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  1. Farewell

    Seers' Village Achievement Diary

    Uhh, every picture I uploaded go put in that guide was a PNG. What happened after that is out of my hands. - Faithless -
  2. http://runescape.salmoneus.net/diaries/seers_village.html Roy is credited twice. Although we all know how much he does for our guides... ;) - Faithless -
  3. Farewell

    Fremennik Achievement Diary - 50% Complete

    Erm, thanks Mano, I didn't know that... This way I get to choose who finishes it. You can't use my guide without my permission. It will be given to Arbitrary M shortly. - Faithless -
  4. Farewell

    Fremennik Achievement Diary - 50% Complete

    I'm out of town and will be unable to work on this guide for the next 6 weeks. If somebody wants to take over this guide as a co writer and finish it up, send me a PM and I'll get you the code. You can then open a new topic to finish it in. - Faithless -
  5. Farewell

    The Path Of Freewill

    You'll never catch up if I'm also training it :P Thanks Tiger. Good luck with the Ice Giants Thanks Lalas I used this text and did 85 words a minute. Very good in my opinion :P I most definitely will try to steal your Smithing crown. This competition is the only reason I'm training it so much. Thanks Jacky :lol: 70's is pretty good. Thanks Rizzo. Thanks Hybrid :P Thanks Stormer :) Nope. It's referring to a very awesome song. Thanks Skrums :D Thanks Luke :P It probably is. :D ------------- Secret Message(s): "Felipe Calderon told me to tell you that he would be more than happy to help someone in the U.S. Felipe Calderon also told me to tell you that whatever he said was all a bluff. He is taking action as we speak to destroy the English military force." ^Think critically. "Don't give up, if you do give up, don't bluff." Jesus, you're confusing. Unfortunately, you've been booted from the triumvirate. We've let Luke take your spot Sorry Hybrid, but thanks. We might expand to a foursome when you return. My Two Cents Nothing new really. Classes are wrapping up soon, and then my summer gets to go to hell. Just some forewarning, I'll be out of town or busy for most of the summer. Luke has replaced Hybrid in the Triumvirate. Hopefully he'll provide some interesting competition. RuneScape 82 Attack :D Also 102 Combat. I'm really feeling a combat spree. I think I'll probably knock out another Attack level, maybe two. About 250k to 83 Attack. Boring old week :P - Faithless -
  6. Farewell


    You're freeplay total is the same as mine. Congratz on 70 Crafting, a great achievement in Freeplay. - Faithless -
  7. Farewell

    Viva La Vida!

    Congratz on 70 Hitpoints. I'd go for 70 Strength, then bring Attack and Defence up to 70 to. Nice account. - Faithless -
  8. Farewell

    Fighter's Pure F2p Log. Going For 99 Cook.

    That's right, I gave up. I think smelting Steel averages about 8k xp per hour. Yay for music. I'm always listening to my iTouch. Good luck with 98 Firemaking. - Faithless -
  9. Farewell

    The Path Of Freewill

    :D You'll be happy now. There's a present at the bottom. That sucks, and thank you Tiger :P Inorite. As far as I can tell, I put the most effort into my log entries. It's basically a blog that's related to RuneScape :P I have no clue what you're talking about with the screenies, but awesome. July 15th is the day to remember. TL;DR? What does that mean? Thanks Earth :P Tkoe for life. Jesus, you put loads of detail into your posts. Hope to see another Smithing level soon. :P Shyne > Tkoe. I don't even know what Tkoe is. The Knights of something. Never heard a more cliche name though. I enjoy writing. That entry was 566 words long, not counting the replies. Ok... Thanks Sub :) My Two Cents First up is Mario Kart. Knocked out two more 50cc cups at one star or above. Two to go and then I get another character. I haven't done any online since last time. RuneScape Finally done smelting for a while. Up next is Smithing the excess bars (which won't get me a level) and then 82 Attack most likely. - Faithless -
  10. Farewell

    My Trek To Better Stats

    Oh really got to crop our pictures. Congratz on 75 Defence, only like 18,000 more bones to go, eh? - Faithless -
  11. Farewell

