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  1. vLaDi

    The last person to post here wins

    Insane that I'm still here and know my login details... I miss posting here back in the days :( Nice to see some people feel like me. 28 years old by now.... keep it going guys.
  2. vLaDi

    -=hades=- F2p Warring Clan - 105+ F2p Combat

    best clan ever :(
  3. Miss the old sals cd community :D I've been retired from RS for over 1 year and still nothing on here :( What actually happened to SalsCD? The "separate" forum for clans?
  4. That's not true - but Sal's CD died off years ago. Sals is dead long ago, but RS is too kinda :D for me all went downhill since the Wildy change back in 2009 or whenever.. since then never had interest anymore even though free trade is back etc
  5. vLaDi

    Rr V Cor

    Stevie you still play. Who else from ex hades plays?
  6. Man... I miss all of this. Rs is dead :(
  7. vLaDi


    I check them a lot again :D
  8. vLaDi

    Clan Discussion = Deadsies

    This is probably the best answer I have read so far... I agree to all points you mentioned.
  9. vLaDi

    Envy Vs Tcl

    hahaha xD
  10. vLaDi

    ..:: Silverdawn ::.. 105+ F2p

    SD, back again :D
  11. would be pretty cool, might be back to rs then :D
  12. vLaDi

    Clan Discussion = Deadsies

    Lol, i havent been here since years and its still crap and still no posting, wow mods really fudgeed it up.. and LOL steve posted this.. thats just to epic!
  13. vLaDi

    Clans Are Dead?

    Wow since i quit rs, i thoght maybe one day people will return to sals.. nope, they didnt xD
  14. vLaDi

    Knights Of Order Vs Exodus

    gratz on the win KO
  15. vLaDi

    Sick Balls

    Hey, welcome back m8!

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