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  1. Dad

    Attack Dad - Level 111

    btw im 100% gunna let this die again warn me if you have to but im feelin the nostalgia
  2. Dad

    Attack Dad - Level 111

    bump for main topic update
  3. Dad

    Man it's been a while

    RIP DSZ, still got the whole saga saved somewhere I'm sure... Good to see y'all again okay imgru and photobucket wont let me upload properly/in order, hopefully if I drop the whole album here it won't have major repercussions... it's only like 200kb/img... but there's like 150+ images... can i add spoiler tags to attached images? idk modern formatting really sorry if this huge upload causes problems i just thought it'd be appreciated okay, warning, literaly all 41 episodes of dsz in tag
  4. Dad

    The last person to post here wins

    How is this STILL not a winning post?
  5. Dad

    God dang it

    Me too :( I usually just lurk tho wb
  6. Dad


    Also, are there any good, active Sal's Realm friends chats? I still get a bit of activity from TSG in my Clan Chat, but Sal's Realm friends chat is dead. Any good channels? There used to be a couple from this community, even if not the official one. The community is what makes MMOs fun, iirc.
  7. Dad


    @lilshu, download our app it's the bee's knees @Sofee, yeah I guess I was, before the incidents. I guess my memories are more with #novus and #populus @all, HEY OMG
  8. Dad


    I've bought a three month membership so I guess I'm playing again, I've spent my spare time in the past week mostly Slaying and Dungeoneering. One thing, though, I feel like it's time for a new username. Daddy Rune0 is stale and, let's face it, completely irrelevant to everything. To my knowledge I'm not a father, and I'm not rich enough to be a "daddy". I'm trying to think of a new username, suggestions, guys? Also, what's up with Divination? I'll train it regardless, but what are its practical applications?
  9. Dad


    Oh god was this about Avatar? I called it exceptional :(
  10. Dad


    It's so weird to come back here on a whim and see so many familiar names so quickly. I don't have much to say about my life at the moment, living with a friend from uni and my girlfriend, working at Dominos and not heading anywhere right now... but the main thing is that I'm happy. Which is sort of a big thing, idk. I don't know how long I'll stick around, but I missed this place. The community here was a massive influence on how I've turned out so far, and I'm so, so grateful.

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