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  1. legolas4161

    Random Acts Of Kindness Week

    If you are doing your acts of kindness and are fully prepared to do them and is actually in your plan... is it really a random act?
  2. legolas4161


    Yeah... When I use my cannon I try to make sure there is no one else there. although occasionally I do end up setting it up with someone there. But then I try to stay in a corner. So yeah.. Maybe you should consider investing in one in the near future. they are kind of fun when you have the cash or the c balls.
  3. legolas4161


    Well. I am done school when you posted this.As to you being a teacher. Just make sure you dont encourage the kids by giving them a free mage shortbow. *hugs mage short* *whispers* cougs made me one. :) So yeah. what do you plan on teaching? Runescape Studies?
  4. legolas4161


    Does the bible say that, or are you claiming you know why god does things, and what he would or wouldn't do? Obviously homosexuality doesn't 'get rid of people', it just means they don't reproduce, which would keep the population in check. Marriage is a social mechanism that is designed to ensure that children have parents around to look after them. Since homosexual relationships don't produce children, what's the relevance of marriage here?To your first answer. Your right. I made a mistake in saying the words, get rid of. its more of keeping the pop level the same. My bad. And obviously Homosexuality is happening. So I guess I was wrong there. God came up with everything, Its just mans choice. So Ill reword my error. Doing homosexuality is not of God. I mean its not something that He gave us as a Christians( Or just Christians, not saying you are or not teacup) to use to keep our food supply. Its Kind of like abortion. Ok. so the Girl had a kid that she does not want. so what do I do. lets kill it. Children from God are a blessing. I know that I am glad that I was not an aborted baby.To your second answer. marriage Is supposed to be the only place to have sex. You can find that in the Bible. And marriage is for a man and a woman. so therefore homosexuality is not supposed to be.
  5. legolas4161


