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  1. Croonn2002

    What Armor For A Level 100

    I currently have full dragon, and i want something better. I know I want a whip and a dragon square. Possibly torags, but I would prefer something not degradable. I have about 10m to spend. Any suggestions?
  2. Croonn2002

    Full Screen Low Detail

    No it wouldn't. Full screen doesn't just stretch it, it shows more of the screen.
  3. Croonn2002

    Full Screen Low Detail

    I love high detail, but my laptop can't run it. I like the full screen/expanded view part of it most. I think we need to have full screen and expanded views. I can think of no reason why it couldn't be done, and I know I would love it.
  4. Im 77 attack, 76 str, 76 def, 76 hp, and 60 prayer. I don't know which would be better for me as far as armor or weapons.
  5. Croonn2002

    A Fake

    I know it's not very creative, so just rate for quality.
  6. Croonn2002


    But if you haggle...
  7. Croonn2002

    Legalizing Phycoactives

    But amount of death caused isn't the only measure of how bad something is. Then what is? Weed is less harmful than cigarettes.
  8. Croonn2002

    Legalizing Phycoactives

    Nobody has ever died from a weed overdosage. It's not possible. You would have to smoke over 400 joints.

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