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  1. Super Wii 64

    And Now We're In The Millions Again... Twice?!

    Once again well done, The xp left to get both 99 is equal to one skill to 99 from 92, but using controlled makes it more like from 89/90. =p
  2. Super Wii 64

    ♥ ← Nya's Log ♥ Quitting Runescape

    Only 3 more levels to go! (which is 'only' ~3.5M xp)
  3. Super Wii 64

    Looking For This Kind Of Calculator!

    The problem with making a calculator that does that is that it will be extremely hard to make it accurate. Especially since luck has a lot of influence on your average hit and accuracy.
  4. Super Wii 64

    99 Herblore!

    No problem, I think I should have held it on a Saturday, a lot of people I was expecting to turn up were doing other things. I guess I'm the only one who stays home and play RS on a Friday night ;)
  5. Super Wii 64


    Nice work on getting 83 slayer, now I know who to annoy for a pair of dragon boots whenever I need a pair.
  6. Super Wii 64

    99 Herblore!

    Thanks everyone. To answer some questions: It cost me 50M from 91-99. To get to 91 I did things like collect secondary ingredients and herb farming to minimise costs. I wasn't expecting to make it to 99 on 50M but luckily super defence potions rose quite a bit so I could get cheap xp by waiting a few days before selling. The main potions I made from 91 - 99 were super str, super def, super rest and antifires.
  7. Super Wii 64

    Super Wii 64's 99 Herblore!

    Got 99 Herblore now, head over here to see it.
  8. Super Wii 64

    99 Herblore!

    Not quite the gathering I was expecting but it was still a nice group.
  9. Super Wii 64

    Super Wii 64's 99 Herblore!

    Date: 17th July 2009. Time: 7pm Aus EST (9am GMT). Location: World 110 Taverly Druid Circle (The stone prayer alter at the north end). After the screenshot and buying of the cape I was thinking of playing some Mobilising Armies for a while. Whoever wants to join me is welcome to.
  10. Super Wii 64

    95 Herblore

    Thanks everyone, to answer some questions: My budget for 91-99 is 55M and I've basicially been making whatever potion has a reasonable cost/xp. Before that I did a few of the slower break even methods (collecting secondaries, etc). Still have 29M left and are only 2.5M xp away now .
  11. Super Wii 64

    95 Herblore

    Should have 99 in a couple of weeks.
  12. Super Wii 64

    Farming: Growth Percentage <added A Poll>

    This would be a nice upgrade to the farming skill for upgrade year. The only problem is they'd have to fix the glitch where logging in and out can affect crop growth time. ;) If they don't we might get a lot of threads titled OMG my plant ungrew!!1!!1111!1.
  13. Super Wii 64

    Astral Rune Crafting

    I do believe that double Astrals are better then Cosmics because the trip from bank to Alter is much shorter. In other words you can make more Astrals in an hour then you can make Cosmics.
  14. Super Wii 64

    The Steam Thread

    The next Meet The... video has been leaked.
  15. Super Wii 64

    Going For 40-50 Runecrafting

    To do the ZMI alter at 40 Runecrafting will cause you to lose lots of money. I'd recommend doing Lunar Diplomacy and making Astrals. If you don't want to do Lunar Diplomacy then you should make Cosmics. EDIT: Kemosabe has made some good points but I think that using the tokens on pure essence would probably be better.

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