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  1. Ether_hunter

    ~~poots 99 Hunter Party~~

    That was a pretty fun party with the 99 hunting ehh? I like how you kicked everyone except the high lvls
  2. Ether_hunter

    The Dark Bow

    Guys, I've bought *3* darkbows so I know what I'm talking about. The darkbow is not way too overpowered, ppl who said that had no idea, and I can't believe that 1 person even said that it's special adds 200% to the damage to 1-hit a lvl 126, thats complete bs. The special adds about 30% more damage thats all. Plus the bow shoots slow so if someone pked with it in wildy you can heal pretty fast while the bow is "reloading". Also with 71 range darkbow, full karils, and a ranger set with dragon arrows I was hitting pretty low hits, the same as I could hit with MSB with rune arrows for some reason. I dont know why but I was hitting like 5s and 8s with dragon arrows every shot. I expected to do like 16s and stuff with the dragon arrows. The only time I actually hit something was when i did a 14 and a 17 on a fire giant but mostly I just did hits below 10 :lol: Anyways, the darkbow is in no way overpowered, and it looks kinda stupid too but thats just me :D
  3. Ether_hunter

    Real World Trading Adverts

    Oh yea... btw I'm not a hypocrite... :) > I don't real-world trade... > I don't buy from autoers... sharks, willows , yews... etc. I usually only buy small quanitities.. when i need them... > I don't complain about autoers I just report them :D btw there are lots of ppl who buy willows + yews in small amounts.. like me
  4. Ether_hunter

    Real World Trading Adverts

    Hey sal... sry to show you this but... If you notice the 1st and bottom ad is the "you-know-what" :) And that is a screenshot taken on May 3rd which is Thursday. Notice the ads still have the "sweatshop gold" I'm sry for posting this pic cuz I know Neo Avatars is gonna bust me but w/e lol Btw do I get banned for this lolz? :D
  5. Ether_hunter

    Fishing Help

    No idea... lolz my friend just buys monks cuz his fishing lvl is like 4
  6. As I looked thru the item database I couldn't find red mystic and zammy d hide so I decided to post pics as well as a magic comp, crystal saw, and sara robes oh yea I gott put the item descriptions and stuff... well here goes .... >>> Zamorack Dragonhide >Street price : 1.7-1.8m >General store : No idea >Hi alch: about 32k >Low alch: No idea >Obtained from treasure trails >Same stats as black d hide no prayer bonus, looks cool _________________ OK from now on im just going to put how to obtain and how much it costs cuz I'm busy right now lol _________________ >>> Magic comp bow >Street price: 100k-130k >Obtained from treasure trails >Shoots like longbow but a little bit faster and hits pretty solid hits _________________ Addy/Rune defender >Not tradeble >Obtained from warriors guild mini-game > Adds about 18 to attack 8 or something to str _________________ Red Mystic >500-550k on street >Obtained from various slayer monsters >same stats as normal blue mystic, just rarer and looks kewler _________________ Heraldic Painted rune kites? -- optional > They are just painted rune/steel kites > obtained from painting stand used with rune kite with family crest. > Not tradeble .... btw if you want more info just pm me or something I might be able to add more stuff later today but I g2g now cmon ppl please post something as a reply... so I at least know ppl are reading it lolz *edit* wow I am bad at this... forgot to read the transparency stuff and .Gif image stuff... do I have to repost the pics?
  7. Ether_hunter

    3rd Age + Saradomin Robes

    Ok right now I have pics of the 3rd age but I will be adding the saradomin robes in maybe a cpl hours cuz I can't get on right now.... >> 3rd Age Melee + Range
  8. Ether_hunter

    Bots And Real-world Trading

    Meh.... Image removed - having it just existing is enough, copying it doesn't help anybody in a positive way ~ Neo
  9. Ether_hunter

    Combat Bracelet (4)

    Info to add if you want... How much does it cost? Hi alch price? Low alch? General store? .... hey can someone sell me a bracelet of regeneration or a combat bracelet? I buy lolz...
  10. Ether_hunter

    Fishing Help

    I checked to see if that was true... it usually happens when I am using cammy teleport... > 1st : at the end it always says I feel I have gotten better at fishing > 2nd: My friend checked and he said it didnt give him any magic exp cuz his magic lvl is like 12 cuz he's a pure and if he got 650 exp then it would be like 14 or 15... > 3rd: the random event has nothing to do with magic... like the thieving event you have to pick a lock so that gives you thieving exp. I dont know why its that way but maybe they updated or something? but Jagex is always right with the knowledge base *Edit* Oh btw I've never seen the candle one with that monk guy... is that for firemaking?
  11. I dont have alot of time to write this but I just want to say there are ALOT of errors for the construction skill guideWhen I looked thru it I found alot of these but I don't have enough time to point them all out.... :P > Found at least 10 errors in supplies... I.E in Dining room Bell-Pull needs 1 oak plank and cloth not 1 oak plank and a rope. > Found a few skill lvl mistakes ... I found a cpl in like the Dungeon and Treasure room parts > Found a couple construction experience errors... formal garden and somewhere else.. I dont rly remember > Finally the construction help guide for fastest lvling is wrong for the "Get there fast" part the fastest way is not to make carved teak tables but instead make normal teak tables and carved teak benches. Making carved teak tables takes about 4 cloths or was it 6? and bring all those is a waste of time when it only gives you about 100-150 more exp. Making normal tables is faster because if your house is in yanille you can just run the teak logs to butler> build run back instead of having your butler fetch cloths or paying him more for the trips Again sorry for the short thread but I don't have alot of time lolz... btw it also says ... "Levels 46 to 52: Build carved teak tables at your steel framed workbench. You will use around 620 teak planks." you forgot to add the tremendoes amount of cloth usage
  12. Ether_hunter

    3rd Age Stuff

    Someone needs to put the 3rd age stuff on the item databases. I have pics of all of them if someone needs it and the prices also.
  13. Ether_hunter

    Fishing Help

    it is 650 exp and it can happen at any time not just when you are fishing. It mostly happens for me when i'm teleporting. also you don't get magic experience just fishing..
  14. Ether_hunter

    A Few New Guides

    When you report someone it does not take a screenshot instead it is more like this format ... ;) Lets just say that the person who swore was me or said something that was against the rules Ether Hunter: stupid n00bs ****** : I'm not a n00b! Ether hunter: Yea you are so shut the **** up and go away! ****** : =( The ******* is the person who reports and the name is blocked out When it gets sent to Jagex, they don't get a pic they just get what the person who offended says and what the person who reported said Btw.. don't ask me how I know

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