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  1. I'm doing the Lunar Diplomacy quest, and I need talismans/tiaras to enter the runecrafting altars. But I don't have my Earth talisman anymore, and nobody anywhere is selling one to me. So can anybody tell me some good monsters to kill to get an Earth Talisman quickly?
  2. Synchromech

    99 Herblore

    Amazing work! Congrats on getting the rarest cape in the game! 100M definitely well spent
  3. Synchromech

    Coolest Cape Emote

    Runecrafting or Farming. I so want them
  4. Synchromech

    99 Farming

    That is way too awesome . Wear the cape with pride!
  5. Synchromech

    Training Firemaking...

    Easy skillcape?
  6. Synchromech

    Monk's Robe

    My God, yes! The old ones looked like cardboard cutouts, for crying out loud. This is an excellent update!
  7. Synchromech

    #4 - Runecraft

    That is way too awesome. First construction, then runecrafting...you've got a lot of dedication there, man! Keep it up!
  8. Synchromech

    Best Looking Rare

    White P'hat first, and Red P'hat second. Man, I'd love to have one of those
  9. Synchromech

    The Loss Of Something Nice.

    I never PK'd, so it never affected me in that respect, but since I skill so much, the effects have been dramatic: -F2P Yews are COMPLETELY EMPTY. Before the changes, I could never cut yews because each tree had about 8-9 bots attached to it. (Epic Win!) -The mining guild is about half as full as it was before 'cause all mining bots have gone kaput (Epic Win again!) -When venturing into the wildy, I found Revenants to be much better than PKers to run into because they a.) Don't call you "Noob" and take your stuff, and b.) are a lot easier to run away from. I'm a much happier person now, in short.
  10. Synchromech

    Chat Settings

    I hide Public chat because I hatehaving the chatbox being filled up, but I don't want to miss somebody trying to talk to me. Private chat, I keep on friends. People are annoying enough on the public channel >.<
  11. Synchromech

    Best Armour Ever?!?!

    Third age melee FTW?
  12. Synchromech


    You really should meet my sister :(
  13. Synchromech


    This sounds so damn fun. I'd LOVE to get members' now... And by the way, does anybody have a picture of the Summoning Skillcape? I'm curious to see what it looks like...
  14. Synchromech

    Senior Prank

    Grads at our school never do pranks. They just spray obscene graffitos on the walls ^_^
  15. Synchromech

    Change Firemaking And Theiving Emotes.

    I think they both should be updated. The Theiving one more so than the Fm one, though. I'd put priority on the Theiving emote.

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