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  1. Hey again, I just came to say hi as it says that it's been 9 years since I joined Sal's Runescape Forum. I'm in college now studying Computer Science. Hoping to get into Net/Infosec in the future and work for a company my friend works at. About a year and a half ago (although a bit less), I made a tulpa and my life and goals have changed as a result of that. More details on tulpas here (may be unnerving for some): Not sure if I'll stick around, but maybe I will. Who knows. -Nia
  2. Nia

    Doubt anyone remembers me

    Case in point :P
  3. I behead the Elephant King and pluck the phat out of mid air.
  4. White, around 6 feet tall, doesn't actually look like his avatar... probably.
  5. Nia


  6. 4 Hero - Cookin Up Yah Brain
  7. Nia

    Doubt anyone remembers me

    You're not making a comeback are you Beret? Because I would be 100% in support of you making fakes again.
  8. Nia

    Doubt anyone remembers me

    Woo Nah just kidding, keep up the good work :)
  9. Nia

    Doubt anyone remembers me

    Yeah it's true. Also you can't make fakes in mspaint anymore, so I think the quality will be better :P
  10. Supafly vs Fishbowl - Let's Get Down Love this song. BOOM!
  11. Nia

    Doubt anyone remembers me

    A dying art I guess then? I'll try to contribute if I can. Yes I still play, albeit a bit less often since I have college now :P I recently got back into it on a whim. I stopped around when the whole runescape HD update happened. I really did not like the changes. I really missed the old look and stopped playing. But now that it's been a bit and I've gotten back into it, it really doesn't feel too different. I mean, sure the graphics updated, but now it's more customisable, there are more skills, quests, conveniences and challenges. If you really look back on it, we're just longing for an age gone by. Oldschool graphics don't change the game, it's how well we adapt to change.
  12. Hey everyone, I guess I've been a member for quite a while! 7 years sure is long. I've matured a lot since I joined here and after a certain event happened (mods, message me). I made a few screenshot "fakes", dunno if they're still around. I kinda sucked at it and once insulted a guy for not getting that the whole point of the fake was me having a pie head. I was so hot headed. All of my friends have left this place. All the people I knew, talked to. I remember the cow queen incident, I remember beret's old fakes, I remember all the fun conversations we had in the 'Scape Lounge. Some drama, but more or less fun, a sense of community. When I left here, I tried RuneHQ, but it didn't feel as connected, it felt cold, but maybe it's because I wasn't there long enough. I still haven't spent too much time there. So I'm just posting here again. I may lurk a little and post from time to time, but I am probably more or less retiring. Still wanted to check in for the 7th year though ;) Peace <3

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