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  1. Falzar

    Habok Book 2: Truth Abides

    Sorry I was gone for a while. Minecraft is a helluva drug. IC: Ophan stayed out of the way of the demon, considering that Leo and his crew looked like they had it covered. He floated to the ground, and bowed to Leo. "I'm sorry, sir. I should have done something." he apologized.
  2. I...I don't know guys. It would be so easy to find a My Little Pony avatar, but I still enjoy my obscure gaming reference... I don't know what to do.

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    2. Falzar


      I dunno, haven't some people said success is addicting? But yeah, nothing against the ponies, I could just make some very ugly things on there.

    3. Guitarguy


      You know what else is addicting?

      Sal's Realm.

      And nothing bad has ever happened on Sal's Realm.

      So dive into a world of ponies.

    4. delred


      Don't listen to them!

      They will lead you down the path of doom

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  3. Falzar

    No more Nintendo Power

    Tons of people. And not to forget Nintendo has more products than just the 3DS. I don't see them continuing much longer, though. At the very least, not at the popularity they were at, say, five years ago. They're still there, trust me. Casuals everywhere will play it. Plus, we've yet to see the Wii-U. Back to the topic at hand, they were too nice. Almost every game they test played was given great hopes, when in actuality, they weren't that good.
  4. Gentelmen, though I may descend into the valley of "My Little Pony", even though I may have to watch it with my cousin... Rest assured, I will not use a pony avatar.

    1. Moog


      pony avatar in 3...2....1...

    2. Admiral


      I beg of you Falzar, do not go to the cursed valley of the pony! Think of the children! Think of Sals!

    3. Falzar


      I... I can't help it... It's so...



  5. It's the newest game! Get as many comments as possible before Adam? says lel!

  6. So, does anyone know where you would acquire a coat like Samuel L. Jackson from the Avengers had?

    1. Adam?
    2. Leo


      I'd much rather have a Bane coat.

    3. Leo


      The first one he had, not the later trench coat with the fur collar.

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  7. Falzar

    The Land of Kobah: Reality 723

    I need a way to get Rahu in the picture. I felt this was the best way.
  8. Falzar

    The Land of Kobah: Reality 723

    "You heard Leo, let's go!" Although Joseph was not himself a full member of the Sabers, most of the team listened to him out of the fact that his judgement was usually the best. "I'm going to check out the ruins, see if there's anything worth salvaging!"
  9. Falzar

    Habok Book 2: Truth Abides

    IC: Ophan saluted, before wandering the vicinity, looking for anything out of the ordinary. This was his first live situation, and he didn't want to mess it up. Deciding it would be better to get a bird's eye view of the area, Ophan extended his wings, and took off.
  10. Falzar

    Habok Book 2: Truth Abides

    OOC: From what I can tell, Deldred's characters aren't near our little group. (I assume I was following you the entire time)
  11. Falzar

    Habok Book 2: Truth Abides

    I'm honestly not sure where to jump in right now.
  12. Falzar

    The Land of Kobah: Reality 723

    IC:"Who cares? He's on our side. Just stand back when he goes all shadow kill mode." Joseph said. "Although, an indication when he's going to do that would be nice." Alright, when I said my other character was new, I decided to scrap that one and use a new spin on an old character. [b]Name[/b]:Rahu [b]Age[/b]:Chronologically, he lost count, but physically, he looks to be about 25 [b]Gender[/b]:Male [b]Race[/b]:Ancient [b]Champion of[/b](can choose to not be a champion):Originally Arcana, but he serves under Infernos. [b]Faction[/b]:Infernos [b]Appearance[/b]:Taller then most people, relatively thin. Overly pale and his hair is completely white (mostly due to stress his body takes when he uses too much magic in a short period of time) He also has a pair of white wings and his hands end in claws. [b]Equipment[/b]: Wields Claimaih Solais, a claymore made out of clear crystals that can boost an Ancient's magic pool to nearly limitless, but in exchange, takes it's toll on the Ancient's body instead. [b]Personality[/b]:Much more cold and calculating then his Habok incarnation, although he still prefers to do work himself then let someone else do it for him. [b]History[/b]:In this dimension, Infernos attacked the Ancients before they went to sleep. If it weren't for Rahu double crossing his species, they would have won and gone to sleep as normal, but since Rahu betrayed them, they were instead wiped out, Rahu being the only surviving member, and serving as Infernos' champion. [b]Other[/b]:He grafted his white wings on to his back from the most stable of the Ancient's genetic testing. It's not perfect as far as wings go, though.
  13. Falzar

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    Is anyone else having issues connecting to the Minecraft Servers?
  14. Falzar

    Boss Themes

  15. Falzar

    The Land of Kobah: Reality 723

    "I don't know, can't we just wait for the smoke to clear?" was Joseph's somewhat muffled response, as he pushed the debree that had fallen on top of him off himself. "I'm not too entirely certain something that could hit that hard could-ow, my arm. Definitely broken." He reached into his jacket, and pulled out a small bottle with a green liquid inside. He poured it on his arm, and it slowly began to re-set itself. "So how about we wait until the smoke clears. Like, from a couple of miles away?"
  16. Falzar

    Would You Hug, Ignore Or Stab The Avatar Above?

