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  1. Zed Doomstar

    Clashes Of Dernyas

    One big ship crossed the horizon It was nearing the island in frightening hurry, and this seemed to be the back strike. Zed nodded with a stir face. Pretty clever of them. To have a last line of attack. The ship neared the shore. The first arrows rained down from it, and brought with them the end of the lives of some swordfighters on the beach. Lianne carressed Zed's hair. "I know Lianne, we must stop this evil doing. These heathens shall die." Zed ran of into the water, until it came to his knees. The ship was going for a shore landing, and neared Zed. If they wouldn't deflect now, Zed would be crushed under the massive frame of the ship, but he didn't move one bit. With the girl smiling on his shoudler, it was as if they didn't fear death. As if they had a deathwish. But pity the souls that underestimate the pwoer of the holy paladin. Driving his shield and sword into the sand, Zed extended his gloved arms for the boat, as if he was going to stop it with his barehands. "Lianne now!" A pure white light engulfed Zed, as the boat made contact with his body. A loud ripping sound, but he had done it. His fist drilled into the boat, it had fast stopped, and several men fell out of the boat by the shock, to be dealt with quickly by shoredefenders. He pulled his fists out of the ship, and grabbed Genesis and his shield again. Ready to welcome those who were to jump off the boat. As expected, several ladders rolled out, and more warriors swarmed onto the coach. Zed dealt out several massive blows with Genesis, ripping through silk, flesh, leather and iron. In the massive bloodshed, again his armour remained unstained, and the girl on his shoulder was untouched. This battle could last a while. He thought as he sliced another man in two. I do hope this isn't all we have.
  2. Zed Doomstar

    Carnica Rp

    On request of Silavor, I'm spicing things up a bit. IC: "You did it now Sin..." Sin was standin in the centre of a pentagram, his entire body covered in flames, trying his best not to scream out from the pain. "Damn you... traitors, You won't get away with this." The 7 Sins were standing in a perfect circle around Sin and the pentagram. All extending their hands towards him. It was Vengeance speaking. "You did it now huh love-child, thinking you were Lucifer himself. He is our master, you are nothing more than us, a mere peon of him, to do his will. You only outranked us, but what is one Sin, to begin against all 7 of them?" The flames turned black, and Sin finally began screaming of the pain. "Asmodeus!!! Do something!!!" A cloacked figure standing in the back threw off his hood and grinned. "I'm not doing anything you love-child." With a final scream, Sin had been reduced to ashes. The 7 Sins were breathing heavily, and Asmodeus has a worried look on his face. "We have just set the decor for the final surge. With us running over, and Sin destroyed, we have reduced Lucifer's power by loads. we must defeat him once and for all." Sloth looked at him with a dumb face. "Why were we killing our master again?" Asmodeus sighed. "Because you want me as master of the world, and not Lucifer, remember?" Sloth grinned evil. "Oh Yeah." Raising their hands to the ceiling, the 8 warped out of the room, and were on the known world once again...
  3. Zed Doomstar


    Electric jolts running across his armour, heavy sighing from the weight of the armour, it seemed so much to others than Zex. But he had grown accustomed to it. There was no denieing his fate now. He was meant to find that armour and that mobile suit. Even with a huge bounty on his head now. Yes, that was what became of an unknown kid of Earth. He was nos Zex Tornatex, S-type pilot, in possesion of the MINA Battle Armour, and the even worse Dirge Inferno mobile suit. He became a dreaded horror to the known world, and an even bigger target to the unknown one. Sitting on a cosy black chair in the loung of the spacestation Bloodpact, Ruf was sipping on some alien liquor, he had gained possesion of from his latest mission. He looked up at Zex as he walked in, with heavy footsteps, and a crackling body. "Zex, you should really get that armour checked by someone, it's growing too unstable." Zex waved the comment of with a gloved hand. He had no need of ... Suddenly a jolt surged through his body. It wasn't deadly, but it brought him to his knees of pain. "Arrrgh." Ruf rushed up to help him, but when he came to close, a small jolt hit him in the arm. "Damn it Zex, I'm serious. If it's not for yourself than do it for us." Zex crawled up when the surge stopped, and nodded at Ruf with a crazed look on his face. "Alright..." He turned around again and left the lounge. Walking in a hurried pace through the hallways of the spacestation. He made a sudden right into a huge compartment, that had multiple mobile suites in it. One was wrapped in huge black cloth. That was his. He pressed the combination at the foot of the MS, and a wire came down. Clinging on to it, it brought him to the cockpit, and automaticly, his MINA armour connected itself with the MS. He and Dirge Inferno were now one. With a single button, the hatch behind him opened, and his MS fell outside backwards. Into outerspace...
  4. Zed Doomstar

