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  1. Golden arm42

    Looking For Clan Info

    Check out Ancient Legion; don't worry about real life stuff as we all know (or should know) that comes first. I myself, a leader, have taken breaks to focus on real life stuff, and our head warlord is currently taking a break to focus on schoolwork. Assuming you're as active as you can be, there's nothing to worry about. Hope to see you join soon. Forums|Memberlist|Website About Ancient Legion Ancient Legion (AL) was founded by two brothers, Lamb Bug and Golden arm42, in April 2008. Ancient Legion started out small, with a handful of members, but since our opening, we've become a major force in the low-req clan world. We've got super-active forums (over 36,000 posts at last count), a great warring presence (current war record: 15-5), and a group of dedicated members who care about the clan (recently pulled 80+ opts to a war). If you're looking for a clan that will provide lots of events, active warring, and a top-notch community, Ancient Legion is right for you. Ancient Legion's basic info Clan chat channel: Lamb Bug IRC channel: #Ancientlegionirc Team cape: Team 15 cape Homeworld: World 7 To join Ancient Legion, please register an account on our forums and post an application Ancient Legion's events Ancient Legion hosts a wide range of events. Our most common events are Clan Wars, PVP trips, Skillathons and roach hunts, but we also have many less common events, such as boss hunting (KBD, Chaos Elemental, GWD), minigame events (Fist of Guthix and Stealing Creation are popular), and interclan duel tournaments. Members are also encouraged to host their own events. All in all, we have 4-6 events/week. Clan Requirements 75+ Freeplay Combat OR 75+ Mage/Range Gold Explorers Ring (3) Attend three events per month Make 10 posts a month on the forums Ancient Legion’s Leadership Leaders Lamb Bug Golden arm42 Council Chuffa Starwolf Ftw Fivebrain Testimonials! --Chuffa -- M125 Angel --Necroswordia --Fivebrain --Coldsteelx -- Slytherman -- Runeter2 --Lordblack656 -- Loneytoni79
  2. Golden arm42

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    bump Thanks for the fight TPL, hopefully more allied wars soon.
  3. Golden arm42

    Imperial Forces Vs Motion

    Gratz IF; why is Magik fighting in all these wars though?
  4. Golden arm42

    Ancient Legion Turns 1!

    One year for Ancient Legion! Ancient Legion forums Ancient Legion Runehead Exactly one year ago today, I created the forums, establishing Ancient Legion as an official clan and setting us down the path we're on today. Since then, we've been through thick and thin together, almost dying several times, yet today, we've emerged stronger than ever behind a dedicated staff and active member body. Some of our many accomplishments: Extremely active forums. We've had 36,425 posts on these boards per year; nearly 100 posts per day. That's an INCREDIBLE sign of activity. The forums are a base for everything we do, and it's great to see everyone so involved and making an effort to stay active and stay informed. Strong warring presence. With a war record of 16 wins to 6 losses, we've established ourselves as a clan who knows what it takes to get the job done in wars. We've beaten at least once every major mid-level clan I'm aware of: The Phoenix Legions, The Zamoradominerz, Sacred Champions, Imperial Forces, Knights Reflection, and others. This war record is truly something to be proud of. Member commitment and activity. In eight of our last 10 wars, we've pulled more than 20 people to each. Many clans, especially those around our level, NEVER reach this mark, yet we do it consistently. This kind of dedication has allowed us to be extremely successful. Member-run government. Although Ancient Legion has both leaders and a council, the majority of our issue-based decisions are made by members. Unlike some clans where what the leader says goes, Ancient Legion's members take an active role in shaping what the clan does, and in a recent event, voted against the leaders with such a majority the leaders withdrew their proposal. These are some of the great things Ancient Legion has done in just one year. Let's continue the good work, become even stronger, friendlier, and wiser, and truly reach for the stars in the upcoming year ahead!
  5. Golden arm42

    Sacred Champions Vs. Forsaken Legends

    Seems like there's a whole lot of support here I don't see... Why don't you (meaning Xfire, not Ori) pop into our CC sometime? I remember Forsaken Legends; we go back a ways.
  6. Golden arm42

    Sacred Champions Vs. Forsaken Legends

    Interesting...very interesting...given that no one named either Enery or Xfire is on your forums...and you spell mysteriously like Orich...but, I guess, gratz on the epic victory.
  7. Golden arm42

    Ancient Legion 90+

    Please register an account on our forums, which can be found above, and post your app there.
  8. Golden arm42

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    Good luck in the upcoming wars. Free bump for my buds from TPL.
  9. Golden arm42

    The Creed Vs Lethality

    Nice win TC; I can tell you from experience LTH is not an easy clan to take down.
  10. Golden arm42

    Death Bolt

    GL NJ, get some more members so we can ally.
  11. Golden arm42

    -.:: The Runescape Rebels ::.-

    Good luck recruiting TRR, pop into our cc (Lamb Bug) for a miniwar some time. I will never, ever, EVER again click on any link that Aliath claims to be a blog. :wub:
  12. Golden arm42

    Ancient Legion Vs. The Phoenix Legions

    You Quit RS Though ? Na...that was just 'till all my spring projects were done...but now with them nearing completion I'll be back in force soon enough!
  13. Golden arm42

    Ancient Legion Vs. The Phoenix Legions

    Why has this turned into a flame war? Look, TPL accepted, we had a clean fight, AL happened to win. Why can't it just be left at that? You say your "GF", or not and move on.
  14. Golden arm42

    Ancient Legion 90+

    Nice sig Easy... Thanks for the recent war TPL! Look forward to more events/wars with you in the future.
  15. Golden arm42

    Which Clan Names Do You Hate The Most?

    Names I dislike: Sacred Champions. Makes it sound corny when people say, "We're all special, we're all Champions". Sacred is like a high priest. Akeldama. Don't know what that means. TFC (Flipscapes). Is Runescape turned upside down? Names I like: Imperial Forces. Exudes strength. The Zamoradominerz. Unique. Shadow Elves TBE EoS Hades

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