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  1. LuckySteves

    What's New Sal's?

    Boy it's been a while. I was a member here many years ago, and I just recently got an email about my 6-year-iversary on this forum, so I figured I'd check out what became of the old realm. I haven't played the actual game in ages, is it still as enjoyably addictive as it used to be? I remember I used to love checking out the screenshot fakes board, are those still active, how about Eisl (sp?) is his cake still the apple of every fakers' eye? Kev the Kiwi? Is anyone still around from when I was? I have some unbelievably fond memories with this game, and some even better ones on this board, let me just tell all of you, have fun with it; don't make it a chore. Have a goal? Fantastic, I believe in you, but don't let it become a burden to reach it. Go mini-gaming or slay a tough monster with some other people. Remember, through and through, this is a game to be played for enjoyment. Anyway, let me know how life is going for anyone I might remember or anyone I won't. I don't think I could reminisce about the old 04, maybe 05 rs I used to play any longer, so I open it to you.
  2. LuckySteves

    Smoking Mils Exclusive Interview

    I actually read the whole of this interview, which I rarely do. It was very interesting to know how much the ranked are willing to go to keep the item "merch-able". Great Interview former admin Spar, king of all Moneyz
  3. LuckySteves

    Money Making Guild

    Hoping to keep this topic alive (by posting without bumping ) The method described truly works (with or without 300m...) if cash is deperately needed this is the wrong topic for you. If slow and steady is your motto, join us in the cc.
  4. LuckySteves

    Glitchy Topic

    How about we get back on topic with...another gliched grand exchange screenie!
  5. LuckySteves

    Machinima Competition Results

    Huge congrats on winning. Lifetime membership...wow. LOL at the pic...your remaining membership is OVER 4000!!!11!!!shift1111!!!
  6. LuckySteves

    High Level Players Interview

    Interesting read seeing that those maxed players are just normal people like you or me.
  7. LuckySteves

    New Levels

    Aiming for 61 firemaking to do the new quest.
  8. LuckySteves

    Glitchy Topic

    Two glitches in one day! Unheard of! The first one no matter what you click on to examine you get the same message. The second one, one of my feet is off the steps and the architecture is terrible!
  9. LuckySteves

    Feel Like Making Some Graphics...

    Make me an avatar! I could use a new one...
  10. LuckySteves

    Everyword Of This Wiki Is True...

    Have fun the next time they see your Zune. On an unrelated note...I don't get the joke :(
  11. LuckySteves

    Close Please

    3 PM on a thursday where I have auditions after school holding me back even longer...Sorry, major achievment and would love to go but can't. Huge congratulations on all that work/time/effort that went into those levels though.
  12. LuckySteves

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    I will definately be going this time. As long as I'm not swamped with homework in the first week of school I'll be there
  13. LuckySteves

    Name Change

    For the first time since March 3rd, of 08, I changed my display name. Stevo is now no more. Behold the new and possibly improved LuckySteves!
  14. LuckySteves

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    I told you all! You should have done it on saturday, have me be there and presto! Hilt! Sorry you guys didn't get anything of real value. Next time will be better! in Jerusalem! Hooray if anyone got that joke

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