    Clashes Of Dernyas

    "Soleton it is? Lianne, you took us over sea... Wasen't that a bit... overdoing?" Zed rolled up the map and put it away again under his cape. The massive frame moved towards a given point, with the girl on his shoulder lightly shaking with every step he took. Cape whistling as it moved over the grass, and his holy armour frame screeching softly. Where Zed made his foot land, grass crunched softly, but as if Zed's path had been drawn out millenia ago, no single flower was crushed under his fluent motion. Lianne's hand moved through his long jetblack hair as he fixated his eyes on a wall that became bigger with every step he got closer to it. It should be the dock city. Judging by his map, and the smell of the sea in his nostrils. But a growing pressure fell upon his heart. Impure beings were heading this way. He quickened his pace to a small spirt towards the gate. A rare site to see such a massive frame run that fast. As if the armor weighed nothing, and there was no girl on his shoulder. Barging through the gates he kept running. He was greeted by some gatekeepers who knew the goal Zed fought for. The Southern Cross were allies of Soleton. His eyes fell upon Axeln. He would recognise the person anywhere. He stepped up to him and made a slight bow, careful of not making Lianne fall. "Southern Cross Crusader Zed reporting for duty." It was the trademark sentence of the renegade Holy Paladins. Without the need of payment or deeds, they would present their sword to those who deemed in need of it. OoC: Please everyone, Roleplay like you really are your character. I am a big cabbage holy knight with a friggin girl on his shoulder, don't be lazy.
  5. Zed Doomstar

    Clashes Of Dernyas

    World = synonym for backstabbing friends-ville or what? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Rot in hell." The heavy blade pierced the skull of the Redglove Pirate. A bearded man with only one eye, still clenching his trademark dagger in his gloved hand. Blood splatted everywhere. The splats that fell upon the heavy armour of the paladin was absorbed. Leaving the man as clean as before the battle had begun. If it could be called a battle. The pirate had fell before a first strike had been delivered. The holy pride of a raging paladin one might say. As Zed pulled his blade out of the ground, a breeze whispered through his hair, and he faced towards his nymph. His dear Lianne. Where would he be without her? He walked over to her in heavy footsteps, and she welcomed him close with her purest smile. Her robes whispered tales of fantasy kingdomes in the breeze. But her fantasy stood before her in the form of a valiant knight. Zed hit his shield in the ground steep. As Lianne closed the gap between them, she walked up on hisshield, and settled on his shoulder. Zed's heavy armoured shoulder allowed her to sit on it with ease. Her weight made no difference for Zed. He would carry her until the end of his days. He pulled out a map out of his pocket and rolled it open. "Let's see where we are."
  6. Zed Doomstar

    Clashes Of Dernyas

    They operate as one. That's why I made Lianne a mute and a non-fighter. I think you know I can handle roleplaying multiple people.
  7. Zed Doomstar

