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  1. What sort of monitor would I need in order to play my 360 on my monitor?
  2. Wimpy

    Pretty Serious Incident At My School.

    Sounds pretty INTENSE! Is that that the most interesting thing that has happened to you recently?
  3. Wimpy

    What Is Your Bra Size?

    Can I make a how big is your penis topic?
  4. Wimpy

    Questionable Legality?

    How fast does your internet usually download? Do you use a router?
  5. Wimpy

    Is This Alright?

    Looks like a troll.
  6. Wimpy


    Apparently it burns calories too, so you can go on a masturbation diet.
  7. Wimpy

    Wii Fit

    I wouldn't get it, they're better ways of loosing weight. One thing I've always wondered about it though, is that if it's marketed to fat people, wouldn't they break it?
  8. Wimpy

    Questionable Legality?

    Der..... No one suggested Torrents? You won't run the risk of getting a virus like you would with Limewire, as long as you don't do anything stupid.
  9. Wimpy

    I'm Suing Yelo

    what was it?
  10. Wimpy

    Your First Fight.

    Way to generalize. Anyways, my first fight was in elementary school. I was in the washroom taking a piss and some kid was standing to close behind me. It was uncomfortable so I finished and pushed him away and then he got pissed so we faught.
  11. Wimpy

    Two Kids Suspended For Meeting Obama

    It's the kid's fault. Who would be stupid enough to go and tell their teachers that they skipped?
  12. Wimpy

    What's The Most Useless Sport Out There?

    Baseball. I went to a game once, I fell asleep.
  13. Wimpy


    You're quite the comedian.
  14. Wimpy

    Daniel Unbanned

    What did he do to get banned?
  15. Wimpy

    Favourite Movie?

  16. Wimpy


    Perhaps everyone was asleep, and the lights in the plan were on the low setting. Interesting thing though is that he would have had to have stood up to accomplish this atrocious act. That's absolutely revolting. Had I been the passenger in the front, the police may have never gotten the chance to even arrest him. No, he could have aimed at her head. That's pretty messed up.
  17. Wimpy


    Because we all need to know that your boyfriend gives you handjobs?
  18. Wimpy

    Look What I Drew! :-d

    CAUTION: VIDEO CONTAINS SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE IMAGES. http://www.biertijd.com/mediaplayer/?itemid=3954 Some of my pretty drawings. :) If you are offended by my drawing style, don't watch or make bad comments okkk?????????????? :)
  19. Wimpy

    What Type Of Girls Or Boys?

    Chemistry between us. They could be the hotest girl ever but if there's no chemistry then it won't go anywhere.
  20. Wimpy

    Music Recommendations

    I thought you weren't allowed to listen to music that has swearing in it?
  21. Thank you! I went to the page source, but I just tried to read through the entire thing.
  22. How would I find like the link for a a file that's being played on a player like the one on this website: http://hiphopremix.com/content/view/972/66/ I've tried using those add-ons for Firefox that find all the media links in a webpage but it said there were no links.
  23. Wimpy

    Need Help Choosing Shoes.

    Bape shoes are really ugly. The only nice ones I've seen are the Kanye ones. I would probably get some Air Force Ones instead.
  24. Wimpy

    Rage Against The Rock Crock

    Timbaland and Fabolous to an extent. Styles P has some good songs but the only ones I like feature Akon.

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