    The Path Of Freewill

    :) I'm failing at it. I really am not trying though, I just want to knock out this Smithing. Congratz Luke. Truly Gogs, that Hide n' Seek event was amazing. It brought back the good times of RS. Haven't had that much fun in a very long time. :P Thanks Stormer. Welcome, hope you'll stay active. We always can do with expansion. Thanks Hybrid :D Secret Message: "You are inactive :P" Inorite. I love bikes, I take super fast in straightaways over the Super Mini Turbo. Switching back and forth is really hard though. The drifting is so much different. Sorry :P Thanks Luke :D :D Thanks Earth. Gf on my record, you were only 15 seconds off :P Thanks Holl. Secret Message: "It freaking better." :P I love it. Read below for details. Neva!!!!! Thou shalt all bow. Thanks Lupin :P My Two Cents This is gonna be a long one. First up, sorry for the time between entries. I've been too busy to write one. Next, I guess we'll cover Mario Kart. The other day I decided that if I really wanted to be good, I'd have to get all of the real good bikes and karts. You can't do anything if you're slower than everyone else. I google'd a list of how to unlock all the bikes, karts, and characters, and set off to unlock them. I knocked out a bunch of the ones related to Time Trials, I think I've unlocked 20 or so Fast Staff Ghosts (beat the regular staff ghost by 7 seconds). I'm doing alright. Still have four gold medals to go. I did two more online matches, I'm up around 5400 rating now. I'll get up there eventually. On to my name change. A pact was written a few months ago between myself and Sir_Beck4 / The Spirit of Radio / Working Man (currently). Both of us are huge Rush fans, so we agreed that undisclosed times we would change our names to a different Rush song. I was supposed to be Tom Sawyer, but opted for Faithless instead, allowing me to keep my F avatar. We're not trying to start a fad. Actually, I'd be rather p/o'ed if people started naming themselves after songs. We just love Rush. Finally, on to Shyne. Firstly, I've stopped trying in the skill competition. I opted to go Smith, which is absolutely terrible xp. I'm currently third from last to Hybrid (who has gone inactive) and Ej_ (who never plays). I'm a beast. On Sunday, shortly before lunch central time, Shyne hosted a Hide n' Seek event. This was perhaps the most fun I've had in RuneScape in an extremely long time. Great job Gogs, and you're welcome for the planning help. The original plan was to do it all in Falador. After two fun matches, the second of which I was hiding and lasted a whopping 9 minutes and 57 seconds, we decided to mess everyone up and head to Varrock (my idea :P). We did one more normal match, giving everyone attending a chance to hide, and then we did a match with the three winners thus far hiding. Lupin won the first Falador match, I won the second, and Earth won the third match, in Varrock. Earth went down early. About 10 seconds after they found Lupin, Donhambruna found me. Extremely close. So I emerged the overall champion :P I also had the best time, with Earth coming within about 15 seconds of me on the first Varrock match. Great fun all. I really enjoyed it. If you read that, congratz :P RuneScape After 81 Attack, I scratched any plans for the Skill Competition and went back to Smithing. After running the numbers, I discovered that Steel was better in the long run than Mithril, so I went with Steel. I currently have about 900 Steel bars to make for 65 Smithing. I'll then sell all but 650 of those bars to break even and smith those 650. I really can't say when I'll get 65, maybe Wednesday or Thursday. Sorry for the extremely long entry with no achievement at the end :P Thanks for reading all, I still cling to hope And I believe in love And that's faith enough for me
  12. Farewell


    Congratz on 93 Defence and 61 Runecraft - Freewill -
  13. Farewell

    The Path Of Freewill

    :) Thanks for the support. Good luck with your log. Maybe. I dunno. It's irrelevant. Thanks Eartheh. :P Thanks Storm. I did not fail, it just took a little longer than I thought. I made every bit of it. Thanks Jacky. I've given up on that competition. I'm gonna go do more Smithing. I got it :D Thanks Skrums. I hope for your own sake that wasn't some terrible allusion to bumping my log. If it wasn't, I have no clue what that meant. Thanks W1z :D :P Thanks Reno. Go beat Chris. Yes you have. Every time you talk to me. Every time. My Two Cents I'm gonna have to start making a separate section for Mario Kart No more gold medals, but I did race with Desy and Thunder (separately) over the past few days. I've beaten Thunder 11 of the 13 races we've done, and Desy 3 of the 8. Desy's good. Especially since he's got all the crazy good karts and bikes and stuff. I'm really slow compared to him :P I also raced online for the first time. My ratings up about 250, which isn't that much. Once I've beaten all the cups with gold, I'm bent on getting that up. RuneScape I decided not to really put that much effort into the Skill Competition effort on Shyne. You can find the rankings here. I did get that Attack level. Next up is Smithing. I plan to do this set with Mithril instead of Steel. It should be more profitable, which means I can sell a smaller percent to break even in profit, which in turn means that I can smith more bars into alch'able items. - Freewill -
  14. Farewell

    -=jubal Guy's Pure Log=-

    Uh oh, Joshin's got you beat Good luck catchin' up - Freewill -
  15. Farewell

    Just Joshins Log Name Inside!

    Congratz on 65 Getting even closer. I look forward to the unveiling. - Freewill -

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