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    Philadelphia home of the cheesesteak :)

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    T Z U 3
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    Meet me and find out :)
  1. T Z U 3

    #7 99 Firemaking

    Gratz man :)
  2. T Z U 3

    Oh my cod, Another 99.

    lol gz man
  3. T Z U 3

    99 Defence + 124/133 Combat

    gratz on 99 def :)
  4. T Z U 3

    So i was poking around the toilet...

    Gz man
  5. T Z U 3

    K what now bosses

    Gz bro
  6. T Z U 3

    85 Runecrafting

    Gz on 85 RC :)
  7. T Z U 3

    Behind The Scenes - December

    Runefest in New York!
  8. T Z U 3

    Man Dies At Black Friday

    People will be people
  9. T Z U 3


    You can lure the bots for there lobbys, good money too :(
  10. T Z U 3

    Red Dragon Slayer Task.

    Well, i would try the 1500 total lvl world i say thats your best bet
  11. T Z U 3

    What Is Your Dream Car?

    My dream car is a car that is payed off :(
  12. T Z U 3

    Top 25 Most Played?

    Kanye west/Jayz - Otis Meek millz/Rick ross - Ima boss Tyler The Creator - Yonker Drake/Rick ross/Lil wanye - Im on one Lil wanye - How love Paramore - Thats what you get Tinie Tempah/Wiz khilfa - when im gone Kanye west - Power Kanye west/rick ross/nicki minja/jayz - Monster Ice cube - Toady was a good day Chris brown/Big sean - My last Paramore - Decode Paramore - Misery business Rick ross/Lil wanye - John Linkin Park - Runaway Linkin Park - Forgotten Linkin Park - Cure for the itch Linkin Park/Jayz - Numb Lonely Island/Nicki minja - Creep Paramore - The only exception Kanye west/rihanna - All of the lights Bruno Mars - Lazy song Bruno Mars - Grenade Mostly rap :(
  13. T Z U 3

    Looking For A Big Clan

    Hi im looking for a clan because the one im in right now is small, there is nothing wrong with small clan but not alot of people are on. And i like clans the pvm bandos alot and go to corp in masses. ty :(

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