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  1. Ahem, love is forever doesn't have the party hat; I do. ~Kitty
  2. Yeah, you sort of skipped me... But a 9/10 for you because we've been fighting in the Sal's Hotel forum. I'm going to get my revenge for you throwing me out the window... ~Kitty
  3. The King Black Dragon is my pet named Sprinkles! Get him Sprinkles! Sprinkles roasts love is forever to ashes. I take the party hat, being sure to give Sprinkles some lovin'. Then, I go to a party with Party Pete. ~Kitty
  4. 8/10. I've been seeing you a lot too. It's because I've been nowhere but the 'Scape Lounge forum. ~Kitty
  5. 5/10. You might not see me much because I'm barely ever on the 'Scape Lounge subforum. ~Kitty
  6. I'd have to say, about a 2/10 because I've only seen you in about 3 posts. ~Kitty
  7. B1604

    The Old Picture Wars!

    Stupid oil.
  8. *B1604 goes into his monkey form and teleports to Ape Atoll. When I get there, I find RsCrAcK3r, and push him to the Monkey Gates, where he gets shot by poison arrows and dies. Thus, leaving the party hat open to take, wich I do. Then, I hide in the Marim Temple so anybody that comes near me gets mauled my apes. ~Kitty
  9. I rate you a 3/10 because I've only started seeing you today and since today I've seen you a lot. ~Kitty
  10. *B1604 creeps out from the shadows with my 25 foot-tall dog, Cerberus. Holly gets so scared that she scratches Kittenblob's face up and runs away. *B1604 walks over to Kittenblob, who is squirming on the ground, and take the party hat. I go into the newly made Final Fantasy VII game, The Dirge of Cerberus, and disappear from sight. ~Kitty
  11. Lol, is that avatar supposed to be the lead singer of Gorillaz? ~Kitty
  12. I hope I get a 6 at least. Adam, you get a five just for the porcrastinators unite tomorrow part. I shall unite and we shall take over the world when we stop prcrastinating! ~Kitty
  13. B1604

    Another Day On The Job

    It was a pretty good story and I understood it even though I've never even heard of Starcraft. Just, to me it didn't really have any action in it. A lot of people got killed, whoop-de-doo. Maybe it didn't seem very suspensful to me is beecause I've never played Starcraft. ;) ~Kitty
  14. B1604

    Cook's Guild Rewrite

    Apparently, you need a lot of fixing to that guide. :P ~Kitty
  15. B1604

    Sal's Treasure Trail Db - Finished?

    Another one: http://img235.imageshack.us/img235/1866/untitled6vr1.png ~Kitty

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