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    Havent been on as much as i used to damn it seems like the forum has died most sections have long inactivity periods. So many good memories on sals.
  2. There used to be a topic but I cannot find it. I need a partner for the Quest from the Phoenix Gang I get out of work at around 230 ETC so anytime after 3 eastern time would work thanks!
  3. The Truth

    Furious 7

    Saw it last night was really good. I mean plot and acting was not the best but it delivered on its promise of quality action. Some of the best stunts I have seen in a movie. Still not my favorite in the franchise but the end got me emotionally. Heres my ranking of the franchise. 1. Fast Five 2011 2. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 2006 3. The Fast and The Furious 2001 4. Fast and Furious Six 2013 5. Furious Seven 2015 6. 2 Fast 2 Furious 2003 7. Fast and Furious 2009
  4. The Truth

    Furious 7

    I am not surprised the last 3 have been some of the best actions movies of the decade. You have to take the movies with a grain of salt but they have the best action sequences in theaters these days. That plane sequence from 6 while not realistic was beautifully done. Furious Seven was one of the most fun event films I have ever been to. Also Furious 8 and probably 9 will happen. Maybe 10 who knows. Each film gets better and better action wise.
  5. The Truth

    Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

    So a Texas healthworker got ebole from Duncan.
  6. The Truth

    (American) Football

    Hey I was wondering you guys can help me out. in Fantasy I am playing the best team in the league he has McCoy Maclin Julio Gronk not to mention Green and Charles who are hurt. I am currently starting Andrew Luck, Eddie Lacy, Andre Williams, Antonio Brown, Alshon Jefferey, Mike Wallace, Dwayne Allen, Phil Dawson, and the Pats D. So my question is this at the flex I am torn between Mike Wallace and Keenan Allen. Now Shonn Greene is hurt so you can add Bishop Sankey to the mix. Who should I start at the flex Allen, Wallace, or take a risk on Sankey.
  7. I would like to apologize for any spelling errors ahead of time as i am typing on my phone. Anyhow what is everyone planning on using their darts on? I have 6 so far and was thinking either Kalphite King or QBD. I remeber last time the darts were out i used them on Nex and was wondering what the best option is today.
  8. The Truth

    Service Disruption

    Is this why the in game client will struggle to let me log in.
  9. Hi I need help with my meteorology homework how would I answer these problems. 1. A 5,000 foot mountain has T= 45 F and has RH=100% at the top. If the air mass comes down the mountain with no moisture loss, what will T be at the Bottom? ______f. RH?_________% 2. An air mass with T= 55 degrees F, and Tdew= 44 degrees F, approaches a 7,000 foot mountain. What will be the LCL? ________ft. What will T and Tdew be on the mountain top? T=__________, Tdew=_________ 3. If the BP today is 1010 mb and the temp out is 50 F , what is the maximum number of mb that can be due to H2O?____________
  10. The Truth

    Christian genocide by IS (Islamic state)

    Okay cool, but America is already doing air strikes so I don't know what you're complaining about. The edit is pretty funny. America is somehow responsible for the rise of IS, because it successfully brought an end to the 20 year dictatorship that had killed a million of its inhabitants, along with torturing that includes: "...assault with brass knuckles and wooden bludgeons; electric shocks to the genitalia; scorched metal rods being forced into body orifices; the crushing of toes and removal of toenails; burning off limbs; lowering prisoners into vats of acid; poisoning with thallium; raping women in front of their family members; burning with cigarette butts; the crushing of bones; the amputation of ears, limbs, and tongues; and the gouging of eyes." And it's still responsible for the rise of IS all while it has: kept insurgents at bay (while occupying the country) completed over 5000 projects (valued at $8.8 billion) to improve Iraqi infrastructure trained and supplied the Iraqi military to be equipped for when America leaves (which, as you'll see turned out terribly because the Iraqi military is pathetic and allows its own weapons to be captured by IS) helped create a constitution that embraced democracy without overstepping traditional Muslim values (which allowed a parliamentary election to be held in 2005, the FIRST in the countries history) And you have the gall to say this is America's fault? Your expectations are hilariously out of touch with reality. What other country has performed that much humanitarian aid? Nobody wants to even touch that fudgeed up part of the world. America gave it a pretty good chance to become something decent, but the Iraqi people have been unable to take care of themselves. I seriously have no idea what you're asking for. You seem to have a problem with America's babysitting, now you want us to go and do it again. I'm not actually convinced you know what you want to happen in Iraq. I was referring to posters who said we should just ignore Iraq because it has always been fudged up. I supported the toppling of Hussein but the new government never had much support in the Sunni majority north of Iraq and it isolated many people who now sypathize with ISIS. Iraq is one of thr post colonial countries with aritifial borders that are larergly responsible for all this strife. Iraq should have been either split up into three more natural states: a sunni, shiite, and kurdish Iraq or had the three be autonomous much like Kurdistan is. Much of this ethnic strife is because the borders in the Middle East and Africa ignore the actual cultures and were drawn up by Europeans and gifted to allies.
  11. The Truth

