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  1. WolfieMario

    Screenshot Fake CYOA: Anew Hope - July 31st

    [intensity Intensification Intensifies] Sorry, I got bored and realized Paint.net has some neat Effects. The above was just simple solid shapes, with either a Zoom Blur followed by Crystallize, or Dents. And Overlay blend mode on every layer.
  2. Easl sudokuguy3 Ewout Xaria The Evil Bunny / Top Hat / Flatypus I'd also put Poke and Gonzyy, though they've been around (vaguely) recently, and probably a bunch of others from the faking section. Can confirm.
  3. WolfieMario

    Screenshot Fake CYOA: Anew Hope - July 31st

    The wording is a bit confusing: "I just need to separate the wizard from the remainder of their party?" "Also try to separate their leader." I can't quite tell which their goal is: Separate Hecate and Heroguythingy from the party? Option A accomplishes that. Option C also comes close, taking Sagitta and mohawk dude out of the party, leaving just Lucius to split off. Separate Hecate from Heroguythingy? Option B accomplishes that. Separate Hecate from Heroguythingy and separate both from the party? No option does that one, thankfully. However, with option B, it would take two more independent splits (Hecate from Sagitta and mohawk dude, and you from Lucius). With option A, it would only take one more split, and with option C it would take splitting Lucius, Hecate, and Heroguythingy mutually apart. Separate Hecate from the party and separate Heroguythingy from Hecate? Once again, no option does that. Option A would need just one more split, as would B, and again, C would need a mutual split of Lucius, Hecate, and Heroguythingy. Either way, I just voted as "don't put all your eggs in one basket". You have power bracelets now, and you and Lucius have won a major battle before. Hecate's also pretty damned strong - why leave one party strong and the other defenseless? I have a feeling the charade won't go on for much longer, and if any group's getting into a battle first, it would likely be the smaller one. Hecate would be smart enough to get suspicious when you and Lucius don't come back, so stuff would be happening in the background. Also, you're you. They can't just lock you up and not carelessly leave you a way to escape, or the CYOA would get boring. I can see Sagitta and mohawk dude getting imprisoned on their own (although, that mohawk can take down walls), but a ranger, meleer, and a mage all together is less likely. And besides, guitarguy can't kill off three major characters off-screen. Right? Right?
  4. WolfieMario

    Screenshot Fake CYOA: Anew Hope - July 31st

    But that last image is just everybody's legs! ...That was actually pretty clever.
  5. WolfieMario

    Screenshot Fake CYOA: Anew Hope - July 31st

    Just two or three clicks in MS Paint. Which tool to use? Well, you're dealing with filler here.
  6. WolfieMario

    Screenshot Fake CYOA: Anew Hope - July 31st

    That is entirely unhelpful Actually, it helped me get it. Although, now the poll's tied with one vote for each answer. Any chance you could give a better hint? :P If this were "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?", you could phone a friend. Unfortunately, it's not, but it's still worth a shot.
  7. WolfieMario

    Screenshot Fake CYOA: Anew Hope - July 31st

    That is entirely unhelpful Actually, it helped me get it. Although, now the poll's tied with one vote for each answer.
  8. WolfieMario

    Screenshot Fake CYOA: Anew Hope - July 31st

    From this we can surmise that one of the following is likely true: Lucius was not always blind Lucius is significantly less than fully blind (enough to distinguish popsicles by color) Lucius's Chrome Goggles serve as a means of perceiving color, but not flavor Lucius is not actually blind, but his Chrome Goggles completely block his vision, leaving him able to see nothing besides the colors of the Google Chrome logo. Also, he thinks blue is purple, because he's so slow the wavelength gets blueshifted to violet. Why this does not happen to other colors of the Google Chrome logo for him is unknown. Lucius is a clever troll indeed
  9. WolfieMario

    Screenshot Fake CYOA: Anew Hope - July 31st

    I haven't played in ages, but if your glob description is accurate to the current graphics, then essentially your blast animations could be made by drawing overlapping solid or textured shapes, and making their layers transparent. More layers and colors (within reason) = more detail. That'll leave you with stuff like this or the explosions here. If you actually want good spell animations, and don't care about the RS style, then I don't really know. You'd need to look into whatever Paint.net can do. If I were trying to do good spell animations in 3D, I'd use craploads of particles (weren't they already doing that? Newer effect animations in RS looked good, last I checked) - you can use Arkantos War's level 120 cape animations as inspiration for that. And as you're doing things in 2D rather than 3D, "particles" to you really just means "make a kit of these 2D particle images on transparent backgrounds, and stick them around where they look good", where you can probably get away with Gaussian blurs and using some simple base textures (like those you could grab off the internet... If you had Photoshop or Blender, it'd be easy for you to make your own; I just don't know about Paint.net).
  10. WolfieMario

    Screenshot Fake CYOA: Anew Hope - July 31st

    I voted C under the assumption that "You tell Sagitta to shut up" is indeed directed towards the presently taciturn Sagitta, as opposed to being a mistake (and therefore either intending to reference the otherwise nameless Mohawk Guy who just spoke, or referencing some of Sagitta's dialogue which was accidentally omitted).
  11. WolfieMario

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    I was curious, are the animated items (51 comes to mind) animated in your pack or is that not possible? My pack doesn't include animations on any of the items, but it does include several frames from some animated items (e.g. fire). I don't know if it's possible to animate fontsheets, but I'd rather not try: as Minecraft lumps 256 characters together per sheet, each frame would require a duplicate of every character in the sheet (the only reason this isn't true for block and item textures is because they're no longer lumped together into a single sheet, unlike fonts). I'd imagine that, even if it didn't necessarily cause lag, it would bloat the resource pack's size drastically.
  12. WolfieMario

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    I made a resource pack that lets you type pictures into books, signs, item names, chat, etc: http://imgur.com/a/oHvbX It took too much damned time to make, but Reddit sure enjoyed it :o
  13. WolfieMario

    Salscraft: A Thank You

    Just a warning to anybody wanting to have some nostalgia: if you're planning on visiting Mirkwood, make sure you turn off doTileDrops! For whatever reason, Mirkwood's spawn tree will begin to decay. I only realized by the time I had 5988 entities showing on F3 (all the dropped saplings and apples). Thanks again, Zooey, for making the map downloads available.
  14. WolfieMario

    Screenshot Fake CYOA: Anew Hope - July 31st

    I'd probably just use the Magic Wand's "Select Similar" option (GIMP, Photoshop, and Fireworks have it; not sure about Paint.NET) to select most/all the unwanted green pixels at once and delete them, before applying the glow. Fixing this after the glow's been applied is a bit trickier - instead of just deleting them, you'd have to fill them with a color that matches the glow and is at roughly the same opacity as the "least transparent" part of the glow.
  15. WolfieMario

    Salscraft: A Thank You

    It's a shame Salscraft is ending :( I had a lot of fun playing and chatting with everyone there. To this date, still the best server I've been on by far. Thank you, Zooey, and the other admins too! Btw, Iambujinkan is also Toon, and iUbuntu is Linux.

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