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  1. Troyg2005

    Sals Input For My Newest Pker

    So im guessing I missed the meeting where Range tanks wearing rune chain and rune full helm became useless then?
  2. Troyg2005

    Sals Input For My Newest Pker

    Nope and wasn't planning on it either, dont want the att and str XP rewards. Just staying 40 Defence and XX range
  3. Troyg2005

    Sals Input For My Newest Pker

    40 it is then, taking it slowly and nearly at 40 anyway. 37 Defence, 37 Range and 34 HP as it stands.
  4. Troyg2005

    Sals Input For My Newest Pker

    Well just to get back into things, may or may not go P2P later in life. Plus I'm not in it for the money/loot. Just the fun of killing people.
  5. Troyg2005

    Sals Input For My Newest Pker

    Should have probably stated it will be F2P only and mostly staking.
  6. So I'm building yet ANOTHER PKer/Staker, This time its something I haven't ever really put a lot of effort into. A Tank Ranger, Now the only issues Im having is where to stop on Defence. Either the normal 40 defence or do I continue onto 60 Defence. Why 60 some might be wondering? Well up to just over 60 Defence it will not show up in the highscores meaning I can hid it a little. The only real downside of this is the extra combat levels I would gain over just training to 40 def and what ever range, but a plus side to 60 defence is well...60 defence. Ideas?
  7. Troyg2005

    Assistance Required

    Fight them as you would a pure, if you can lure them out since they are more likely too run.
  8. Troyg2005

    Long Time No Kill

    Just found some more accounts, Little Pixel and Relax Nub....both not in great shape. So far Knife Choice is doing the best @ 40 att and 51 Str
  9. Troyg2005

    Long Time No Kill

    If I can find more of my accounts I may return to PKing when ever I'm bored. The Account I have recovered is in pretty good shape, not too bad for stats and a heap in the bank as far as money and items go. If I can't get any others back Knife Choice just might be the one.
  10. Troyg2005

    Long Time No Kill

    Yeah just a very very long time
  11. Troyg2005

    Long Time No Kill

    Well I'll start off by saying hello again Sals Pker's. Now 90% of you wont have a clue who I am but to those few that remember me I need some help. Bit of an odd situation but I have lost track of my PKing accounts. I'm asking for those who remember and who might have myself or them added can you tell me their names :D I 'may' have forgotten them lol. So far all I can remember is my Main Account and one pure called 'Knife Choice' whos last log on was 470 days ago :(. Many thanks for any help Troyg2005
  12. A lower cmb lvl take people by surprise, lvl 46 melle pures hitting 16+ with a scimmy kill people pretty fast. And its not realy that bad, but more lvls = more cmb, and there is no way to de-level yourself
  13. Same goes for you..or i just cant remember you 0/10
  14. Troyg2005

    One Method To Lose An Ags.

    maxed out 60 Att mem pker, dont think he would quit on that account. best way to make your cash back is get back out there. My biggest loss was in f2p wild ages and ages ago...full sara good bye Lol. His fault for not putting protect item on and i'd do the same thing as Mini.I'd rather lose 50k worth of stuff rather than risking a 95% chance of losing an AGS. just noticed my tasty tasty typo.....mmmmm typo

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