    Christian genocide by IS (Islamic state)

    When the US intervenes in Ukraine, they are backing a corrupt government. When the US fails to intervene in Iraq, they are supporting rapists and murderers. If evidence shows up that Yanukovich or the rebels are crucifying and beheading children and women and massacring entire villages then I will fully support US intervention. Nice try though buddy. Ukraine is committing war crimes against its civilians as are the rebels but I do not support a government that has massacred 1000 of its own citizens for not agreeing with the government especially a government formed by protesters. Look at the Bosnian Genocide, before America intervened there were widespread massacres then the US and NATO begin strategic air strikes and the genocide winds down. How can a civilized and just society sit back and watch barbarians massacring and torturing people and not do a thing? US support for the coup in Kiev was all about gaining access to the natural gas reserves in Donbass (see Joe Biden's son holding a high position in the largest Ukrainian energy company) and about encircling Russia on all sides with enemies. Intervention in Iraq is about stopping barbaric scum like the Islamic State from murdering not just entire villages but entire cultures. Edit: Not to mention the condition for the rise of the Islamic State are largely due to the US policy of nation building that failed in Iraq and is failing in Afghanistan. We are responsible for the mess in Iraq because of our misconceived notion of building nation states loyal to us.
  12. The Truth

    Christian genocide by IS (Islamic state)

    All this pragmatism is disgusting. American lives wont be lost but you forget the life of an American is no more valuable than the life of a Kurd. Yes genocide and war will always happen does that mean we do nothing? Rape and murder will likely never stop so why waste money and resources prosecuting rapists and murderers?
  13. The Truth

    Malaysia Airlines flight shot down over Ukraine

    The blood is equally spread to Kiev they sent a plane into a warzone, it was their missile that shot it down as the rebels took the BUK from the Ukrainians. It has been Kiev that kept saying the only way to have peace talks is if rebels surrender. Why would rebels surrender when Ukraine keeps calling them terrorists and that they would all be thrown in jail if they committed "serious crimes". Who defines serious? Kiev. This was all before the airliner went down. I do agree it was the rebels and that those actually responsible should be brought to justice but the downing of military planes in a war zone is not a crime (referring to the transport planes). The Ukrainian army are equally cretins as they have killed far more than 300 innocent people. They killed 11 Tuesday when someone thought it wise to blow up an apartment building. What does Ukraine do? Blame Russia!
  14. The Truth

    Malaysia Airlines flight shot down over Ukraine

    It should have been classified as a warzone I mean over 1,000 people have died in 3 months and planes have been shot out of the sky THIS WEEK. It seems pretty common sense to avoid the airspace. I just wonder why was it that on Monday the whole world listened to Kiev and kept report that Russia was involved in downing their plane and then blamed Russia for bombing an apartment building when it was clearly Ukraine that bombed it and killed 11 people. The excuse was the rebels only have portable SAM rockets that apparently could not reach the transport plane flying at 7,000 feet and three days later everyone is saying that the rebels have had a BUK system for a month if not more. I do agree it was almost 100% the rebels who shot it down but also it is clear it was an unfortunate accident and neither Russia or America are innocent when it comes to accidently shooting down airlines. The rebels have been heavily bombed day and night by the Ukrainian Air Force which Tuesday killed 11 civilians. The rebels should have exercised more caution and those responsible for this action should be brought to justice. It just sucks that the world allowed this conflict to escalate and now 300 innocent people are dead. To be fair there has been little proof unless I missed a report in the last 12 hours that says Russia gave the rebels the BUK system and it is most likely they captured it from Ukraine as they had multiple BUKS stationed there and the rebels bragged about capturing one long before this horrible tragedy. Sorry but the blame is not on Russia for everything. Russia and Ukraine both have BUKs and the proof thus far again unless anything changed in last 12 hours shows that rebels captured the BUK and not that the Russians gave it to them.
  15. The Truth

