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    Runescape, Runescape, Runescape...<br /><br />Wrestling (The high school sport, not the kind on TV)<br />Music (Rap, anything to get me pumped up.)

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  1. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    The Bunny Kit

  2. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    Behind The Scenes - May

    Let's hope the requirements for the upcoming quest are high. I'm up to any challenge. I've trained nothing but skills for the past year, and I want a quest that I can't do. The Legend's Quest was awesome with many requirements having to be 50+, but I began to realize, 50 isn't high at all. They need to start having more requirements at skills of levels 60+ for those who really care about all aspects of the game, not just combat. I'm hoping for a quest with like a level 70 Runecrafting requirement or something. That would have me training for awhile. Karamja Diaries sounds really fun. I don't think it will affect the Quest Cape in any way, it's just going to be added under the Quest Tab, since there is nowhere else to put it. I just hope the text for it doesn't appear in red. I can't stand to see anything under my Quest List in red.
  3. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    Going For A Cape , Not A Normal Cape , A Skill Cape!

    You can actually do Devious Minds with your current Smithing. Just use Evil Stew. That's what I did. I support you. There is nothing I love more than my Quest Cape. Good luck on getting it.
  4. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    Burgh De Rott Ramble

    Here are the new Lumberjack clothes. I spent hours getting these. You get around 2-3% extra exp per log with full Lumberjack. I don't think it was worth the time, but I will wear it as a sign of hard work.
  5. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    Barr's Goals & Achievements| 98 Cmb | Skilling <3

    Congratz on DT!!! Now finish the rest of the quests! Jk. Keep up the good work.
  6. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    My Goal To 99 Hunter

    The reason Red Salamanders are faster is because you catch them more often. I would get 60-70k exp an hour at Red Salamanders, compared to the 40-60k exp at Red Chinchompas. Now that I can set 5 traps, I get 70-80k exp an hour. It's just the way I did it. I tried Red Chinchompas at level 63, and at level 74. They were too slow at both times. Now, I love them. And good luck, continue getting those levels up.
  7. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    Chewbacca No <<path To 99 Hunter>>

    Possibly... Considering I'm only around 20% of the way to 99, I have a lot of money left to rake in. I've been slacking off, but hey, got the new lumberjack stuff!!! Full Lumberjack!!!
  8. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    99 Hunting Goal

    Gah!!! Slow down!! I can't catch up with you. :) Oh well, I still will support any fellow hunter. We still have a long ways to go.... especially me, but don't give up!!! Stay strong, and don't get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  9. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    99 Fletch Baby!

    No you're not!!! Jk, I hope you get there.
  10. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    99 Fletch Baby!

    No Pic for 96!!! I no longer support this thread. Jk, keep up the hard work Zamorakslaye. I'm hoping you will get 99 soon!
  11. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    Chop Chop!

    Good job. That was a good accomplishment for me too. But being able to cut magic logs was so much greater. Keep up the hard work, and get 75 Woodcutting!
  12. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    Barr's Goals & Achievements| 98 Cmb | Skilling <3

    I support. As a skiller, and an owner of the Quest Points cape, I'd love to see another person do what I do. Skilling is all that I ever do.
  13. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    Chewbacca No <<path To 99 Hunter>>

    81 hunter woot. 82 Hunter, lost pic... 83 Hunter, woot yet another level!
  14. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    Ej's Road To 99 Hunter

    Hey good luck on Hunter. I advise you to stick with Red Salamanders until 80 though. They are the fastest experience possible. If you are going for 99, you will catch plenty of Red Chinchompas in the long run, so if you want the fastest route, stick with Red Salamanders. I averaged 3-4 levels a day from 60-70 then 1-2 levels a day from 70-80.
  15. ChewbaccaTheGreat

    Chewbacca No <<path To 99 Hunter>>

    I'll admit... I blew my money away a couple of times. I got scammed of a whip once, and I put in 6mil into my house. I'm not the richest person out there, but I can make fast money multiple ways.

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