    Clashes Of Dernyas

    Name: Lianne | Zed Race: Fallen Angel | Human Class: Healer and Enchanter | Paladin Age: ??? | 21 Faction: UA | UA Weapons: Raw Magic | The Holy Sword "Genesis" It is as long as Zed himself, and is also very wide. It looks as if it's made of a light cloured stone, and emmits a shining light too. It has various runes insriced in the centre. Armor: Virgin White robes | A heavy, huge armour seemngly to massive to wear. It's also seemingly made of a light coloured stone and emitts a light. He also has a huge shield that features "The Southern Cross"There is a long red cape that touches the ground at the back. It is decorated with golden stitches. His armor also has various runes on it. He wears no helmet. The rest of his body is clad in armour. Casual clothes: Same as armour | Same as armour Appearance: Beautiful and young. Short red hair, blue eyes, a beautiful smile, shiney white teeth, thin eyebrows, not really long, very thin, moderate to small chest. Smells really good. | Handsome and young. Long black hair, brown eyes, a proud smile, shiney white teeth, thicker eyebrows, tall, muscular. Personality: Silent and mysterious. Never talks except in battle when she buffs Zed. Always stays by Zed's side. Is a joyful person that loves life and nature. | Mighty, valant and pride. Zed is a Holy Crusader that will do anything to protect Lianne. She is his light, and he is her unfaltering protector. He will help those in need and force those who oppose on their knees. History: In the Heavens, a territory still unexplored by the inhabitants of Dernyas and beyond, all was not well. Huge debates were going on about the life on Dernyas, and two sides were formed. The thing escalated so much, that one of the sides was banished from the Heavens. They were called the Fallen angels. Stripped of their wings, their only chance of survival on the planet was blessing one warrior with Holy strenght, and rely on them. One of these angels was Lianne. She found her guardian. An orphan named Zed. Nobody cared for this boy, and he was the exploit of his hometown. Lianne fell in love with this boy. And blessed him as her Paladin. He took his power with open arms, and swore unfaltering loyalty. He knew there was much good he could do with this power, and so he started the Crusaders of the Southern Cross. Other Information: Here is the battle hymn of the crusaders of the southern cross: Southern cross We are standing here as true as we were born on this Earth. Don't pin all your hopes and your dreams on somebody else's life. The Southern Cross is twinkling and watching us, far beyond, so far away from us. The Southern Cross is a holy light, we are the crusaders of the Southern Cross. Go, if you come up against a hurdle, fight, fight for the things you believe in. Passion, Joy, Sorrow, Pain and Tears, they will be the pabulum of your life. Go, if you come under the whip of yourself, fight, fight for the person you believe in. Destiny is calling me: "obey me, or defy me" Is there a thing which is superior to love in this world? A man is living while loving someone and then being loved by others. We are standing here as true as we were born on this Earth. The moment of yesterday when we lived will never waste. Go, if you come up against a hurdle, fight, fight for the things you believe in. Passion, Joy, Sorrow, Pain and Tears, they will be the pabulum of your life. Go, if you come under the whip of yourself, fight, fight for the person you believe in. Destiny is calling me: "obey me, or defy me" This little time that you live here may be treasure when you are old. Go, if you stray away from your path. Find, find your own way that you believe in. Destiny is challenging you: "obey me or defy me" We cannot turn back to our past, we cannot change our past. However, we're heading for the future, so let us reach out our hands, our hands. Gathered up some pics to show how they look: Lianne: Clothing | Head Zed: armour | Head
  8. Zed Doomstar

    Post Apocalyptic Earth

    Name: Shorty Gender: None Class: Bad roleplayer class Armor: The armor of shortness. Which allows Shorty to make a short app and posts without getting kicked from the roleplay! Personality: Shorty is lazy, and usually only posts one sentence or word in a roleplay. Appearence: Very short. History/Lifestory: Shorty is the incarnation of all the crappy roleplayers on Sal's. but there is hope for them. Ler's hope they start by making some quality posts in THIS Roleplay. OoC: Hi Haru...
  9. Zed Doomstar

    H I M Vs A F I

    HIM can't be beaten at all. More experience, less emo, better vocals, better guitars, better drums, better keyboards, better bass, better lyrics, better symbol, better name. HIM is always original, always gives great interviews, they are fun guys, AND they have Bam as best friend. This is hardly a contest.
  10. Zed Doomstar

    Carnica Rp

    I do so on a regular basis, but not on Sal's. Little to no talent here at all.
  11. Zed Doomstar

    Carnica Rp

    OoC: Whatever, I'm quitting. This roleplay is going in the crap-pile. Total number of good roleplays on Sal's remains 1...
  12. Zed Doomstar

    Carnica Rp

    Well guess what, EVERYONE including you, is invulnerable to my spells, and mysteriousley is unnafected! Cut me some slack dude! It's really hard trying to Roleplay with so much friggin crappy roleplayers that don't take it seriousley.
  13. Zed Doomstar

    Carnica Rp

    Did you read my app when accepting me? And another thing, EVERY character is a main character in a roleplay.
  14. Zed Doomstar

    What Makes A Good Roleplay?

    Every roleplayer in a roleplay is a main character. :/
  15. Zed Doomstar

    Carnica Rp

    1. I do not WANT to Roleplay that kind of demon. 2. Then he's pretty dumb and ignorant. 3. That's not the point, I don't want a shapeshifter, I want my Cracky-chan. My demands still stand.

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