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  1. boofhead

    Wii Remote

    ... You cant do pixels, and this is a poor copy of Reaper.
  2. boofhead

    The Little Kit

    Ok sorry DD for flaming at you.., But each to their own! Also DD if you don't like the kit then don't post..
  3. boofhead

    The Hero Kit, With Runescape Expansion.

    WOOT!! Now i can love this kit even more :)
  4. boofhead

    The Little Kit

    7 vs 1, Its not your kit, so stop whining!
  5. boofhead

    The Bunny Kit

    Can I? Im good :P
  6. boofhead

    Bunny Kit Trading Card Game

    Kingy can you do me a fav?, Im in New South Whales right now and i dont want to miss anymore cards then i already have.. So can you please pm the cards to me and ill tell you when im in Queensland again.
  7. boofhead

    The Lego Kit

    Hey Ambo are you going to make lego kit 2 alot diffrent from lego kit 1? Change the template aswell <_<
  8. boofhead

    Bunny Kit Trading Card Game

    Yes, sorry im trying my hardest to send it with me not updating my Windows and image shack wont open cause of updates.. And im flying on a plane today to New South Whales and down there i dont have the card file :) But it will happen! :lol:
  9. boofhead

    Bunny Kit Trading Card Game

    Ill trade wig of darkness for a abum from Hawty Pants (I must see album first)
  10. boofhead

    Little Kit Preview

    Yeh, I get it, making it small.. How about you have 2 kits up and running and make V3 the main one. This is awesome, want me to get started on armours? Just give me the template.
  11. boofhead

    The Cuda Kit!

    Hes going to make like Tinted Windows, Car Colour and Windscreens. Stuff like that.
  12. boofhead

    The Bunny Kit

    I really hate noobs like that, like in RS a level 4 comes up to you in Varrock and says weres Varrock? LOL
  13. boofhead

    The Bunny Kit

    Yah, it will never get bumped or spamed Pople respact this kit XD
  14. boofhead

    My First Pixel, Still Wip

    May i use it? Its awesome!

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