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  1. Reloaded


    how good are u? what's ur rig? i gotta announce dat cuz im' BAK from a few yrs of inactivity. u hack? - ADMIN I"M NOT TALKING/TEACHING ABOUT HACKS. I JUST ASKED Y/N!
  2. nothing special, im only in my early teens and i'm learning 3rd/4th yr abstract algebra from a prof. my friend in grade 4 applied to go to highschool calculus, it took a month for the paperwork, in that time he learnt it all and pwnt the rest of the gr 12 class. he's going to MIT/berkey i dunno he's still unsure. i'm preped for all of HS/UNI already ;)
  3. Reloaded


    i'm pro @ computers, bobsama can tell u this, we used to talk about 8800GTS and **** in 2007
  4. Reloaded

    My Pc

    got a couple of rigs my best 1: i7 925/920 i forget, 12 GB DDR3, 1TB hard drive, gf 295 GTX in SLI . Overlocked. wat else u guys want? others: got a athlon x2 rig, P4, core 2 duos and core 2 quads lying around... i'm a gamer. I play crysis, HAWX, COD4+5, WOW, lol looking for gaming laptop!
  5. Reloaded


    I'm bak... i'm very matured now and i'm pro @ computers. Took a lot of courses and moding. If u need help ask me. Shout out to BOB-SAMA bro u still here lol? i rmbr we used to be friends/enemies.
  6. Reloaded

    16gb Of Ram On A Computer?

    64 bit systems can support up to 1.5TB of RAM. i got 12GB of DDR3 myself.
  7. Reloaded

    Im Bak

    im bak. smack dat! i know i used to be a smiley face ;) but im much more matured. :lol: don't play RS anymore but WOWing.... lmao peace out
  8. Reloaded

    Yo I'm Back!

    So what's been going on here since I left?
  9. Reloaded

    Suggest An Laptop

    so suggest some good company that makes good 15.4 laptop.
  10. Reloaded

    Atx V.s Mid Atx Case

    What about a window? is that recommended?
  11. Reloaded

    Suggest An Laptop

    15.4 cause I need it for portability. Will be carrying it around in a backback around too so weight might be a problem...
  12. Reloaded

    Atx V.s Mid Atx Case

    KK thanks for the advice Bobsama... aren't most cases ATX like non BTX... What about those cases that have a separate compartment for the PSU? Should the PSU but on top or below the mobo?
  13. Reloaded

    3870x2 Out!

    Yeah single PCB = better cooling. well it has 2 fans anyway lolz.
  14. I'm looking for a laptop right now... I'm going to buy it this summer... Looking for atleast 2GB RAM, fast CPU and good/ graphics. Is HP good? I might buy it from futureshop/bestbuy. Budget is 0 to 1300 [ with tax ]. {USD}
  15. Reloaded

    3870x2 Out!

    I rather stick to SLI and also separate PCB's for each GPU.

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