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  1. Gibson

    Sals Is Still Here

    i recognize you! i just came back too {:
  2. Gibson

    95 Runecrafting

    holy sheet jamie! havent seen your stats in like 3 years. bit of an improvement... haha! grats :}
  3. Gibson

    Hey! I'm Back

    hey jaymeh life gets boring. i need runescape <3 haha.
  4. Gibson

    Hey! I'm Back

    Finally got unbanned from Sal's after like two years of being of it and Runescape! woww. don't know if I recognize anyone and no one here will probably remember me but hey anyways. Good to be back :D
  5. Gibson

    Who Told Me There Was A Treasure In The Desert?

    How did it take you that long? O.o I did on 39 Cb Pure in like 2.5 hours. 11 Prayer You're like a main Grats Anyway. ~Gibson
  6. Gibson

    Gf Macki60

    he stole back b4 he got banned >.<
  7. Gibson


    Wannabe pure. Failed Pure. Nice Def. 70 att rofl. Low Str. Lol at Mage and Cb. Dt not even done. FAIIIIIL ^^Joking Sorry <3 Grats on 81 Range Coming PCL tonight? ~Gibson
  8. Gibson

    90 Agility

    I think it's awesome that you're low combat and not that high skills with 90 Agil :) Grats ~Gibson
  9. Gibson

    Gf Macki60

    it no lie.
  10. Gibson

    Gf Macki60

    ok sexy manz
  11. Gibson


    macki + dreak imo. ~Gibson
  12. Gibson


    ya it r rely maki not me olol
  13. Gibson

    Happy Birthday

    happy bday eddie glad to hav u on forums. ~Gibson
  14. Gibson


    i did nawt hak him >:o
  15. Gibson


    xd nub

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