    Malaysia Airlines flight shot down over Ukraine

    This is truly tragic and appears to be an accidental shootdown by the rebels. If it is proven without a doubt that it is the rebels this will be the moment they look back on as the day they lost the Ukrainian Civil War. There is still a lot up in the air and I hope a thorough investigation is completed and that Russia and the US actually release the truth not their version of it. If the Ukranians KNEW the rebels had a BUK why did they blame Russia on Monday for shooting down their transport plane at 7,000 feet saying the rebels did not have the capability to shoot planes that high. Then three days later the rebels are shooting down a passenger plane at 32,000 feet. I do agree that it is most likely the rebels but its still mind boggling that someone could confuse a transport plane with an airline. Also why did Ukrainian Traffic Control divert the plane into an area where THREE days prior their plane got shot down. Why did Malaysian Airlines fly any way it seems common sense to avoid conflict zones where planes have a tendency to be shot down. It is such a horrible tragedy that around 300 people innocent of this mess had to die because the rebels are too stupid to tell a military transport plane from an airline and because Ukrainian Air Traffic diverted the plane into Donentsk air space. What is most tragic is that it could have been avoided and 300 people could still be alive.
  16. The Truth

    Got my second 99, Firemaking.

    Thanks haha yea I remember years back how it was considered veteran to have any cape. I am currently getting all the skills needed for quest cape then maybe 99 slayer.
  17. The Truth

    Got my second 99, Firemaking.

