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    The Path Of Freewill

    That I did Thanks Rizzo. Yes, he definitely is. He refers to it as his home now. They definitely make it easier. Thanks Jacky :) I might schedule a party. Most likely I'll just get everybody online at once to come though. Thanks Tiger :D :P I was totally kidding about it too. I doubt I'll have a party, but you never know. Thanks Hybrid. Shining ftw indeed. Thanks, err, Looopin? :P My Two Cents Been doing a little bit more Mario Kart. It's hard on 150cc :P I got a Silver medal on the second cup yesterday. Got hit by a random Green Shell on the line of the third race, took fourth. There was nothing I could do to stop Mario from winning first after that :) I'm just gonna keep working through them, come back and get all gold later. Goggie and Chris each released their first events today. Goggie planned an elaborate and extremely fun-sounding game of Hide n' Seek around Falador. I'm really looking forward to it. It's scheduled for next Sunday (The 19th), so there's still plenty of time to join and have some fun with Shyne. Chris went the tried and true way, scheduling us a week long Overall XP Skill Competition. Freeplayers get a 1.5x multiplier, so I'm hoping to actually stay in the running for it. Wish me luck :D RuneScape I love Fist of Guthix I've done two more little turns of it, going for 75 tokens each time. I have yet to lose a match in the past three days. The hardest level I've fought was a 91, and I don't think anyone I've played has come within more than 500 charges of me. Slightly sad, but it goes by fast. I'm up 2,979 Rating, almost 3,000 :D Using those turns of 75 Tokens, I've bought two more pairs of Air Gloves and knocked out the first of those two Runecraft levels. Took about 2.2 pairs. 60 will require me to get two more pairs, plus the one I already have left over. I crafted an entire pair of gloves with Hybrid last night. Taking turns dragging each other around. It was lots of fun. 60 Runecraft and Freeplay 60+ up next. Probably on Sunday. - Freewill -
  2. I couldn't come. Gratz on 94, getting close. - Freewill -
  3. Farewell

    The Path Of Freewill

    One can make no comparison of the time it takes you to do something to anything else. It never works out right. I will be using Air Gloves though, so it should go much faster. Thanks Jacky RuneScape I went and did some FoG, enough to buy my first pair of Air Gloves for 60 Runecraft. I need about 22k xp, so that's two full pairs of Gloves and a little bit of one more. All in all I'll need 5 pairs. The FoG'ing went great. I did it as the same time as Wizblade888, who you might've seen in some of my pictures. He's an old friend of mine, in fact I believe he's the third or fourth name on my Friends list. Either way, he's obsessively good at Fist of Guthix. He's currently ranked 1,223 overall in Fist of Guthix with 11.7k Rating. And he's only 86 Combat. All my matches were disgustingly easy, the hardest fight I had was a 64. I maxed out twice in five matches. Kind of pathetic. It was an easy 70 Tokens. While I was FoG'ing, I noticed that I was only about 4.5k xp from 83 Hit Points. I've leveled 77-80 Defence and 70-72 Ranged without getting a Hitpoints level, so it was due. Before going to Runecraft, I grabbed my melee equipment and grabbed the last of that experience via Attack training on Flesh Crawlers. Took about 20 minutes. Now it's time to Runecraft. I'll run 1,000 Essence, then go get another pair of Gloves. I'll do this until 60, which is Freeplay 60+ for me. A huge landmark that I'd love to go ahead and knock out. Just a note, only Attack, Strength, and Prayer are left for me to level up in the time of this log. Yay - Freewill -
  4. Farewell

    ~>| Don's Old School Skill Log! |<~

    Congratz on your 500th task. You've been blowing through those things. - Freewill -
  5. Farewell

    Log To Max ~ 2425/2475

    Hurry up and get those last three levels Gratz on 86 Defence and 115 Combat. - Freewill -
  6. Farewell

    Log of One Woody! Update: 86 Slayer

    Congratz on 82 Attack and 72 Slayer Woody. Nice clues I guess - Freewill -
  7. Farewell

