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  1. stormwater7

    Is It Time To Talk To Al Qeada?

    Even if the US or any other western nation tries to talk with Al Qeada nothing would get done. The men running Qeada HATE the US, they would never call any kind cease fire no matter what we ask or offer. Talking to lower members of these groups has a shot but whoever we approach will end up dead along with his or her family just because they deal with the "infidel."
  2. stormwater7

    Ron Paul

    Technically they were terrorists, to the English and their sympathizers anyway.
  3. stormwater7

    George Bush Is Bored...

    Guess it's harder to sit through than a Ranger game. At least Laura looked somewhat attent. He could have at least pretended to pay attention, although he did sit up a bit when Iraq came in. In his defense the opening can seem a little boring when theres a war just a few thousand miles away, must have been hard not to run all the way there.
  4. stormwater7

    Celeb/actress Crushes

    Joseph McManners, say what you want I'll never see any of you anyway.
  5. stormwater7

    Whats Your Carreer Track?

    I'm thinking of either working with the police or with the Foreign Service
  6. stormwater7

    Rumor: Xbl Silver Now Allows Free Online Play?

    If live becomes free you can bet the number of little kids who think they own the internet will skyrocket. As it is 60 USD a year isn't that bad a price, same as Runescape last I bothered checking.
  7. stormwater7

    89% Or 9 Out Of 10 Of Americans May Be Fat By 2030

    Eh, less competition in almost everything, including survivial.
  8. stormwater7

    What 360 Game Should I Start With?

    I'd go with either Gears of War 2 or Gears 1 which you can get for about 30 USD right now. If you're stuck between CoD4 and 5 and Halo 3 CoD4 has a fuller and more rewarding multiplayer but it's single player is only fun the first couple times you play it.
  9. stormwater7

    New Dashboard: "you Don't Have To Use It"

    Whats the deal with Microsoft adopting Miis? Good luck moving to the family friendly zone with titles like gears of War 2 coming out.
  10. stormwater7

    Do You Consider Car Racing A Sport?

    Not really, when you get down it it races like those in NASCAR are just rednecks turning left.
  11. stormwater7

    Post A Funny Picture Thread.

    Three large images
  12. stormwater7


    The bullet curveing was kind of weird but they introduced it pretty well, I can't explain it well so you'll see it eventually.
  13. stormwater7

    The Economy

    But since withdrawing right away isn't logistlically possible we should do what we did in every other war in US history and raise taxes.
  14. stormwater7

    The Reliability Of The Bible

    I believe in what the Bible says but alot of the stuff in the old testament was written by people with a very different view on life. They thought everything that hasppened came from God. Stuff like Uzzah being struck by lightening after touching the ark shoul be taken with a grain of salt.
  15. stormwater7

    Funniest Thing Ever Ever!

    It may be a good commercial, not as good as the sham-wow ones though.

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