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  1. Guild

    Canting Members

    *Raises hand* I was feeling nostalgic and decided to give Sal's a visit, only to see something pretty relevant to me posted lol. I can try to help.
  2. Guild


    That is a hard one, I really liked Metamorphosis and I really enjoyed In the Penal Colony, but I guess Josephine the Singer, or the Mouse People may be my favorite so far.
  3. Guild


    I always find myself drawn back to this site just to see how everyone is doing, and instead of simply visiting and then lleaving like a bad one night stand I figured I should at least make a blog post. You know, to be gentleman-ly like, I guess. A brief update on my life: -Been reading a lot,since video games have been starting to be phased out of my life I need a new addiction. Barnes and Nobles' classics collection has become my best friend, especially with its "Buy two get the third free deal." I've become very attached to Franz Kafka. Oh, and I'm about halfway through Thus Spoke Zarathustra. -Been writing almost as much as reading. Recently I have been writing more than reading. If you want a look a good portion of my writing is here: http://www.writersca...nlocks/writing/ -A lot of other stuff that I don't feel like mentioning. So yeah, I guess now I can leave without feeling like an un-gentleman, so I guess this is bye once more.
  4. Guild

    Generational Gaps

    Yeah thanks for all the feedback guys, and to Kemosabe and Cash money95, I am not gay; it just annoys me that my own father thinks like this.
  5. Guild

    Generational Gaps

    Well quite recently me and my dad have been arguing about homosexual people, mainly in the Boy Scouts. He mentioned that he's glad that gay's aren't allowed in scouting and I asked him why. Of course at this he got very mad and just kinda ended the subject. I know that no matter what I say he won't change his views the slightest so I'm kinda stuck. Whatcha'll think?
  6. Guild

    Two worlds 2

    If you can find TW2 for like $15 then go for it, I enjoyed it, just not worth the full retail price.
  7. Guild


    This is what is wrong with the world.
  8. Guild

    So if Summer is ending...

    Watching? You should be reading.
  9. Guild

    So if Summer is ending...

    Does that mean Winter is Coming?
  10. Guild

    Discussion blog

    I forget what topic this was said in but basically, Sal's Realm of Runescape is dying. Not really any use forcing people to churn out guides and content really.
  11. Guild


    So true, so true.
  12. Guild


    Gary Johnson and Jill Stein were my top two on that quiz, Romney was last at 33%. I kinda feel proud of myself.
  13. Guild


    Yeah, I've been meaning to look at the Libertarian candidate; they've appealed to me a bit in the past before.
  14. Guild

    There's no punch line this is not a joke.

    Mine has gelatin in it.
  15. Guild


    So anyways, I can kinda vote for this election coming up; and I trust you fair denizens of Sal's Realm a lot more than most news stations so I just wanna get some people's opinion's of both candidates. The good, the bad, the ugly, the weird, anything really. I really don't want this to turn into an argument entry, I just want to see what people think about who. Thanks ahead of time :D

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