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    Sparkle ~*^^*~; photography; anime; music; art; graphical art.

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  1. Kriss

    Biibii's Firemaking Goal

    Mostly 79 or 26. But i arent fm'ing atm.
  2. Kriss

    Biibii's Firemaking Goal

    71 Firemaking. Burn down Falador!
  3. Kriss

    !~!~! \/\/asup's Skilling Spree !~!~!

    Gratz on 99 agility! >.<
  4. Kriss

    Biibii's Firemaking Goal

    Yeah there is. EDIT:
  5. Kriss

    Cell's Warm Firery Log To 99 Firemaking

    Good luck on your firemaking goal too!
  6. Kriss

    Super Wii 64 Is One Level Away From 99 Firemaking!

    Good luck, I have the same goal tho. You will need luck rly. That is a long way.
  7. Kriss

    The Countdown-quiting Log After This Goal

    Oo Nice thieving level really. Good luck.
  8. Kriss

    99 Firemaking Goal

    Race you! Good luck on your firemaking goal. Hehe.
  9. Kriss

    Biibii's Firemaking Goal

    Thank you all for the good luck thingy. :s Yea it might be boring after awhile, but since I have all the material needed for 99 i think I can manage. (I hope :P)
  10. Kriss

    Biibii's Firemaking Goal

    Yup! :P
  11. Kriss

    Biibii's Firemaking Goal

    Introduction Hello. I started to play Runescape 2-3 years back. Biibii was the account I created and she is still mine. I have failed achieving many goals lately which I have set to myself, like Construction, Herblore, Farming. Now i set myself a new goal: to get 99 Firemaking. I hope you all enjoy my skill log! Current Stats I would of had chose a Female Firemaking, but there isnt any. Current Goal I started this goal on 5. May 2007 The goal is to get 99 Firemaking. I have 83K Willow Logs for start and 9.4K Oak Logs. Recent Firemaking Level All Firemaking Levels 68 Firemaking69 Firemaking* 70 Firemaking 71 Firemaking 72 Firemaking* * - Missed picture. Bank Picture Coming Soon.
  12. Kriss

    Please Close This..

    Got 60 Farming today. :o Yays. Now 5+ Lvl's to go. I still have alot of herb seeds to grow.
  13. Kriss

    Watching The Game! X3

    That is just genius! I really really like it! 100 out of 10 fo sure.
  14. Kriss

    Please Close This..

    Oo Phoenix. :(
  15. Kriss

    Please Close This..

    Over 9+ Quests. :(

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