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    i dont have a favorite skill
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    never the same 0.o
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  1. acac1225

    Do We Have A Problem?

    i found this one,its pretty funny
  2. acac1225

    What "ex" Type Are You?

    If only all exes could be as calm and understanding as you are. You're never happy to get dumped (that would be crazy), but you are amazingly capable of transitioning from a romantic relationship to a "just friends" one without getting all messed up in the head. Your theory seems to be that if you liked someone enough to date him/her, it's worth making an effort to keep that person in your life afterwards. Instead of trying to get back together with your exes, you offer them advice about their current and future relationships. No hidden agenda -- you actually want to see them happy!
  3. acac1225

    What Type Of Fighter Are You?

    You are an assassin. You sneak up when your target is otherwise occupied, and kill them silently. You are extremely intellegent, though not necessarily brave. You will run from a fight, but you will come back and kill your opponents when they aren't expecting it. Your weapon of choice would be a dagger, or knife. You are also skilled in the art of poisoned blades.
  4. acac1225


    i take 2 Advil when i get a headache.
  5. acac1225

    Funny Pictures

    gotta love it =p
  6. acac1225

    Im Making A Religion ( Or A Story) For My Clan

    +1 +2 not a one word post.
  7. You are the ice dragon. Elegant, and mysterious, you live in barren wasteland of ice and water. Many of the ice dragons were evolved from water dragons. The ice dragon is incredibly powerful, but not does often use its devasting freezing powers, due to the lack of existence of life in the areas where they live. Many ice Dragons live in caverns, iceburgs, or even under solid ice in ocean waters. I love the cold.
  8. acac1225

    Please Give Me Some Advice

    just tell them,they wont stop loving you.
  9. acac1225

    What Be Your Nerd Type Yo?

    You enjoy the visual stimulants of a video game, chatting on AIM, or reading online comics. Most of these types of nerds are considered dirty who lack hygeine, of course they always end up being the ones who make a crapload of money. And don't worry, that's just a stereotype; I'm not calling you dirty. ^_~ hey, im not dirty :P and i dont use aim ^_^
  10. acac1225

    Post Something We Don't Know About You

    im the same way.... nope,i noticed that.(i those books)
  11. so,what do yo do?I yawn(don't know why)and my friend starts blinking really fast,so what do you do?
  12. acac1225

    Favorite Comercials?

    i kinda like the new snickers commercials.FEAST!!!
  13. acac1225

    What Languges Do You Speak?

    English and I'm learning Korean and chineese.
  14. acac1225

    Who Will The Next Poster Be?

    nope, now the next person is going to be razor
  15. 1/10, never seen you before

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