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  1. Is this how flamewars look around here? Man, this place is TAME. Also, I'm not at all surprised that Windows is the most valuable franchise; it's been on 90% or more of consumer pcs for how long now? I'm a little saddened by how much Office is worth when there's quite competent alternatives, but again, not surprising.
  2. teh_sniper28

    Need An Opinion On Graphics Cards

    True, but why bother spending that much on a graphics card that's being hooked up to a laptop? Honestly, depending on the laptop, I might just buy a new computer if it were me.
  3. teh_sniper28

    Need An Opinion On Graphics Cards

    The 5770 is by far the faster card, so if the price difference is small, get it instead of the 250. What laptop are you planning to hook this up to?
  4. teh_sniper28


    Ouch, that's an integrated card. You're going to have major issues with that, and unfortunately, there's not much you can do to fix that on a laptop. You can try running it, and best of luck to you, but don't expect it to run the way it's supposed to.
  5. teh_sniper28


    We're missing a critical piece of the puzzle: what graphics card do you have? Download gpu-Z here, run it, and post a screenshot of it. Unless your graphics card isn't up to spec, you shouldn't have any problems with those requirements.
  6. teh_sniper28

    Post Your Speeds

    I think I'm required to post in these threads so you guys can say, "I'm glad I'm not him." My family pays $90 a month for this. The down speeds are usually higher, but it's 7:30 PM here, so everyone in the area is on the internet (I have one of the two satellite providers in my area.) Our plan is supposed to be for 1.5Mb down, but in practicality it only gets that at about 3:00 AM when everyone is asleep.
  7. teh_sniper28

    Save The Internet

    $52.95 a month? You kids have it easy! My family pays $90 a month for 1.5 megabits down, like .1 up, and 30-day download/upload caps of 17 Gb and 5 Gb respectively. If we go over that, our ISP (Wildblue communications, for reference) kicks our bandwidth-hogging butts down to approximately dialup speeds. Oh, and my ping to anything is 1500+ at all times. Online games are nigh unplayable. On topic: Comcast (among others) will not be able to do this. Call me naive, but if ISPs start doing this, a whole lot of people are going to get a whole lot more vocal about net neutrality. We're at a fine line right now where the problems that have arisen are irritating to those of us who know these sorts of things, but not enough that they affect a lot of users. If Comcast starts blocking Youtube on their lower-tier plans, people will take their business elsewhere, write to their congresspeople, and probably find other ways of expressing their displeasure (bricks through Comcast offices comes to mind.)
  8. teh_sniper28

    Avi - Mp4

    I'm personally a fan of Handbrake for pretty much any re-encoding that I need done. It's got more options that you'll probably need, but just google it if you're not sure what to do. I'd recommend 0.9.3 (the latest version is 0.9.4,) primarily because 0.9.4 doesn't support creating avi files. Version 0.9.3 install file: http://www.filehippo.com/download_handbrake/4924/ Official website (forums, how-tos, etc.): http://handbrake.fr/
  9. teh_sniper28


    External hard drives seldom overheat unless you get a 10,000 rpm hard drive or something crazy. Usually, yes, but this may be an exception. I would think that if there's a fan you should assume it's there for a reason. The only reason for a fan in this case is to cool something down. It does help, but it's not necessary. Most external hard drive enclosures don't have a fan; this one does as a nice little addition, but disabling the fan would do little to no harm, especially if it's just once or twice to see if it's what's causing the noise.
  10. teh_sniper28

    4chan Has Owned The World.

    Na, too many worlds, too many players. And this video just goes to show how many people there are who are self-important and entirely without a sense of humor.
  11. teh_sniper28


    External hard drives seldom overheat unless you get a 10,000 rpm hard drive or something crazy. The drive looks like http://www.eworldsale.com/maxtor-500gb-one..._5642_7526.html correct? You can try opening it up, finding the fan, and seeing if that's what causes the squeak, which it probably is; if the drive itself was squeaking, I'd think it would already have died.
  12. teh_sniper28


    Without knowing any more about what this "squeak" sounds like, I can't give you a definitive answer. It is most likely nothing, but it's impossible to tell from your description.
  13. teh_sniper28

    90 Bucks For 1gb Of Ram?

    I'd need to know the type of ram and clock speed to tell you how badly you're getting ripped off, but you most definitely are; $90 AUD is ~$83.50 USD, and 1gb of ram here is usually less than $20. Can you post the link to where you build this computer? I'd like to see what's going on here.
  14. teh_sniper28

    Is This Computer Any Good

    That should be just fine for RS and photo/video editing; I have to ask though, is a slimline case important to you? It's not fun to upgrade, and it's not cheaper than a normal case to my knowledge. If it were me, I'd go for a normal-sized case and a dedicated graphics card; either of the cards already posted will rock the socks off an integrated chip easily, so you can use it for more heavy-duty gaming.
  15. teh_sniper28

    Did I Buy A Good Laptop?

    Those don't account for $400 though; what version of Vista did yours ship with? Also, the Office Suite isn't worth anything in my book because Openoffice is free Home Premium. :/ Openoffice is nothing compared to MS Office Professional... What model is yours? I have the Satellite L300. And it was $800 CDN. Mine came with home basic Openoffice has every feature that most users will need, although Office pro might have some higher-end stuff that I don't know about; it seems a lot like the comparison between GIMP and Photoshop. Mine's a Satellite L305D from Newegg.

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