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  1. After the Destruction of Alpha, Everyone thought the WWW to be destroyed, They were, but there is a new threat in the world of the net, The Imperfects. The Destruction of most of the net has happened, and some people have even reported seeing Bass once again. This War is going on, and The WWW is even pitching in to help. So chose your side and go fight Form: Main Character: Side: Navi: Navi Looks and Characteristics Best Chip (Can make up if you wish): Best Chip's effect Element :D Fire, water, earth, elec, norm) Weapon (Gun, Blade): History: Abilities Sides: Imperfects: The invading Side, Not much is known about them. Leader: Bass United Forces: The United team of the WWW, and the officials, also has the best net battlers that are good, but they may not be good enough...Leader: Megaman-Lan and Protoman-Chaud My Form: Name: Blaire Side: United Forces Navi: Zero Navi Looks and Characteristics: He looks like a red navi that has a yellow cape/hair flowing out. He has the butler like personality, calling people sir and he’s also the intelligent kind Best Chip (Can make up if you wish): Zero Blade Best Chip's effect: It powers up Zero’s blade significantly for one hit Element :) Fire, water, earth, elec, norm): Normal Weapon (Gun, Blade): blade History: Zero was originally a prototype navi and then he somehow lost connection with his PET and wandered aimlessly through the net. Then he got sucked into Blaire’s broken PET and then became his navi. Abilities: He has the ability to take part of the Navi he fought and add it to his power
  2. Falzar

    [official] Sal's Pokemon Thread

    Hey, something interesting I noticed. So, We've got Pokemon X and Y. Let's assume that the third game in the 6th generation is Z X, Y, and Z are the three coordinates in a 3D plane. X and Y are the first Pokemon game to be done in full 3D graphics.
  3. I think the government should keep things secret from us, especially things that don't have any serviceable "good" use. We're under a social contract here, we give up some of our more violent rights to be protected. If we're not allowed to know something that would only make us unsafe, then I'm fine with it.
  4. Emerging from the shadows is not a new contender, but an old challenger, long forgotten by your combat. Stepping into the fray, I stab you in the neck, quickly and efficiently, so that even the Spy from TF2 would be amazed at my grace and gentlemanly prowess. I take the Phat, and descend back into the shadows from whence I came.
  5. I tried watching the first three Lord of the Rings movies. Am I the only one that just CAN'T stay interested in it?

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    2. Yuanrang


      There are more than three modern LoTR movies? Since when?

    3. O hai im KAMIL

      O hai im KAMIL

      I believe he meant "first OF the three" :P

    4. Guitarguy


      Or possibly referencing the existence of The Hobbit.


      Also, yes.

  6. Falzar

    [official] Sal's Pokemon Thread

    Aww, I was hoping for a Mystery Dungeon for the Fifth Generation.
  7. Falzar

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    I'd be all over the Habok. I would also suggest another Nithrus, but Chapter 3 pretty soundly proved that no one was interested.
  8. Falzar

    The Land of Kobah: Reality 723

    It's a webcomic that probably has the most rabid fanbase next to Touhou. It'll also make your friends hate you when you start endlessly making references that they don't understand.
  9. Falzar

    Student rats out substitute teacher on Twitter

    So, quick question. If it were a guy teacher and a girl student, would you be nearly as lenient?
  10. Alright, just got back from a sort of hiatus. Is the spinning avatar thing still a thing?

  11. Falzar

    The Land of Kobah: Reality 723

    Hi guys. Sorry for the absence, but Homestuck is a hell of a drug.
  12. Got a new internet card, hopefully this will be the end of all my interneting woes.

  13. Falzar

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    It's coming. I've had to do a major overhaul because, quite frankly, the other one was stupid. It's still moving, though, but not at the rate I was hoping.
  14. Falzar

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    If Croll or turtles are reading this, stop being an idiot. We still need you for Alternia.
  15. Falzar

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    When will Salscraft be 1.4 compatable?
  16. Falzar

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    Alright, it would seem that I've got an apt audience. I'll start working.
  17. Falzar

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    Alllright, I'll get working on one. *promptly sees a flash game on the internet, looses interest for the next year* But yeah, I'm pretty sure there have been successful Gundam RPs here, let's see what they did right.
  18. Falzar

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    Guys, guys... *brings up the RP room's reserve mech* I got this. btw, would any of you be interested in a mech RP?
  19. Falzar

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    To be fair, I remember being in an RP that finished about a year ago. If I recall, it was a Pokemon RP, and the DM intended to make a continuation, but never did.
  20. Falzar

    i have a great idea

    We should really make a few threads dedicated to Runescape. Maybe a place where we could trade stuff too. We'd call it Sal's Runescape Realm!
  21. I recall getting into an argument with a mod over a bump. I also recall making several completely stupid Runescape based stories. Now I just make completely stupid Role Playing stories.
  22. Falzar

    Habok Book 2: Truth Abides

    At that moment, a young Ancient girl opened the door to the room, carrying a tray of food. Seeing Leo asking to teleport out of the room, she slowly dropped the platter to the floor. "Uh... I... Well, this is awkward..." She took a cup off the tray, ripped a key off of the bottom of it, and stuck it in her pocket. "Well, either way, Rahu sends you his regards, and he wants to let you know he'll be joining the battle in a bit. I was supposed to give you this key so you could get out, but..." she motioned towards the extra guest. "Looks like that's not a concern anymore. When Rahu reaches the battle field, about two hundred Ancients will aid you, along with fifty of our forces who will turn against the main group. I wish you luck." ------------------------------- The problem with his master plan, Rahu was starting to realize, was that while he would be making an awesome entrance, leading his troop of renegades against the main force, and making stuff explode, was that he had to keep the Renegades seperate, and not inform them of anything until the last minute, to keep any of them from betraying any of the other's whereabouts. Which meant that when faced with an impromptu combat situation, it took ridiculously too long to collect the troops, and an extra bit of time to get them moving towards the capitol city. If he was too late, either Habok had already won, which meant his entrance wasn't needed, and maybe he would be attacked for being an Ancient. On the other hand, if the rest of the Ancients won, then Rahu and any of his allies would be put to death then and there. And that meant loosing Claimah Solais to Dom, which meant nothing good. If all luck was on Rahu's side, then they should gather in about an hour. If the battle would last that long, it would be awesome.
  23. Falzar

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    I'm already building there, monkman said I could and he showed me the path. I only built a small log house on the side of a mountain close to portal so I would like to build with you guys formally I suppose if you want more people to build there, you should try to get a portal like the new amsterdam one I think it's sufficiently far away (psst zooey) Alright, if Monk says it's okay, then go ahead.
  24. Falzar

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    Sounds interesting, I might pop by. If you want me to, I'll send you info on how to get there, but be warned, it can take a while.
  25. Falzar

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    It's pretty big. I think it would be large enough to house maybe 10 or so players, plus there are other mushroom islands around it we plan on adding to it.

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