and i have no idea how many arrows it took, mainly because i didnt use arrows , i used mith bolts at blue drags
  11. ur mom goes to college

    Close Plz

    aww poo, i talked to him before and he didnt say anything about the visage :mad:, do i need to have the dragon shield in my invey?
  12. ur mom goes to college

    Close Plz

    goblins? IM talking about taking on the big mean black dragon, for a chance at the dragonic visage. Some ppl told me that u need to talk to oziach some ppl say that you dont have to..
  13. ur mom goes to college

    Close Plz

    i found out that u had to have an anti-dragon shield in your inventory also :mad:
  14. ur mom goes to college


    Gratz on 91 rcing, now go for 99
  15. ur mom goes to college

    Elvarg Owned By A Level 27 :o

    do you get to keep its head? and do members get to use it for there house?

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