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  1. Julz(DJ)4433

    Anyone remember me? 10yrs apparently haha

    It was? I don't even remember that haha Yea boi! Haha cheers but I haven't played since I left here. hell yes WOOOOOO I remember your name! Did you have another name on here before Arianna?
  2. Forgot about this place until I got an e-mail saying it had been 10yrs since I was last here! Anyone still around from then?
  3. I do! Can't believe you're still here haha Not sure who that Sal bloke is though And you're still here, haha! I wrote guides?
  4. Classic, this takes me back to when I was 13, didn't even know this place still existed haha Is anyone I knew still here? I probably won't remember you though... ha
  5. Julz(DJ)4433

    You Guys Are All Noobs

    You're all sexy, but I'm not staying! Was bored last night! I also checked out Runescape again, WTF! Don't even recognise it, but I did notice Chef's Hats are now 200+ haha, what!
  6. Julz(DJ)4433

    Some Cookies For Everyone!

    I'm not coming back! Just giving out cookies
  7. Julz(DJ)4433

    Some Cookies For Everyone!

    Here are some macadamia white choc chip cookies, completely untainted
  8. Julz(DJ)4433


    Hey Adam!! :P Not me :P Haha, yes... they were fun! Alright :P Yep, had it for ages! :P Sorry, but I don't remember you it might have to do with the fact tha tI lurk to much and not post a lot... I fee like i know everyone but no one knows me Haha Thanks Aw man, you're one of the people I miss the most! Good to see you, although you probably don't know me. Thanks a lot man :P Thanks You too! :( Someone else remembers those. /cheers for Julz Hey man! I remember you... how's it going? I sorta don't remember you :D Prashy! :P you still doing the paper? Living! :D Someone else remembers those. /cheers for Julz Yuss Welcome back, Julz, I still remember that siggy :XD Do you remember me? (I was newer when you left before D:) I do actually! I haven't seen you in years dude... wowwww.... Are you THE Zombie? >.< Haha, I don't know about that Nah, just visiting! :P Yep :D Yes I am! Yes I am! Tushy! Remember our sig? ;) Hey Numby! Thanks, nah... just visiting!
  9. Julz(DJ)4433


    Same to you :P That's cause his last post was ~1 month before you joined. :P Well, welcome back and I hope you stay. Nah, won't be staying.... just dropping in! Hey Haru! I remember you! :o Yeah, as part of my 'dropping in' I also dropped in on Runescape and I had like a billion chef's hats..haha Thanks :D Thanks :D Sorry, but I don't remember you You either :D Yeah, I wrote the first few Help Guides >.<
  10. Julz(DJ)4433


    This place feels so alien now..... woah >.< How's everyone going?
  11. Julz(DJ)4433

    Suh Mile (smlie)

    More ways to express myself... Good Job! :mad:
  12. Julz(DJ)4433

    Recovery Questions For Sals Realm

    It would also be very hard to set up, and I do find it pretty pointless....
  13. Julz(DJ)4433


    The trouble is, our banners don't really look like banners. So I can understand if he missed it
  14. Julz(DJ)4433

    Report System Fixed

    Well, the Temporary Report System really showed how slack I am at reporting :D Thanks for the Fix

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