    When I got 99 woodcutting, I was able to get 95 firemaking. Was bored and wanted the trimmed woodcutting cape so here it is my second 99!!
  18. A new military operation in Eastern Ukraine result in 2 helicopters being shot down and numerous "militants" being killed. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2014/05/02/gunfire-blasts-ukraine/8594579/ How many more people have to die in the crossfire of American and Russian imperialism? http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/apr/30/russia-ukraine-war-kiev-conflict This article outlines the situation far better then any Western sources. Fact of the matter is CNN is spewing anti-Russian propoganda and is ignoring the fact that all of this is because the West supported a coup against a democratically elected leader. Yanukovich was a thug and a thief and should have been brought to justice but the new government has place fascist Right Sector members in important positions. Right Sector is just as much a "militant" organizations as the Donetsk Peoples Republic. Why is it when cities in the West such as Don were seceding and had Right Sector take over police stations and town halls the US claimed them as "peaceful protesters"? When the Yanukovich government tried to retake these separatist cities we called for Yanukovich to stop killing his own people? Then in the East just because those armed groups are pro-Russian we call them "militants" or terrorists"? The new illegal regime in Kiev has killed many people in the East who dared to stand against what the West wants. Now both groups are wrong in this situations and hypocrisy from Russia and US is disgusting. How can the new government in Kiev born out of separatism and a coup criticize the rights of other people to do the same damn thing? Maidan was not a "popular uprising". It was supported by about half of the country and was the other half supposed to quietly accept Kiev becoming a puppet of the West? We claim the the Eastern separatists are back by Russia but weren't the Western separatists backed by America? . Both Russia and America need to stop destroying other nations just to protect their spheres of influence. The US should never have supported an illegal coup and Russia needs to stop supporting the militants in the West. The new government has been far worse than the old regime and has literally been incapable of maintaining order simply due to the strong influence of Ukrainian nationalists. Russia and America need to stop dividing Ukraine and withdraw their support for radicals on two sides. A new regime that is not dominated by those from Western Ukraine needs to be established that supports neutrality for Ukraine. Ukraine needs to become a federalist republic that gives more power to the individual oblasts.
  19. The riots were a response to Yanukovich being a corrupt sock puppet but it was the West that basically launched a coup against him. There are videos look up ,"I am Ukraine" supposedly shot by Ukrainian activist named Julia when in reality it was created by a man who has times to the state department. There has been a leak where a state department official was caught talking about who will replace Yanukovich BEFORE he was overthrown. There were flyers given to the protesters instructing them on how to protest given by American NGOs the same exact flyers except in different languages have appeared in Egypt and.Venuzuela. Did Putins meddling start it maybe but it was not until the West overthrew a democratic leader that had widespread support on half of Ukraine that this powderkeg exploded. Is Putin a saint no, but let us not pretend the US never meddles in the affairs of foreign nations. Like I said previously while no one shouldve meddled in Kiev, Putin has more of a justification for meddling in Russias sphere of influence just as US meddles in Central America.
  20. Doesn't excuse Yatsenyuk, but he wouldn't be in power if Yanukovych wasn't Putin's sock puppet, now, would he? Yanukovich is a nimrod and one of the least capable men to lead a nation in the 21st century but so is Yatsenyuk he has split the nation in half and ignored the voices of half his people, placed neo nazi groups in key positions, and has massacred more people than Yanukovich. Yatsenyuk is a Western puppet put in power by Washington so they could have another puppet.and corner Russia. While I personally thing both Russia and America need to stay out of the conflict Russia has more of a right to intervene than America. America orchestrated a coup that placed an enemy right on Russias doorstep. How would Obama react if Putin supported a rebel movement and an illegal coup in Mexico and placed an anti American government. Look at the historical example of Cuba there. I supported oustimg Yanukovich if you read my previous posts but said a coalition government representative of both halves of Ukraine needed to be formed and the different oblasts needed to have more autonomy from Kiev. Instead the new puppet in Kiev has allowed neo nazis in key ranks. Basically the national guard is largerly made up of right sektor members and if you deny that they are neo-nazis you are a blind fool.
  21. These militants are armed by the Kremlin and aided by thugs from Chechnya. Where do you think the surface to air missiles and commando gear came from? Uzbekistan? These militants barricade themselves in densely packed population centres and you expect there to be no civilian casualties? How amusing. There has been proof.that they are not armed.by Kremlin they weapons came from mostly the Ukranian army. No but you keep ignoring the fact that there has been clear proof of the right sector dominated national guard shoot.civilians. Is it now legal to bomb and mortar large population centers. And these "militants" are standing up for.what they want to happen in their country same as the folks in Maidan and the armed "activists" who took over government bodies in the West. I agree Russia is partially to blame but there has been articles in ny times that imvestigated armed groups and found mostly Ukrainian citizens standing up against an illegal government. Hopefully the newly elected puppet I mean president will start talks with the rebels. Ukraine has refused to even negotiate with them how is this crisis supposed to end? Are.citizens of Donbass supposed to fall in line and obey the government that is bombing them? The Us pariticipated in regime change in Kiev that has been proven but Russia. annit back a rebel group that supports them? All Kiev needs to do is sit down and talk and create a federation type government but they refuse to listen to half their country. Im just hoping the neo-nazis are swept from power considering many ministeries including ministry of defense is controlled by neo-nazi svoboda party and their right sector and c14 allies. Those are the real thugs.
  22. But Yatsenyuk can go and implement policy that half the country hates and can violently attack his own people right? Yanulovich never bombed Liviv when it declared its independence from Ukraine in January when armed gunman took over the town hall and the police station they were heroes. This western backed government has killed morw people then Yanokovich. cold war v17.0 Pure and utter hypocrisy corruption and murder by a anti-west leader = crime against humanity, corruption and murder by a pro western leader = $5billion in aid.
  23. But Yatsenyuk can go and implement policy that half the country hates and can violently attack his own people right? Yanulovich never bombed Liviv when it declared its independence from Ukraine in January when armed gunman took over the town hall and the police station they were heroes. This western backed government has killed morw people then Yanokovich.
  24. This issue is beyond polarizing at this point, how are the residents of Eastern Ukraine supposed to support a government that commits atrocities on them? Here is the effects of an airstrike on Lugansk. Since when is it ok to bomb civilian targets? I mean there are also mortar attacks how can you support Kyiv in this. I agree the militants are not angels but Kyiv is not doing itself any favors in the public view of Eastern Ukrainians. This is not a polarizing issue such as abortion or gun rights in the US this is an issue that has created a civil war. Also why is no one calling this a Ukrainian Civil War but a terrorist operation?
  25. The Truth

    Runescape Road Trip

    Where could I find the schedule for the mod stamping sessions or are they random?

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