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  1. Essilen

    Hiding Armor

    What actual advantage do the dress-up clothes give to the game? They don't boost your stats, and most of them don't give your character an emote, they're for fun, and some to look cool. It's personalization. Like what I mentioned before, you make a character who's a thief, you want to keep it in the mood however, and wearing armor really doesn't look right on a guy who's sneaking around in the background, not wanting to be noticed, it kinda wrecks your characters theme, being stiff and rigid. Oh, and about the crowds, Yeah, I thought of that, but it could be the option only appears if the player is hiding armor, that would cut down a lot.
  2. Essilen

    Hiding Armor

    Maybe add another right-click option when clicking on a character, something like 'show armor', then it pulls up a screen showing the persons equipped armor.
  3. Essilen

    Hiding Armor

    I'm pretty sure they would be able to find a way to stop people doing it in PVP areas. As to seeing what your people are wearing, they don't HAVE to use the option.
  4. Essilen

    Hiding Armor

    As I said, it wouldn't work in PVP areas, it would automatically turn off, or you would have to turn it off before entering. Plus have you looked at the clothes lately? Some of them are pretty good, like the assassin and thief options. Then for F2P, the mage versions look Really nice. I didn't hear anything about the new clothes, but they're there, and they're pretty good. Plus sometimes I just really hate how Rune armor looks, it's just a little too...solid. And I f you want your character to be this guy who's a thief-ish character, armor just doesn't work.
  5. Essilen

    Hiding Armor

    I only thought of this because of the new outfits you can have, some of which are pretty cool. Because of this, sometimes I wish I could walk around wearing only my basic clothes, and maybe a cape, but still be getting the boosts from my armor, in other words, they're equipped, but nobody see's them, it appears you're wearing nothing. Right away, I see that this could be used unfairly in PVP, but it would just be while in these areas, you can't use this option. A lot of other games have a hide armor option, and some even have options where you can wear this, but look like you're wearing something else. How would it work? Well, I was thinking that in your equip section, a right click option would be 'Hide'. You would click this, and your armor would still be equipped, but it would appear to not be. Anyway, I hope I made sense, I tried to explain the best I could. What Do YOU Think?
  6. Essilen

    The Dark Essence Book 2: The Guardian

    So, Rouge... isn't dead? But is it even Rouge? I can't wait for the next chapter!
  7. Essilen

    Who Was Worse?

    Hitler once dragged his (once) best friend out of bed, and then killed him, he was totally heartless.
  8. Essilen

    Fastfood Restaurant?

    Other: In-N-Out. Best fast-food place ever!
  9. Essilen

    The Dark Essence Book 2: The Guardian

    Ugh, Rouge always dies... But, good chapter, and I'm glad you're posting again.
  10. Essilen

    The Zombie Costume

    Lately I have been wondering whether I can destroy the zombie costume, and get it back from somebody, just like that, if I ever wanted to. I started thinking about it because of Diango's stuff (Christmas items etc. destroy them, get them back from Diango anytime...), and I hate how much bank space the costume takes up, so, please help. P.S. Can you also do it for the other costumes, like the mime?
  11. Essilen

    The Great Toilet Roll Debate

    I just put it in the ... (forget what its called), I don't really care what way it is.
  12. Essilen

    The Rise Of Darkness

    YYYYYYEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!! Great story as usual. Reaaly like it, specially the ending: for Rouge. I was getting really bored, but now I'm back on my feet, keep posting!
  13. Essilen

    The Rise Of Darkness

    Hey Fake where the heck are you, it been almost two months since the last chapter, did something happen or did you just quit? Please make a new chapter!!!!!!!
  14. Essilen

    The Dark Essence Book 2: The Guardian

    Yeah, what happened? Both Fake and Buland are out of teh story mat. Theyre still doing stuff just not the story mat. Are they both suffering from writers block? I'm getting bored, hope theyre all right.
  15. Essilen

    How Much Do You Hate The Jonas Brothers

    I honestly felt sorry for the nine people who voted 1. What kind of lives are they living? They will forever be in my prayers

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