    The Path Of Freewill

    I shall try. Switching between character sizes is so hard :D Large ones (Rosalina) take forever for the drift kick in, while Dry Bones does a U-turn whenever you tell him to drift. It's so confusing I hate you for the Crafting comment. But please do take over Smithing, that's Jacky's area, not mine :D Thanks Hybrid. I could quite easily take the Runecraft crown, but I'd be doing it in the name of Freeplay 60+ Your melee just isn't fair. Thanks Jacky :) I'd like to keep my awesome race times private, thank you very much. Don't want to embarrass anybody. Thanks W1z, and it's freaking Swoozy. Dante got kicked. I was so pissed. :D I hate that song. Thanks Cheez :P I dont get it? :) Congrats on 71 range and 75 fishing You're range level is really nice :P He's referring to the song Even Flow by Pearl Jam. Bad song, in my opinion. Thanks Gonza, welcome to Shyne :D Heh, yea, like I'll be going for 90 Ranged. That would require somewhere in the ball park of 400k Bronze Arrows :) Thanks Spectre. My Two Cents First of all, huge Congratz to Giggoe and Chris on becoming Shyne's first two Event Coordinators. Now that we've got these two great event planners, Shyne will be even more fun. Great job guys RuneScape Next Ranged level! I'm done Ranging for now. It drains Bronze Arrows so fast. I had 1.6k Steels and bought 10k Bronze to get from where I was at level 70 to 72. I have about 3k Bronzes left, for about 120k xp. Sheesh. I think I'm going to go do some Fist of Guthix. I absolutely love that game. I think my goal is to get enough tokens to buy all the Air Gloves I need for 60 Runecraft. I'd like to go ahead and knock out Freeplay 60+ - Freewill -
  8. Farewell

    .:: Hybrid's Log Of A Free-to-play ::.

    Congratz on 55 Runecraft. Are you making a push to steal Jacky's Runecraft Crown? - Freewill -
  9. Farewell

    Log To Max ~ 2425/2475

    Congratz on 87 Hitpoints and 85 Defence. Have fun in green - Freewill -
  10. Farewell

    My Trek To Better Stats

    Gratz on 70 Crafting. - Freewill -
  11. Farewell

    Stairway To Heaven

    If you didn't have inside jokes, you'd be the most boring person I'd ever talked to. Everything that comes out of your mouth only makes sense to the person you're talking to. I love your log layout, but perhaps you should organizing those levels a little bit better? Long lists of links hurt my eyes Congratz on 94 Cooking and 66 Construction, good luck mastering Cooking - Freewill -
  12. Farewell

    W1z 2010 Log

    I hacked you and got 52 Slayer for you today. You're welcome. - Freewill -
  13. Farewell

    The Path Of Freewill

    It really is Thanks Luke. Life's tough. They've already sold on the Grand Exchange :P Thanks Bunny. What's your MKW code? Harhar. Yea right. I'll be happy just to beat all the cups. Thanks Jacky :) My Two Cents Did some work today, moving some dirt around for a friend of mine who lives in town. It paid well :) RuneScape Oh man. I can't remember the last time I got two levels in the same day. I'm gonna go ahead and get 71 Ranged also. And just an interesting fact, I took over one of Hybrid's skills in the Triumvirate 8-5-2 for the win. - Freewill -
  14. Farewell

    Tester's Log

    First of all, fail at smiley: ^_6 Good job on exams, I hate finals Welcome back Tester - Freewill -
  15. Farewell

    Fremennik Achievement Diary - 50% Complete

    Where is it mispelled. That was the first thing pointed out, and I thought I've been spelling it correctly since then. EDIT: XD Missed the title. My bad. It's fixed. *Emanick added to credits* - Freewill -
  16. Farewell

    Hmmm. Now Lets Get That Much Xp Again -.-'

    Gratz on 92 Firemaking - Freewill -
  17. Farewell

    Fremennik Achievement Diary - 50% Complete

    Although they do appear rather enlarged, they still depict the action well enough, so I see no reason to replace them. Besides, re-bordering all the pics you gave me again would take like two hours The originals will work fine. I just realized that the picture Ambo asked about isn't used anywhere in the guide.... What the heck Ambo? - Freewill -
  18. Farewell

