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  1. Dad

    Attack Dad - Level 111

    I'm soft max now btw just an update
  2. Dad

    Attack Dad - Level 111

    btw im 100% gunna let this die again warn me if you have to but im feelin the nostalgia
  3. Dad

    Attack Dad - Level 111

    bump for main topic update
  4. Dad

    Man it's been a while

    RIP DSZ, still got the whole saga saved somewhere I'm sure... Good to see y'all again okay imgru and photobucket wont let me upload properly/in order, hopefully if I drop the whole album here it won't have major repercussions... it's only like 200kb/img... but there's like 150+ images... can i add spoiler tags to attached images? idk modern formatting really sorry if this huge upload causes problems i just thought it'd be appreciated okay, warning, literaly all 41 episodes of dsz in tag
  5. Dad

    The last person to post here wins

    How is this STILL not a winning post?
  6. Dad


    I've bought a three month membership so I guess I'm playing again, I've spent my spare time in the past week mostly Slaying and Dungeoneering. One thing, though, I feel like it's time for a new username. Daddy Rune0 is stale and, let's face it, completely irrelevant to everything. To my knowledge I'm not a father, and I'm not rich enough to be a "daddy". I'm trying to think of a new username, suggestions, guys? Also, what's up with Divination? I'll train it regardless, but what are its practical applications?
  7. Dad

    God dang it

    Me too :( I usually just lurk tho wb
  8. Dad


    Also, are there any good, active Sal's Realm friends chats? I still get a bit of activity from TSG in my Clan Chat, but Sal's Realm friends chat is dead. Any good channels? There used to be a couple from this community, even if not the official one. The community is what makes MMOs fun, iirc.
  9. Dad


    @lilshu, download our app it's the bee's knees @Sofee, yeah I guess I was, before the incidents. I guess my memories are more with #novus and #populus @all, HEY OMG
  10. Dad


    It's so weird to come back here on a whim and see so many familiar names so quickly. I don't have much to say about my life at the moment, living with a friend from uni and my girlfriend, working at Dominos and not heading anywhere right now... but the main thing is that I'm happy. Which is sort of a big thing, idk. I don't know how long I'll stick around, but I missed this place. The community here was a massive influence on how I've turned out so far, and I'm so, so grateful.
  11. Dad


    Oh god was this about Avatar? I called it exceptional :(
  12. Dad


    In response to your locked entry, the story alone was a cliche. The delivery, however, was exceptional. And no, you don't suck cocks. :lol:
  13. Dad

    Woman aims to have sex with 100,000 men

    good luck and godspeed, brave woman also get tested daily ffs
  14. Dad

    Breaking Bad Final Episodes

    sort of spoiler I don't understand the need for spoiler tags, tbh. This thread is going to be full of them by nature, wouldn't it make sense to just have a disclaimer in the title? I mean, who is checking this before they watch the latest episode?
  15. Dad

    Breaking Bad Final Episodes

    Here's my reflection on those points: This is my favorite show of all my years watching TV. The writing, acting, and cinematography are impeccable and will never be executed as masterfully ever again. Part of me will die when this show ends. Awesome interpretation and I mostly agree.
  16. Dad

    Newby to Runescape why was I permanently muted?

    Did you use a typing bot or something?
  17. Dad

    New life

    So for the past ~3.5 weeks I have been living in Townsville, in a dorm at the university here... I like it. At times, it's the happiest I have been in a long time. But, at the same time, I am terrible with people and the motions are so draining. Smiling at the right time. Saying the right words. Helping those who need help. Sometimes it's too much and whenever I'm alone it all catches up. I can't tell if I am fine or horribly depressed. I just finished crying alone in my room while I read a book. I'll definitely be staying next year. I have friends again, it's been a while. I just hope it gets easier.
  18. Dad

    Breaking Bad Final Episodes

    One of the best shows I have ever seen. I had happy spasms during and immediately after the final moments of the latest episode. I do want to see more Walt/Jesse interaction in the next episode though.
  19. Dad

    New life

    I'm fine when I'm actually with people, it's when they leave and I have time to think that I start stressing and all my energy just drains out of me and I get sad. incorrect

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