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  1. idle1

    Tempest vs Zerg Unit (CWA)

    You're on fire!
  2. idle1

    Tempest vs Cluster [F2P]

    excellently done "seamen"
  3. idle1

    Tempest vs Latin Crew

    I swear it was only xaria and finistera that actually stepped foot in here... at least they're the only ones I ever got warnings off lol
  4. idle1

    Tempest vs Latin Crew

    Nicely done!
  5. Nicely done! That 2-0 now?
  6. Been a while, so many old names coming out of the woodwork lately!
  7. Madness! Good luck boyos!
  8. idle1

    Elite Order Vs Ronin

    b-b-b-b-b-b-banned bish
  9. idle1

    The State Of The Clan World

    I played 07 for a bit, knew a few people in RoT, all the IRC channels I occasionally go in are dead now a days though so I'm of touch. 8 years on Sal's today as well!
  10. idle1

    The State Of The Clan World

    I'm here because Sal's emailed me... Runescape clans are still a thing?
  11. idle1

    Your Sals List!

    #1 envy!
  12. idle1

    Envy Vs Tcl

    gratz on the win, i think this makes you #1 on sals!
  13. would probably end up having the same problems as before
  14. Team Idle wants a rematch
  15. idle1

    The Gladiatorz Vs. Knights Of Order

    good job gladz
  16. idle1

    Clans Are Dead?

    How do you have a better warn rating than me? Christopher is the embodiment of "banned" on all internet forums. True facts. Clans have never died, nor moved. Thing is, that lots of clans, teams or groups are made and exist but the communication between the rest of the community is null. They dont need to comment about how they did this or that, simply that they are enjoying the game with other people, and because of that those who look for other clans think they dont exist . I came back to have a look at these boards, and its wierd the transition from games. Clanning is so slow paced on wow. If your doing bad, you simply do better the next week and it can go on like that for months and months before someone starts to get put off by it. I think the major problem with runescape clans is that they're so god damn anal about any little slip-up and they focus on it. People think too much and focus on bad things.. but eh well. Rant over, 'mon. Now, who wants to tell me where i should go to get back into the clanning community? The pub! I'd even buy you a pint. Or three. *cough* join clan idle mr.phishiey
  17. idle1

    Dungeon_gods Have Arrived!

    good luck matt <3
  18. idle1

    Your Sals List!

    1) legacy 2) ascension 3) ancient legion
  19. idle1

    Killjoy Vs Tnc

    gratz on the win
  20. idle1

    It's Been A While.

    Would be nice to have sals cd as active as it once was.
  21. idle1

    Legacy Vs Corruption

    was definitely rooting for you guys on this one, good job
  22. i think your a bit of an idiot tbh, and you blatently dont know what your talking about. 10 posts in 16 days? pretty weak

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