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  1. Spartan

    Um...now What?!

    Yea, I was talking to barr the other day and he was like "What can I merchant? Spar gets like 4m a day." Thats crazy. Good luck on 100m, even though your making me sick with that 20m picture. I just lost my 20 million. :o
  2. Spartan

    oh my gosh I Found A Blue Phat!

    If only, if only. Nice job, mp5.
  3. Spartan

    C D R Knight Small Fake Gallery

    Very good for a starter. In the "Burnhead" fake you put "You burnt your head of in the furnace" instead of "You burnt your head off in the furnace". 7/10 for "Burnt head quest" 9/10 for "Bite atk Style" and 8/10 for "KBT Quest" Good job!
  4. Spartan

    I Would Of Thought Burning Money Is Fun :(

    Your one amazing low-level. You make me seem unaccomplished in so many ways. Don't talk to me.
  5. Spartan

    My Runescape Fake Rares

    Thanks for the laugh! You can do way better and you know it. Give a real fake a try. Good luck on your next fake.
  6. Spartan

    Some Levels?

    Congrats on the levels. Oh, and you owe me 10k. Maybe you could stake it with your new mage and range levels? :P
  7. Spartan

    0mfg! Totally Awsome Jad Vid!

    Nice video and cool to watch. And thats either 39-49 hitpoints. A level 42 can't have only 19 hp.
  8. The site also has other money making guides on the main page. I don't really think its needed to make another thread. ^_^
  9. Spartan

    A Couple Blue Hats.

    Thanks. :P You'll get there. It's not that hard. ^_^ Just bought 25k alchs for 81 mages. I'm to lazy to start though. Major hurt on the bank for now.
  10. Spartan

    66 Defence

    Random level? Anyways, congrats. :P
  11. Spartan

    Watching The Game! X3

    I sometimes can, like today i had a soccer game Which we won 5 - 0! Congrats, congrats. :) but isn't a pking trip with Fable sooo much more fun than a simple soccer game?! Nevermind, enjoy soccer. :P Edit: Now on topic: Good fake, how long did it take?
  12. Spartan


    Yay, barrows armor for the fishee! :P Fish for the Guthans, it works.
  13. Spartan

    A Couple Blue Hats.

    Whoa, sorry about your santa. I just got scammed outta my green mask recently, I got 5m and 50k willows (Switched yews for willows). My mistake though, shouldve checked 2nd screen. On Topic: Any suggestions for next goal?
  14. Spartan

    *slashes Wrists*

    Same trip? Two whips? Congrats you lucky dog, you. Have a nice 3.2m to spend.
  15. Spartan

    A Couple Blue Hats.

    Haha. I'd go back to 0 exp magic for a blue anyday. Sadly, im sitting on about 40m now.

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