    Fremennik Achievement Diary - 50% Complete

    @Ambo#1: Yes I agree that we could use a better picture for that. I'll talk to Arb about it. @Roy: I've talked to you via PM. @Ambo#2: Those look even better. The medium and hard maps are already posted in the guide, mind doing that to them, also? *Ambo100 added to credits* Writing will begin sometime this week. - Freewill -
  19. Farewell

    W1z 2010 Log

    'o.O Gratz on 88 Farming and making lots of money. Hurry up and get 99 for me? - Freewill -
  20. Farewell

    Log To Max ~ 2425/2475

    Congratz on 80 Slayer Gogs - Freewill -
  21. Farewell

    The Path Of Freewill

    You're obsessed with that smiley. You weren't on, sorry Thanks W1z. :P Thanks Skrum. Gratz on 97 Hunter. It's really not too bad. Take the little glowy things to the big glowy thing. Drr :) Thanks Storm. My Two Cents The Fremennik guide is coming along I guess. Roy made the maps for me, so everything left is my job. () I'll get around to it eventually. Definitely before Sunday. I promise. Nothing else really to report. Just enjoying my week off :) I've been doing some Mario Kart Wii. No new gold medals. I'm trying to master other characters. Up until yesterday, I'd always used Rosalina on the Shooting Star. This means that I've got the large characters down, but when it comes to medium and small, I'm pretty bad. I actually really like Dry Bones on the Bullet Bike, but you guys have got to see the drift on that guy. I swear, he can turn on a dime. It's a different style of driving that I still have to get used to. Then I'll go back to 150cc races. RuneScape I hate that skill Next up is 71 Ranged, via Lesser Demons. I think I still know how to safe them, we'll find out soon :D About 40k to 71 Ranged, so.... maybe today, but probably tomorrow. - Freewill -
  22. Farewell

    Wilkommen In Skill Log :: Revival

    Congratz on 97 Hunter Skrums. - Freewill -
  23. Farewell


    Gratz on 91 Strength. Thanks for stopping by my a little Fishing party Freeplayers can have fun too - Freewill -
  24. Farewell

    .:: Hybrid's Log Of A Free-to-play ::.

    You were just 50/50'ing. Nothing special about that score I did two games yesterday for the Green Hat. The second game, our team (which was trying to win) lost every altar by at least twice as many as we had. It was horrible. We got 60 tokens for the whole game. Congratz on the Runecraft levels Hybrid Why did you have to tie me in Crafting. I'm about to be in third place next month. But I have an evil plan up my sleeve - Freewill -
  25. Farewell

    The Path Of Freewill

    :) 16th page. I'm in the green Robes without a hat. I'm not fishing with Trey though, RC robes are just really popular. 76 is Sharks, thank you very much. If I ever get Members again, that will save me a lot of money. Thanks Hybrid :) I see how it is. Just kidding, thanks Storm. :D You're hilarious Earth. Thanks. It is, until you lose because of some cheap shot. I can't tell you how many times I'll get blown off by a Blue Shell right on the finish line and end up in fifth. Thanks Jacky :) You so paraphrased that conversation. I did not say "boi". I love you W1z (in the most straight kind of manner, of course :P) Thankee. :D Thanks Aro. Sowwee. Thanks Lals. My Two Cents My plan for spring break is pretty simple. Do nothing. Eh? It sounds great, doesn't it. The only thing I really aim to accomplish is to finish that dang Fremennik Diary guide. I've got all the pictures in now, so the only thing holding it back is me :P RuneScape Yesterday, I finally decided to get the Hat to complete my Runecrafting Robes set. This is my new and improved skiller/formal gear. Notice that the Desert Boots have been removed so that I can wear Combat boots while training combat. I intend to keep the Legend's cape around for a while though. I'm going for another Fishing level. Currently, I'm about... 62k from 75. I might get it today, but I doubt it. If not today, it will definitely come tomorrow. After 75 Fishing, I've decided not to go for 76, but instead to go for 71 Ranged :D If I recall correctly, the last time I trained Ranged, I enjoyed it, so I think I'll give it another shot. I'll most likely be training at Flesh Crawlers. Thanks for all the posts guys, - Freewill -

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