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  1. mr n3wb

    trump fans only

    this thread is for our new dear leader the trump i will now be dedicating my life to our new supreme overlord if youre a trump fan then please respond
  2. mr n3wb

    Sal's adverts

    my ads are all childrens panties & trump memorabilia
  3. mr n3wb

    What happened on september the 14th

    where were u
  4. mr n3wb

    trump fans only

    the face i make when i c bernie sanders supporters
  5. IS YUANRANG STILL ACTING LIKE cartman when he became a police officer???? hey all if u want a website hmu
  6. mr n3wb


  7. mr n3wb


    hi i sell paint at paint store still in uni started web dev business i make website 4 local companys & half my income comes from dat get rekt
  8. mr n3wb

    happy every xmas everyone

    you too micael
  9. i have been patiently waiting for it :glasses: also wats up guys im not here much nemore but i make websites if ne1 wants one
  10. hey guys sup i need ur help w something but i cant just come out & say it its v top secret involves the supreme leader please comment here or pm me ur application 2 be considered 4 this important mission ty, n3wb
  11. mr n3wb

    9 years

    easl was here when i started lurking i love u
  12. mr n3wb

    God dang it

    hey i came here just 2 say hi
  13. mr n3wb

    life updates

  14. mr n3wb

    Yearbook Superlatives for Sal's Realm

    so yuan is still supreme dictator of forum??
  15. mr n3wb

    vicious trains

    you are ok because supreme leader requires you for great task
  16. i must express all of my joy and love for the dear leader and all he has provided without him the wind would not blow to carry the seeds for future pollenation without the revered leader, there would be no rain to water the crops the forum would be nothing without our dear leader who fuels our spirits!!!! share your love for our dear leader here~
  17. our father bestowed many blessings upon us. i am so emotionally overflowing with love for our dear leader and i must profess it. without our kind and dear leader we have nothing. with all of our hands we stop US bombs! never forget dear leader is first and foremost
  18. mr n3wb

    so yea

    guys i failed calculus idk wat im gonan do
  19. our leader is selfless and giving for never shall we go a day without love and admiration for our dear leader those who do not acknowledge the supreme leader is a pig dog heretic and must be crushed!
  20. mr n3wb

    Cards Against Humanity wins so hard

    the feces being sold to look like a card game deepens the people of sal's yearning for our dear leader, who will lead us to prosper in a golden age
  21. mr n3wb

    so yea

    great day because our dear leader says it is great day
  22. all hail supreme overlord


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