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  1. Arthurcourt

    Noobs Say The Darnest Things

    i was killing in edgy wildy and someone came up and attacked me when i was picking up items so i ran out n- noob m - me m - what was that for (we were supposed to be teaming) n - what? m - attacking me n - i didn't m - riiiiiiight I go back to get some stuff, attacks me again m - right that's it (owns him) n - (pm) wtf was that for you noob *************************************************8888 pknubs these days trying to sell coal: n - noob m - me m - selling coal n - i buy trade and buys for lots (i think he illegaly bought report me pl0x!) n - now all i need is a train lol made me laugh, noob though coal made rs trains go
  2. Arthurcourt

    Noobs Say The Darnest Things

    just hppened now in edgeville dungeon m - me n - noob n - wht u training m - prayer i ectofuntus the bones n - what's prayer lol
  3. Arthurcourt


    good, i would like sequel, i hd this idea once but very different n not s good. mke more rooms in future quests plz.
  4. Arthurcourt

    Player Owned Shops

    i hd different idea where u set it up in special stall areas, it is like item and then u use stuff with it to set price then come bck l8r for the money
  5. Arthurcourt

    Noobs Say The Darnest Things

    N - Noob M - me N - Ha ha ure only wearing addy ( i ws wearing rune) M - No it's rune N - O shut up u colour blind freek ******n *i** do u think i'm thick, ive been plying this for whole month do u think i don't know how to ply M - Ive been plying it for 2 yeers N - O since u been born then! M - ( i wlk wy and he follows so i go into wildy and strt fighting him, he's too busy swearing to eat food) N - Give it bck u scmming ******* lurer!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111 M - I'm not lurer N - ok ure bnned becus my dad is god(seriously he said this) M - o wow, ok come bck and i'll give it bck He comes into wildy and i kill him again. M - By the way i don;t believe in god Wht noob lol
  6. Arthurcourt

    Count Down From 1,000,000

    966362 y r we doing this?
  7. Arthurcourt

    Prince Ali's Rescue

    I was telling my friend how to do Prince Ali's Rescue as he is just starting rs and i noticed tht it said "7 Balls of Wool (or a rope)" this should read 7 Balls of wool (or 3 balls of wool and a rope).
  8. Arthurcourt

    Horses In Runescape

    good ideas,but jgex hve said tht they r not doing horses, but they might do horses which work like the magic carpets and canoes but i wish jagex would mke horses becus good idea, i think u should make the guard less powerful and get less xp, mke the quest easier, not too easy though
  9. Arthurcourt


    nice idea, someone put this on the official forums, jagex said were looking throught the suggestion forums there, reely good quest
  10. Arthurcourt

    Dorgesh-kaan City Guide

    u forgot to mention where people like the scribe r, gr8 guide tho where is the scribe?
  11. Arthurcourt

    Behind The Scenes ~ April

    u hv no sense of humour u hippocrite nothings chnged They put red cabbages there -.-. Sorry, for making it so obvious. What world? I still only see green ones. gone now
  12. Arthurcourt

    Behind The Scenes ~ April

    god ske it is going on off ok u hv no sense of humour u hippocrite nothings chnged They put red cabbages there :rofl:. Sorry, for making it so obvious. they didn't put red cbbges therei checked it still green
  13. Arthurcourt

    Behind The Scenes ~ April

    drynor bnk world 83 cbbeges coming from floor! no-one dropping them! it's spred outside! they seem to tse nicer thn norml! awwwww it stopped now strted omg everyone come here b4 they go missed it
  14. Arthurcourt

    Behind The Scenes ~ April

    april fools obviously, they won't do it, i hope they do tho lol u hv no sense of humour u hippocrite nothings chnged
  15. Arthurcourt

    Don't Forget To Vote!

    y they tke world away?

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