    Ok, I can see that. I also have friends whom I would trust with my belongings and for whom I would do anything. However, I'm looking here at precisely what Jonathan gave to David. Jonathan is a prince and a warrior, yet he's given up his garments, sword, bow and girdle. The 'robe' is ambiguous. It may pertain to his armour, his robes of office or else it may point to Jonathan enjoying being naked, so not minding if David wears his clothes for a change. Let's try this another way... Legolas, you and I have been friends for a while. I'm now going to consolidate that friendship by taking all of my clothes off. *strips* Ta-daaa! I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable at the moment (not to mention cold).When 'robe' is read within the context of the rest of the list though, it sounds more like armour or robes of office. The items that either keep him safe or else show off his high status. The list is telling us that he's given up his sword, bow and girdle. We are talking about the centuries just before Christ here, not Runescape, you can't just walk down the road and get another sword. These things are handed over during the rites of passage into manhood. They are then used in battles. After the battle, the sword is taken to the Smithy, so that all chips and dents can be repaired, then it's back into their sheath for the next round. These things are the symbols of his manhood and station in life; they are also the fundamental items of protection and defence, let alone aggression.The girdle, in my mind, is also problematic. The trouble is that there are two or three meanings. Firstly, it is another word for undergarments. The lioncloth thingie that Christ was wearing as He was crucified is called a girdle. It kind of bound up men's... bits... to stop them flopping about, especially in battle. (This is where we get 'gird your loins' from, meaning 'ready for battle'. It's also how come the predecessor to women's tights/pantyhose was called a girdle.) Secondly, it was a belt, but held a status symbol. The length or colour of the girdle respresented various stations in life. Thirdly, it could be the sword-belt/sheath. Which of these was Jonathan handing over?There could be an argument that Jonathan has simply clothed and armed David, but that isn't what it says. Jonathan has stripped himself of his own robe; and the rest of the items are all prefixed with 'his'. In what possible circumstances could David (raised as a shepherd and good with a lute) be the better person to hold the weaponry and robes than Jonathan (raised as a prince and a soldier), in a choice between them? If invaders arrived at this moment in time, they'd be in big trouble. In my reading of that then, Jonathan has stripped himself naked and handed over the symbols of his manhood to David; all this taking place in the same sentence that tells us that they have just made a covenant with each other, in the name of their soul-felt love. Legolas, though I respect your interpretation of it, to me it feels a little more than just letting your best friend borrow your Gameboy.I did it!! I quoted!!! anyway. I still say That it was done because they were freinds, Not just friends but good friends. Jonathans Father is trying to kill David, as you can see later on, or before whatever you just read depending on what you are reading. He gave him his stuff because David id running. kind of like a good-bye gift. No I would not say the right way to look at it is, "Hey, I am going to strip to show my friendship for ya.' Ahhh no. I look at it more as. " hey you are going away now. we cant go back to get your stuff. 'cause Pa will kill ya. here, have mine" I think thats more like what was going on. Ok, so Now you say the meanings of each item that he gave to David. You showed its importance. yes, they are all important, They all have value. These are things that people need to have. or as Jonathan knew that David needed.Ok, lets look at it this way. Your best freind from high school has come over and is staying with you and your parents. People start saying how much better she is at sewing than your Mom is. Your Mom gets pooped off and kind of says that she wants to kill your best friend. but she does not say it, more of hints it. Before a big supper you take your friend out into the nearby park and say. That you will go to the supper, and bla bla bla, if Mom saids this, then your safe. if not, then you are not safe. either way I will come out and chuck 3 frisbees in one way and yell at my dog, "they are over by the pond! go get them" or " They are over by the playground. go get them!" By this you know that it is safe to go or if you have to run. Ok, so now your freind is out there with just his clothes hiding. You come back to say that it is not safe for her to go back, that she has to run. You had promised that you would give her anything. anything. So you give her your clothes and sword and bow that you happen to be carrying. and you hug and cry and kiss because you might never see each other again. Ok, does that sound much diffrent from what happened. other than its in a diffrent perpective?So yeah. ok.Quote merchYou were proving to me that all the ills of the world pretty much come down to human beings having been granted free will in the Garden of Eden. However, despite the mess that we get ourselves into, with all the wars etc, God is still there and still takes the time to intervene and save us. Is that a fair summary?end quotePretty much, although we have to trust in God to save us.quote merchThinking about to the context here (I was saying that the population of the world is too big and so increasing the number of homosexuals will help with that in the long term), are you arguing here that God doesn't need to come up with something like homosexuality to reduce the long-term stress on resources, because we humans are already doing a great job at reducing the population with wars etc?End quote.God has given us command of Earths resources to use. We have botched up pretty badly. But God would not come up with that as a way to get rid of people to save earths supply of food.quote merchMy interpretation of this is that the 'one flesh' isn't Adam and Eve themselves. If a couple are cleaved together to produce 'one flesh', then I'm reading that as creating children. This is therefore instructions about on how to create children. But it doesn't say that all other cleaving is forbidden, if you know what I mean.end quote.They are married. They are one, If you are married you are giving all of yourself to that person. And your spouse is giving all of his/her self back to you. You are becoming one with the other.quote merchBut it doesn't say that all other cleaving is forbidden, if you know what I mean.end quote.God made woman for that. he did not make john doe, Woman are for men as men are for woman when getting married. not man for man, or same for woman.
  6. legolas4161


    I will respond soon, to what you wrote in reply to my reply that was written in reply to your earlier... you get the point. Ok,1 And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.2 And Saul took him that day, and would let him go no more home to his father's house.3 Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul.4 And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him, and gave it to David, and his garments, even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle.They were buddys. I have a friend that I would do anything for. I would trust him with anything. That is what I believe they are getting at. As I said before, I will respond when I get the chance.Ps yes. King james version is what I used.
  7. legolas4161


    oops, did not see Merchs mysterious coll.. fellow workers paper/article/paragraph, 2 paragraphs...The last paragraph that K wrote, errr. last sentence. quote. If a homosexual is a kind, caring, compassionate and forgiving person then surely he is following the teaching of Christ and is a Christian person. quoting is at an end.I would say that is half true. (heh, grey area ftw) The person may be following the Word of God, but I would not say surely. It kind of is implying something else that I cant put my finger on... But anyway. He may be a Christian, He may even be following The Christian path, But is he following it all... so yeah. I have another example to bring up that kind of ways in with this one, but I dont like it as much.
  8. legolas4161