    Stab, for I have a thing against Pelicans. Yeah, that's right, I used the original options. What now?
  17. Falzar

    The Land of Kobah: Reality 723

    So much for the Vulcan champion...Joseph thought. "Need a distraction Reaper? I'll give you a good one!" Drawing his sword, Joseph moved to charge at the beast, but stopped a few feet short of the attack, instead choosing to dodge his attacks. This worked for a few minutes before the beast started using attacks with much larger areas of destruction that even Joseph could clear. Finally bringing his blade to try and deflect the demon's attack, he was launched from the ground, and shot across the burning library.
  18. Falzar

    Habok Book 2: Truth Abides

    OOC: I suppose if you want you could mention that the Reaper Fake hid most of Habok's population during the Koba(?) invasion. I suppose that was a special case though. The problem I see in that is that Ancients themselves are special exceptions. They've sort of cheated death by far outliving their life expectancy, and that would be a bit of a sore spot with Death himself. Or Solos is just being a jerk, who knows? In the mean time, I don't have much to post but this... IC: "Yes sir, I will serve in your force." Ophan replied.
  19. Falzar

    Habok Book 2: Truth Abides

    "Yes sir, I am." Ophan answered. "What may I do for y-" Being cut off by a Reaper appearing, he stumbled backwards and started stammering. "Wait, you're Fake, aren't you?" he asked after regaining his composure. ------------ "So you want me to hide you?" Solos asked. "Yes, it's absolutely needed. Or do you want more people to die?" Rahu asked. Finding an audience with a Reaper was hard enough as it was, but Rahu still wished he would have gotten someone not twelve years old. Admittedly, watching him fight when the Ancients were attacking, or rather when he was wearing his armor, he wouldn't expect him to look so young. "I can't do that. Our dimension is not for your kind to see until the end." Solos answered. "Look, they're still looking for me! I'm betting this peace treaty was just to get some time to hunt down Claimaih Solais, so they could-" "Enough." Solos held up his hand to cut him off. "We've both heard your argument enough. The answer is no." Rahu grabbed the Reaper by the shoulders, and yelled "Come on! We've both fought together! They were too strong for us then, what do you think would happen if they had one soldier like me? Can't you just give me a favor for saving your life, oh, I don't know, thousands of times?" Solos shoved Rahu back, and then brought Lunos to his side. "Do not touch me again!" he hissed. "And I'm doing you a favor by not killing you right now."
  20. Falzar

    The Land of Kobah: Reality 723

    "What? I... um..." Finding himself completely and totally without words at this man's... outlandishness (to put it nicely,), Joseph merely looked at the man with his jaw slightly unhinged. "Okay, fine. Rocks." Joseph tossed his hands in the air in surrender. "Sure, why not? Speak to the rocks. Hell, maybe I'll try." He picked up a rock and stared at it, before tossing it aside. "Nope, sorry, you're crazy."
  21. who r u That's a very good question Who does he think he is posting on this thread that we made what it is?
  22. Falzar

    The Land of Kobah: Reality 723

    "And I was right to come. Never a dull moment, right?" He sheathed Nova as the rats started devouring the demons, and took survey of the battlefield. Most of the Sabers were retreating along with Leo, and the rest of the demons were being killed by the rats. "Excuse me, Saber-Two, I'll be right back!" Dashing forward, putting his powers on, he caught up with Leo and the black cloaked man and started running along side them. "Hey, how's it going?" Joseph asked casually.
  23. Falzar

    Habok Book 2: Truth Abides

    Training matches were becoming easier, Ophan found. Before, when he started, he could barely stand for fifteen seconds without being knocked flat by a blow. But slowly, his body found strength that wasn't there before, his mind relaxed in the heat of the battle, his body moved with more precision, and his spear started finding their marks much more often. Today, he felt on the top of his game. Dodging and blocking the opponents blows was an easy task today. Maybe he was especially good today, or maybe his opponent was less skilled then the partners he usually sparred with. It didn't matter, it felt good. His sparring partner backed up, most likely trying to get a second rest before he tried to fight again. Not giving him a second, Ophan dashed forward, starting the combat again, and forcing his partner into a defensive role , giving Ophan the advantage. The partner swung his sword a bit farther then he meant to, and Ophan twisted his spear around the handle, and then wrenched it from his grip. Using the momentum, he spun around and smacked his partner in the head with the shaft of the training spear, sending him sprawling to the ground. "Ach, mate, you don't have to hit so hard!" the man complained. Ophan offered his hand to the downed soldier, helping him up. "This isn't real combat..." he complained. "But if we aren't fighting like this is real combat, then what's the point?" Ophan asked. The man laughed and shook his head. "True." he said, "Very true."
  24. Falzar

    The Land of Kobah: Reality 723

    "Fire seems to work! Anyone who can use magic, burn these things!" Joseph cried to the rest of the Saber team. Jumping back from the combat just for a moment, he started casting incantations. Joseph ran his hand across Nova's blade, and the silver sword caught flame. Using his Champion powers, he dashed past the Saber team, to them he was nothing more then a blur, and cut the nearest demon three times, once from shoulder to hip, once from hip to shoulder, and once from the leg to head. The demon staggered backwards, but didn't die. Continuing his assault, slashing repeatedly and fiercely, until finally the thing stopped moving. Seeing Saber-Two struggling, he quickly moved to the demon's back, and started fighting along side her.
  25. Falzar

    Dawn's Rising

    I'll continue.

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