    oh dear... (there I have insulted you all!! mwahahaha!!!) (you may call me the chief insulter. or the great chief insulter....)The way I see, that oh dear could mean something else. not just an insult It could mean a lengthy debate about stuff. Ok, so maybe it was not put in the best of words, but yeah... I have to go to school. Mom wants her papers now, only 1 week left!
  9. legolas4161


    to be hi... *mutters* to be hi... legolas4161 <------ is still trying to find out whats so funny about that. Sorry merch, but I am lost on the point, could you clarify it? legolas4161 <--- Is hopeless. Ok. lets see, Back to my point on Adam and Eve and there thing. I am useing the Bible as my guide, as I am a Christian, I beleive that this book is true through and through, from cover to cover. from page 105 all the way around the book and back to page 105. get my point? ouch, sugar rush. >.<Genises chapter 2, verse 22 to 25. I really dont feel like typing it up, although if I must I will, but If you all could get a Bible and look that up real quick. ok moving [email protected], ok, the War famine thing. My God is a peaceable God mercy full and God of love. He would have preferred a more peacefull solution. but due to our sinfull nature, as men, We sin, and yeah, some idiots decide war is the way to keep life going. or to take life out, keep it under control. Take the Egyptians and the Israelites in the Bible. Pharaoh dude ordered all the baby boys to be killed. yet what happened? They kept on multiplying and growing in numbers. so that proves that God does take care of people that trust in him. ok so you might say the Egyptians just had crappy cops. well, again, refer to the Bible.Ok, take the Romans. They go marchin' into gaul or whatever they feel like taking over. They take it over, chop the leaders heads off if they put up opposition. leave some orders there and maybe a legion or 2, then march out. Come back next year. Some people are getting rebellious. BAM! wipe out the population. there, problem solved, back home we go... get my point? its just another way to cull the population.Ok, as in for the future.. China has this thing that you can only have certain amount of kids or something like that. the family wants boys. the ratio of boys to girls in China will reach a point where its just not possible. What do we do with all these male people. I KNOW! saids China, lets go declare war on someone, we can field the biggest army! Problem solved. (more or less)Ok, so these examples are drastic. and not exactly what I had in mind, but thats what I thought up... (logic error) yeah...yeah...Legolas4161.PS. oh, I get it now. ok, now i am trying to figure out why I wrote that. any ideas?
  10. legolas4161


    Sup sup, anyway. I read part of your post merch. not completly, so I cant say I read it all and am responding to all. Some parts i do not know if you were quoting others or were stating your own opinions.But the one thing I want to respond to is the paragraph of food shortages. you said somthing about war famine, ect. ect. and all that would cull the numbers a bit, but would mean nothing if more babies were born? That just does not cut it. If the babies were born, would they not to be subject to whatever is happening out there atm? the numbers would still be culled... As to haveing homothingymajig as a choice to sex between a man and a woman... Its a choice all right. its something you decide wether you want to do it or not. Its your world veiw that will let you know if you should do it or not. Wether it is right or not in Gods eyes, like how the Bible says it, that may be diffrent then what you beleive. so yeah.. all in all I think Its wrong. God made Woman for a purpose(no offense intended to woman), But He made them from Adam the first man to keep him company. to be hi. He did not make a john doe to keep Adam company, He made Eve, a gal...g2g, will check back later.
  11. legolas4161

    I Have The Power!

    Good job Merch. Have fun while your at it
  12. legolas4161

    My Friends

    Hey merch. I stopped playing a bit ago, I will still be on just say hi every so often. But not enough to justify taking up a space in your list. So yeah, I dont have to be on there. lololo495 and tarsan189 are the same person, so you can delete one of them. Ill find out if he still plays or not by calling him later today. so yeah. Nice to see you all are here. Legolas the lego manP.S. So definitely get rid of zach, his attempt at sarcasm was pitif... awesome, dont get rid of him.
  13. legolas4161

    Happy Birthday, Zacharyb

    I cant watch the vid, what happened?
  14. legolas4161

    Budget Report

    get climbing boots, same stats as run. :o and wait for later to get dragon boots. do you really need them for what you are doing now? are you really fighting atm?
  15. legolas4161

    5 Million Rc Xp, And A New World

    yay for you teacup!!! gratserrs with a t on the dot of the i. :mad: anyway, yeah, grats!!

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